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"It's not about the tools, it's about the thinking process that led to these tools..."

Transcript of Critical Thinking forUX Designers (Workshop)

  • Critical Thinkingfor UX Designers(or Anyone really!)Stephen P Anderson . Russ Unger@stephenanderson @russu
  • Its not about the tools,its about the thinking process that led to these tools
  • A C T I V I T YIts five years in the future. Your big idea failed.Write THE OBITUARY for your big idea.
  • A C T I V I T YIts five years in the future. Your big idea failed.Write THE OBITUARY for your big idea. Its 2017. User Experience is Dead. What happened? Write the obituary for User Experience.
  • CriticalThinking Skills?
  • Houses, Walls, Windows Image Source Time Inc.
  • Henry Ford If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse. Images Source Time Inc.
  • The Limbic System Images Source
  • Brains Are Wired 2-Dimensionally Image Source
  • Limbic Also Controls the Orgasms Image Source
  • My Wife Really? An orgasm slide? Those people had better not think thats me in the picture... Image Source Russ Unger
  • Dr. Steve Julius With a bit of training and through some basic brain- stretching exercises, we can be re ective. We can slow down and nd alternative solutions. Image Source Steves Son Max
  • Lets Try OneFour Magic SeedlingsMust be planted equal distances apart from each otherYes. You have to plant four of them to make the magic Image Source Russ Unger
  • Show Your Work 2 Math Lesson: A 2 + B2 = C2 2 4+4=8 2712 2 284 2.8 Square Root of 8 = 2.82842712 2 Image Source Russ Unger
  • Solved! 2 2 2 2 2 2 Image Source Russ Unger
  • DTCTWhat It IS NOT: What It IS: Biased Self-directed Partial Self-monitored Uninformed Self-corrective Prejudiced Image Source Time Inc.
  • Z-Shaped Thinkers
  • Why ?
  • T was taken... T empathy to see patterns and branch out into other areas deep vertical expertise
  • -ShapedThinkers?
  • V-Shaped Thinkers?
  • iShaped Thinkers?
  • Z
  • When everyone zigs, zag.
  • X
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • reliable, butdiminishing returns
  • reliable, butdiminishing returns opportunity to change the game
  • ?
  • NicholasNegroponte
  • NicholasNegroponte George Lucas
  • Dean Kamen
  • buckm insterfuller
  • Geodesic Dome Housing
  • The Fuller Projection
  • The Dymaxion Car
  • The Dymaxion Bathroom / Fog Gun Shower
  • When everyone zigs, zag.
  • Cool... But What does this have todo with appl ication design and development?
  • Z-Shaped Thinkersapproach challenges (of all kinds!) in different ways
  • Zwhat happens here?
  • Z-Shaped Thinkers...reframe the ??? problem
  • A C T I V I T YYou have 3 minutes.Design a vase. (example from Marc Rettig)
  • A C T I V I T YYou have 3 minutes.Design a vase.Design a better wayfor people to enjoyflowers in their home. (example from Marc Rettig)
  • Z-Shaped Thinkers...reframe the ??? problem
  • Z-Shaped Thinkers...reframe the problem
  • A ROUGH DESIGN MATURITY CONTINUUMDESIGN AS Design redefines the challenges facing the organization. FRAMING Framing sets the agenda, outlines the boundaries and axes of interest, and moves design from executing strategy to shaping strategy. Disruptive innovation lives here. Design finds new opportunities by solving existing problems. PROBLEM ? Design process generates alternatives within a problem space. Design also narrows down SOLVING those options to a specific solution. Design makes things work better.FUNCTION This is the classic practice of design - but its still commonly limited to incremental + improvements through iteration over existingAND FORM solutions. Design is the gateway to be hip and cool. STYLE , Design is stylish, but too often is percieved and practiced as a cosmetic afterthought. Design value isnt recognized.NO CONSCIOUS DESIGN ? This attitude fosters design by default - however things come out is fine, because there are more important issues to deal with. (Jess McMullin - Design Maturity Model - )
  • Design a vase. Design a better way for people to enjoy flowers in their home.