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Transcript of creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle - · PDF file 2020. 10. 20. · Creepy Tales from...

  • Creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle Joe

    We've all heard childhood stories of creepy things, lurking in the closet or lurking under the

    bed. You know after Mom and Dad kiss you good night and turn off the lights that feeling of

    being alone, in the dark. That's why night lights were created to keep away the creeps.

    Most children know not to hang their feet off the bed. They need to be safely tucked under

    the covers for proper protection against whatever nightmares are lurking and creeping in

    the shadows.

    The creeps come out at night but as adults, we tend not to have any concern over these

    figments of our imagination. But there are always exceptions.

    Every four years the adults in town begin acting strange. This Halloween is especially

    bizarre: All our classmates have stopped going to school. Our parents are yelling and crying

    for no reason, wearing masks and standing by them selves in the yard past midnight. Even

    the sky is changing colors. All these signs seem to point toward the recent elevation of

    Uncle Joe, who everyone insists must be lifted to the Most High Place... at any cost.

    Uncle Joe Biden is a hero… my Mom says to my Dad. There seems to be more than one in

    his family like Hunter. Now Hunter that is one talented guy, my Dad says back to Mom. If

    only our kids could be more like that.


  • Mom and Dad did not hear me listening but I knew what they were talking about.


    Why does Trump not care? Joe would stop this virus. He even said he would issue a

    National Mask Mandate. That Orange Clown has killed hundreds of thousands with his


    Trump is not fit to be President. He is an embarrassment to us all.

    But Old Uncle Joe is a man – a creature of Integrity – of many faces.

    We must get Joe Biden elected at any cost!

    Trump has unleashed an army of racists.

    These racists must be stopped. They are destroying our Country.

    Dad says to Mom. Well you know what they say, Uncle Joe must be fed. We must win this


    That Julia girl down the street, what a problem child she was. Always playing outside

    without a mask.

    I get a weird feeling and turn back to go back to my room.

    What's that noise.

    My Dad turns around but I scurry down the hall.

    This Halloween will be a special one… because a cult of madness wants to put Uncle Joe in

    the seat of the American Presidency…

    Horror movies are fun to watch… but only if you are not living them… And only if you are

    able to turn them off anytime you want.

    Turn this horror movie off… before it will be too late!

    Do you remember the Movie Weekend at Bernie's?


  • When I get back to my room, my younger sister asks me what happened? Mom and Dad

    were talking again standing in the dark with their masks.

    What did you hear?

    Well they said something about Julia.

    No one has seen Julia now in over a week.


  • Meanwhile, before the First Presidential debate...

    Back then, I did not really understand. But years later, the story began to make sense. And

    that is why I am sharing this with you now. My younger sister was not so lucky.

    Uncle Joe must be fed.


  • In the morning, Mom and Dad are sitting at the table eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

    Hi honey, Dad says to me.

    Did you sleep well?

    Uh huh sort of I guess.


  • Hey, I've got a special surprise for you and your sister tonight. You know how much Mom

    and I are working to create a better world for you both. You want free college when you

    grow up, right?


    Well, we have been invited to a dinner with the Biden Family to discuss how to fix the

    racism in this Country.

    Just then the door bell rings.

    Go answer the door, honey.

    I open the door and it is Damon, our next door neighbor.

    Excuse me ma'am but my car battery has died, and I need to get to work. Can you ask your

    Dad if he can give me a jump start?


    Who was at the door, honey.


    Next door?

    What did he want?

    His car is having problems.

    Mom and Dad start talking about Damon.

    Mom says, I don't understand why Damon has Trump signs on his lawn. Don't these African

    Americans realize that Trump is a racist?

    Oh that Damon, he ain't black. You can't be black if you vote Republican. I guess he doesn't

    realize about the Great Switch when all the racists joined the Republican Party.

    Democrats are here to help the people of color. Why can't he see that?

    Maybe he needs to meet Joe Biden?


  • Well, it seemed to work with Jennifer. Now she is one of us.

    Meanwhile, at Dinner at the Biden's...

    “It’s all good! It’s me! Cool Joe! Kids love me, man!” - Uncle Joe says, with a deranged

    smile, doing his thumbs up.

    Uncle Joe has other interests, though. And big ambitions. As, for example… To become the

    President of the United States. Only the most powerful and influential country in the world.


  • But to Joe Biden, the U.S.A. still has a terrible problem… They are a free nation. In which

    people – for the moment… - are allowed to speak for themselves, have their own opinions

    and ideas, and of course, choose their candidates.

    This outrages Joe!

    Creepy Joe looks at me and my sister.

    You have very lovely children. Hey, come on over here.

    Go on, honey. Uncle Joe is our friend. You know, he's going to be the Future President of

    the United States.

    We hope.

    Immediately, I can feel Joe's breath, sniffing my hair.

    Your daughters are so lovely.

    My Dad says, uh Mr Biden, sir, we have one of those problem neighbors that we talked

    about. His name is Damon. He's not been very obedient and is mucking up the tranquility of

    our serene neighborhood with his racist Trump signs all over his yard.

    Joe turns away from me, and looks at my Dad, and growls.

    I would love to meet Damon.

    Why not bring him over to dinner next week? I am sure we can all be reasonable.

    We've tried to explain to him that Republicans are racist, Sir.

    Old Uncle always says that Black Americans will stop being Black if they decide NOT to vote

    for him!

    Later on, back at our house. Dad and Mom tuck me and my sister into bed and turn off the


    My sister says to me.

    I'm scared.


  • Kimberly has just went missing.

    Leading up to the Election, one by one the kids in the neighborhood started to disappear.

    No one could explain it.

    Where did they go?

    Next week, the Biden's came over to our house.

    Damon was invited.

    Hey Damon, why don't you come over to Dinner tonight my Dad asks.

    Just stop in and say hi. I have some one I would really like for you to meet.

    The door bell rings.

    And Damon and his wife arrive.

    Hey Damon, I know we have had some disagreements but I really appreciate you coming

    over here.


  • We have a special guest of honor arriving shortly.

    The Dinner did not go as well as Dad expected.

    So, when Damon, says to Joe Biden:

    I will not vote for you, freak!


  • - If you are not voting for me, you ain’t black!! So, THERE YOU GO!! YOU ASKED FOR IT!! -

    Uncle Joe screams.

    Joe Biden, allied with Hillary Clinton, a powerful witch, decides, through a demelanizing

    spell, to turn Damon into a snow white man! This cult has already made previous victims,

    who managed to turn Black Americans’ skin… Pure White like clouds!

    The spell is strong, but Damon has a powerful Ally: Dragon Energy from Trump! And so,

    Damon answers:

    - You may be right… Because I’m not a man… I’m a dragon!! EAT THIS!!


  • Dragon Trump and Damon are now fighting back the Demelanizing Clinton Spell! And the

    spell is backfiring! Ironically, the whiteness is being sucked out of Joe!

    What happens next was almost too impossible to believe?!


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