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I recently visited San Francisco courtesy of Cross Creative. We were welcomed at some of the most energetic, forward-thinking businesses in the world.These are my notes from the trip for my presentation to everyone at Equator.James Jefferson,Creative Director,Equator

Transcript of Cross Creative trip to San Francisco

  • 1. goi n g to san Franci s coCross creative class of 2011

2. Awesome compani e sHappy Cog*** G e t S a t i s fa c t i o n***Fa c e b o o k*** Ya h o o***IDEO*** Current TV*** Astro Studios***Snibbe Interactive 3. Happy CogGreg Storey ........ Head of Happy Cog West 4. 20-ODD PEOPLE ~ Virtual companySet up ~ SF, NY, Philly ~ Timezone is a challenge ~ Centralize in Minnieapolis ~ Prod. Hub with sales centres ~ The anti-agency ~ Essential that team write & dribbble 5. $100K FOR STARTERS ~ Local creative mornings, run by Greg~ Razorfish starts at $1m Travelocity was $100m ~ Walk-away if relationship isnt right ~ Set ground rules for new clients~ Interview previous incumbents New busi n ess~ Sell blocks of time rather than time and materials ~ Scoping includes client-side change guidelines 6. Getting agile~ 2 weeks of stakeholder interviews~ UX...GFX...Development waterfallProcess ~ Extended templates components & inventory~ Board sponsor for all projects~ UX Often use craigslist to recruit~ Team checkpoints weekly, monthly, quarterly~ Over-communicate~ Morning Scrum, Thursday directors, Campfire 7. Get sati s facti o nThor Muller ........ Founder 8. Out of an accident...~ Discovered the power of engaged customer~ 50,000 customers~ 30 people in the business~ Brand transformation joined-up engagement~ Social and CRM connected 9. facebookGa re t h D av i e s ........ P l at f orm M a n a g e r 10. More users than GoogleSi z e~ 3,000 people ~ More computing power than Google~ Worlds largest gaming platform 200m gamers/month~ Annual goals to reduce load-times progressive loading etc ~ Very iterative development no roadmap 11. Grow slowly!~ 6 week bootcamp for new-starts~ Product launch gong~ Staff generated content on the walls~ Weekly all-hands with Zuck 4pm fridayculture ~ Monthly exec all-hands for everyone~ Tech talks, team sharing~ Talks are recorded and streamed~ External speakers Bush, Gore, Perry!~ Move fast.~ Practice empathy~ Were just getting started 12. Its All about mobile ~ Mobile growing faster than the web, twice as engaged ~ India, high mobile use massive opportunity ~ Unrivalled targeting Niche fashion is 30m people! ~ Synchronous games surface when relevant. vi s i o n 13. yahooB e n S t r o n g . . . . . . . . H e a d o f P r o d u c t f o r Ya h o o ! S p o r t s 14. 1/2bn users ~ Yahoo Sports, No1 Global sports sitei n si g hts ~ 12-14m users/month ~ The web establishment ~ iPhone - 40% of traffic for recent fantasy game ~ Hack days: 2 days of ideas, nominate owners, create prototype in 24hrs. 15. i d eoD a v i d W e b s t e r . . . . . . . . Pa r t n e r 16. T-shaped people ~ 25 partners, monthly strategy & vision ~ Week-long hiring process (mini intern)~ Transparent career navigation~ Workmap:careers~ What do you want to make happen? ~ How are you going to do that? ~ How can we help? 17. Open designProcess~ Radical collaboration~ Publicise their open design process~ Concept teams consist of 3-6 people~ Fail Fast Make it real as fast as possible~ Project leader that manages project & client 18. Radi c al collaborati o n 19. Trolleys to sui t es 20. Not for profit organisation~ Sabbaticals for designers~ Pump designed to be manufactured locallyvi s i o n 21. Current tvJoanna Drake Earl ........ COO 22. Al Gore et alBackground ~ Founded by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt in 04 ~ Vision to democratise TV ~ Counter negative myth-building in news ~ Took a few years to break oligopoly ~ From UGC to participatory cooks 23. firsts groundbreaki n g ~ Fastest growing network ~ First to put UGC on TV~ First partner to put Twitter on TV~ First UGC reviews with Rotten Tomatoes~ First crowd-sourced news reports 24. 30-40% UGC ~ Demographics:i n si g hts 25-35, male skew, SKY & Virgin in UK ~ New formats : ~Bar Karma Crowd-sourced story lines. ~ UGC advertising: ~ 9-1 preferred by audiences ~ $5000-10000, 5-6 week turnaround 25. Astro studi o sIan Myles ........ Founder & CEO 26. A mini ideo~ Multi-disciplinary design teami n tro ~ About 25 people~ OnLive Streaming games - $40 investment from HTC~ Alien Gaming PC Bought by HP for $200m~ Designed the new Xbox 360 27. Mild to wild~ Getting clients to take risks is critical ~ Collaborative critiquing~ Basketball tournamenti n si g hts 28. Sni b be i n teracti v e Brian Hageman ........ VP BD 29. Gesticulatingi n tro ~ Gesture-based experiences~ Brand recall in public events~ 3d infra-red camera (Kinect) 30. Thank you and goodni g ht