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Creative Journey Team MME John Lam 5839610 Suoltan Almoutairi 7481500 Ahmad Alshatti 101709191

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Creative Journey

Creative JourneyTeam MMEJohn Lam 5839610Suoltan Almoutairi 7481500Ahmad Alshatti 101709191


Objectives & PrioritiesMade out of a A4 sheet of acrylicAble to drag a load of 10kg up rampAll components are laser cutGearbox compatible with mounting plateAs compact as possibleSimple setup and quick operation

High load capacityGreater teeth strengthHigh contact ratioSmoother operation

Difficult to laser cutHelical Gears

Planetary Gears

Compact gearing ratio to volume efficiencyDistribution of TorqueHigh gearing ratios

Complex system designsGearing has to be accurateHigh complexity has room for more errors

Spur Gears

Simple to manufactureEasy installationConstant velocity ratiosCompound gear system is compact

High stress on gear teethLoud at high speed operations

Friction ReductionRoller BearingsBearings require precision to manufacture of which can be problem with laser cutting curved surfaces.Bearings introduces more surface area, from which power can be loss.Lubrication (Silicone grease)Silicone grease is considered a good lubricant for most plastics.Doesnt damage the acrylicEasy to acquire, can be bought at the local hardware store.

Gearbox draft