Cross-cultural Effectiveness: Cultural Detective Toolkit

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Real results for a real world The Cultural Detective ® Series
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What would your organization be able to accomplish if your people really trusted one another? If they were able to collaborate in ways that bring out the best in each other? If they were focused on goals, and used their differences to spur innovation?! Which new markets might you penetrate, and how much time, money and frustration might you save, if your people developed cross-cultural competencies? Cultural Detective is easy to use, gets immediate results, yet is developmental and theoretically grounded. Try it out today! You can use it on your own, with a coach, or in a classroom; as a stand-alone, or woven into global management or leadership programs, multicultural workforce or study abroad prep. Thank you for joining us to build respect, innovation, collaboration and equity across cultures!

Transcript of Cross-cultural Effectiveness: Cultural Detective Toolkit

  • 1. Real results for a real worldThe CulturalDetectiveSeries

2. Intercultural productivity tools that enable your organizationor community to harvest the potential of diverse global marketsand staff. High quality, vetted by intercultural experts, easily deployable andready-to-go anywhere, worldwide. Can be used for specific projects or as the cornerstone of anorganization-wide D&I or cross-cultural effectiveness effort. Simple, practical method that enables immediate learning andeffectiveness, yet is developmentally based and theoreticallygroundedthe only process of its kind.Introduction 3. Why Develop Intercultural Competency?Intercultural CompetenceIncreasedProductivitySave Time& MoneyEmployeeSatisfaction &RetentionCustomerSatisfactionImprovedVendorRelationshipsTeamCollaborationReach NewMarketsInnovationof Products& Services 4. Business Cross-functional teams Expatriates Business travelers Multicultural, inclusive workforce Global leadership development University Classroom Blended learning (online and f2f) Staff, faculty and senior administrationdevelopment Study abroad Orientation Family-student community buildingWho Uses Cultural Detective?Study AbroadBusinessesUniversitiesNGOsProfessionalAssociationsSpiritualCommunitiesAnyone who works across cultural differences: 5. Culture-specific &Culture-generalLearnhow tolearnSharedprocess &vocabularyValues-based,not dos anddontsEncouragesindependent& teamlearningSuccess hereleads tosuccessthereBenefits of the Cultural Detective MethodProcess-based &Develop-mentalIntegratesinto existingprogramsCompatiblewith othertoolsOngoinglearning &practiceConflictresolution &teambuildingSuccess forbeginners &expertsInterpersonal&organizationalcompetenceContextuallyGroundedImmediateapplicationSimple,yet rich &complexEliminatestereotypesUnderstandself & othersCollaborateeffectively 6. Unique Value Proposition1. Proven Method: in proprietary use since 1989, to rave reviews globally2. Theoretically Grounded yet Practical: constructivist and developmental3. Affordable: per-user cost is low with proven return on investment4. Flexible: use as stand-alone or add a cross-cultural element to existing programs5. Independent Effectiveness: enables your people to do what they do best6. Real Competence: not just data, dos and donts, or compare cultures 7. Cultural DetectiveSite LicenseCultural Detective productsare delivered two ways: PDF site license Online subscriptionOur Products Printable Good for face-to-face Annual or multi-yearorganizational licenseallows unlimited use byall employees DRM-protected PDFsCultural DetectiveOnline Upload user-createdincidents Prints only user-uploadeddata Supports blended learning Individual & groupsubscriptions available: 3 or6 months; 1 or 2 years Include most, but notall, CD packages 8. The Cultural Detective Model3. Cultural BridgeReach out interpersonally to leveragedifferences for synergy and creativity.Create systems and processes to sustainintercultural productivity.2. Cultural LiteracyUnderstand others positive intentions,the values and beliefs that motivatetheir behavior.1989-2013 Dianne HofnerSaphiere. All rights reserved.To be used according to terms of paid licensing agreement. www.CulturalDetective.com1. Subjective CultureKnow yourself, individually and as acultural being. Be able to explainyourself to others. 9. The Cultural Detective Method1989-2013 Dianne HofnerSaphiere. All rights reserved.To be used according to terms of paid licensing agreement. 10. Over 150 authors worldwide have collaborated on content for theseries; most have 15-20 years experience in their fields of expertise. Content is extremely well-vetted; generally, 12 authors contributedto each of more than 60 Cultural Detective packages in the series. The core Cultural Detective Method has been used on a proprietarybasis since 1989, and was launched to the public in 2004. Dianne HofnerSaphiere, creator of the Cultural DetectiveMethod, has been an intercultural organization developmentconsultant since 1979.Quick Overview of Cultural Detective 11. Cultural Detective can help you increase your impactand reach new markets. Its a core tool for a global productivity toolkitusefulon its own or easily integrated into existing programsand services. Cultural Detective is easy-to-use, consistent, and asolid backbone for Diversity andInclusion, Expatriation, Cross-cultural Leadership, andTeamwork programs.In Summary 12. Register for a free webinar See the Cultural Detective Method in action and receive a complimentarythree-day pass to Cultural Detective Online. Contact us for a Free Consultation and Full Review Copy We are happy to help you brainstorm strategies for promoting interculturalcompetence within your organization or community. View videos about Cultural Detective on our YouTube Channel, or join thediscussions on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Subscribe to our newsletter Receive monthly highlights from our blog via email and learn more aboutintercultural competence, strategies and techniques. 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