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Articles of officers committing crimes from 6/13/2011.

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    BY: Jay Santos

    Cops arrested for:6/13/11

  • Norfolk officer arrest leads to larger investigation

    June 13, 2011


    The arrest of a Norfolk police officer for drug charges is part of a larger investigation.

    Court records show Beach detectives have charged Kristin Harris with a dozen felonies for distributing

    anabolic steroids.

    Police sources said Harris' arrest is part of a bigger and still ongoing investigation. News of the arrest

    leaked earlier than Beach police had planned and court records show a magistrate concealed

    On a bail worksheet under "place of employment," a magistrate wrote: "see detective." No mention that

    Harris was a veteran Norfolk officer. On that same worksheet under the entry asking whether the

    accused is on probation or parole, the magistrate checked "no", but then added underneath, "harassing

    telephone calls." And under "prior criminal record," the magistrate wrote: "trespassing." There was no

    explanation for those charges.

    Harris has also spent time in Norfolk's Federal Court.

    He has filed for bankruptcy twice. The first time before he was a Norfolk officer and the second time

    while he was on the force. Federal records show second case was tossed out because he didn't pay the


    A Norfolk police spokesman could not say whether officials knew about Harris' history, but he did say all

    police recruits undergo a thorough background check.

    Kristin Harris has resigned from the Norfolk police department. He also faces a marijuana charge now in

    Virginia Beach and a prescription-drug charge. He is free on bail and is scheduled for arraignment

    tomorrow morning.,0,1604187.story

  • Walhalla, SC: narcotics officer's son arrested on drug charge

    June 13, 2011

    WALHALLA A weekend traffic checkpoint by Seneca police officers landed the son of Oconee Countys

    chief narcotics officer in jail on drug and weapons charges.

    Kenneth Desmond Washington, 22, of 1152 Kilpatrick Raod, Seneca, was charged with possession of

    drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and carrying a concealed weapon following his arrest Saturday


    Washington is the son of Lt. Kenny Washington, who heads narcotics investigations for the Oconee

    County Sheriffs Office, according to investigators on the case.

    Also charged in the same incident was Rachel Leigh Cunningham, 20, of 601 Quincy Road, Seneca. She

    was charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, possession of alcohol by a minor and

    having an open container.

    The 2008 Ford SUV driven by Cunningham stopped at the traffic checkpoint near 12015 N. Radio Station

    Road in Seneca about 10:45 p.m. Saturday, according to the report of Seneca police officer Joe Hamilton.

    When Cunningham took her driver's license from her handbag the officer spotted an open bottle of brown

    liquor in the bag and directed her over to the roadside for further investigation.

    Hamilton reported detecting the smell of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle and ordered

    Cunningham and Washington, sitting in the left rear passenger seat, to get out of the vehicle.

    Hamilton reported a bulge in Washingtons pants that was consistent with the outline of a firearm.

    Washington was handcuffed and searched, revealing a silver and black Smith & Wesson .40-caliber

    semiautomatic pistol, fully loaded and with a round in the chamber.

    A further search of Washington produced a marijuana cigarette, three Xanax tablets, a small digital scale

    and a roll of money in small denominations.

    The Seneca Police Department has not disclosed the amount of the money but a source close to the

    investigation who wanted to remain unnamed pegged the money seized at about $1,500.

    What was described as a large bag of marijuana, presumed to be Washingtons, was found in the back

    of the patrol car that transported Washington to the Oconee County detention center.

  • A search of Cunningham turned up, besides the open liquor bottle, a bag containing an estimated two

    grams of marijuana and a glass pipe containing marijuana residue.

    Seneca Police Chief John Covington said Monday that his department is tracing ownership of the seized

    .40-caliber pistol through the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, which could take as long

    as a week.

    Washington has a prior arrest on a drug possession charge in Orangeburg County in October 2009. The

    arrest reportedly occurred while Washington was a student at South Carolina State University.

    Court records show that the 2009 charge was dismissed in August 2010 on the basis of pre-trial


    Both Cunningham and Washington were released from the Oconee County detention center Sunday on

    personal recognizance bonds, $2,237.50 for Cunningham and $21,092.50 for Washington.

    BY: Ray Chandler

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  • Lansing, MI: officer cleared in larceny charges

    June 13, 2011

    A former Lansing police officer with a history of writing bad checks has been cleared of a larceny charge that

    his attorney said was filed after a Grand Rapids restaurant refused to accept his check for $12.98.

    During a bench trial last week in 61st District Court in Grand Rapids, the judge threw out the larceny by false

    pretenses case, said attorney Nick Bostic, who is representing Jerry Blow. The case stemmed from a January


    Bostic said Blow, 43, didn't commit a crime. The manager at the Peppino's pizzeria simply wouldn't accept the

    check, he said.

    The Grand Rapids police officer who ticketed Blow that night, according to Bostic, contacted Lansing police

    before writing a misdemeanor citation.

    Bostic added that the Lansing Police Department's internal affairs office contacted the Grand Rapids city

    attorney's office after charges were filed, to let them know about charges Blow was facing in Eaton and

    Ingham counties.

    Blow was fired in February after a 14-year career with the department. He later pleaded no contest in Eaton

    County District Court to two counts of false pretenses as well as one count of writing a bad check less than

    $100 for incidents at three gas stations. As part of that plea deal, he paid about $1,100 in restitution to two

    Ingham County businesses to which authorities said he passed bad checks.

    In the Grand Rapids incident, Blow attempted to pay a $39.98 bill with his debit card. The card failed, and after

    paying $27 in cash, Blow attempted to write a personal check for $12.98, Bostic said.

    Bostic said he believes the department wanted to build a case against Blow in order to fire him, and was

    compiling as much ammunition as possible to protect their position.

    "The more criminal cases they have against him," Bostic said, "the easier it is (for department officials) to

    defend themselves if he tries to hold them accountable."

    Lansing police officials declined to comment Monday. Bostic said he is pursuing a case against the department

    with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    The Grand Rapids city attorney's office did not return a message seeking comment.

    Bostic said that a few years ago, Blow challenged one of his supervisors for not properly supervising officers

    Blow said were "disregarding the civil rights" of minorities they stopped or arrested.

    A series of "petty write-ups and disciplines" were imposed on Blow in retaliation, Bostic said.

    BY: Kevin Grasha ... |FRONTPAGE

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  • St. Louis, MO: officer arrested; suspected of drunk driving

    June 13, 2011

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY A St. Louis County police officer arrested one of his fellow officers on suspicion of

    drunken driving and unlawful use of a weapon, according to police reports released Monday.

    The records show police arrested the officer, 31, of St. Louis, shortly after 4 a.m. Wednesday. The

    officer's car was stopped near Gravois Road and Philo Avenue in the Affton area, records say.

    The officer was driving a tan four-door 2005 Pontiac G6 east on Gravois Road when Patrolman Douglas

    Reiner, who was conducting speed enforcement, spotted the Pontiac going 57 mph in a 30 mph zone.

    Police said the officer refused a breath test and field sobriety tests. Police seized the officer's loaded .380

    caliber Ruger pistol from the Pontiac.

    Police issued the officer citations for speeding and drunken driving and are seeking a charge of unlawful

    use of a weapon for allegedly possessing a handgun while being intoxicated.

    The officer was booked and released from the St. Louis County Jail.

    Authorities say the arrested officer left his job with the St. Louis County Police Department after his


    The Post-Dispatch was not publishing the officer's identity Monday because he had not been formally

    charged. ... f6878.html

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  • Oakland, CA: Protestors file suit against OPD

    June 13, 2011

    OAKLAND, Calif. -- A class action lawsuit filed M