Creative Career Hacking 2015: The not-so-well-known ways to find and apply for jobs online.

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Creative Career Hacking The not-so-well-known ways to find and apply for jobs online. Stephen C. Murphy
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Transcript of Creative Career Hacking 2015: The not-so-well-known ways to find and apply for jobs online.

  1. 1. Creative Career Hacking The not-so-well-known ways to find and apply for jobs online. Stephen C. Murphy
  2. 2. About me Hi, Im Steve. Im a volunteer career coach and speaker. I still have to earn your trust, but heres a couple reasons you might listen to me: My last 4 job presentations have been viewed 20,000+ times on SlideShare alone My resume template has been downloaded 2500+ times I am the owner of a strategic marketing firm and lets face it, job hunting is marketing yourself! Im not going to sell you anything
  3. 3. Finding a job sucks. Lets lay it out there looking for a job can be a real drag. Im not going to argue that. Instead, I want to pump some life back into your job search with some less-than-obvious approaches that just might jive with you.
  4. 4. The normal way 1. Search Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder 2. Apply for roughly 600 jobs 3. Wait for reply 4. Keep waiting 5. Wait a little more 6. Repeat
  5. 5. So whats wrong? 1. High competition 2. Time consuming 3. Hard to track & follow up 4. Insanely demoralizing
  6. 6. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. - Rita Mae Brown
  7. 7. So lets all make a commitment:
  8. 8. A quick word Not all these hacks will apply to every career path. And not every person will use every hack. Instead, use these as guidelines to help you leave behind your comfort zone and start applying creatively. Onward!
  9. 9. Get help from strangers Hack #1:
  10. 10. Your resume is still #1 Without a strong resume, it wont matter how many jobs you find and apply to. The resume is still the most important job tool, and I doubt that will change for a long time. So you need a good one
  11. 11. Use Reddit to get critiqued The website is one of the largest internet communities. They have a discussion group specifically setup for resume critiques so go have some strangers give you some unbiased reviews!
  12. 12. Use Reddit to get critiqued 1. Sign up at 2. Visit 3. Remove all personal information from your resume (your name, phone, email, and employer names) 4. Upload your resume online somewhere (try DropBox or Google Drive) 5. Create a new reddit post and ask for critiques!
  13. 13. Be prepared to get some brutally honest reviews but remember, its all anonymous, so try to be open minded to the advice! Sample Post
  14. 14. Example:
  15. 15. Why this is awesome: Anonymous, unbiased advice from passionate community of volunteers and experts Get more than one opinion to see if anything sticks out See what other people have gotten critiqued on their resumes Borrow inspiration, styles and wording from the community
  16. 16. Tweet, tweet Hack #2:
  17. 17. We all know about LinkedIn Im not going to touch that one. Youve probably heard a million times that you should be looking for jobs there. But what about that other social network?
  18. 18. Whoa, are you serious?! It turns out Twitter is chock full of job listings without as much competition. To find them, we need to master Twitter search.
  19. 19. How to use Twitter Search Go to Click on Advanced Search Enter your keywords (i.e. Marketing) in the All these words box Enter jobs and careers in the Any of these words box Enter your location Enter a date range
  20. 20. This search would find jobs in the NYC area, posted in the past 10 days that contain the word marketing Sample Search
  21. 21. The last search we did provided a live feed of all postings that matched our criteria. Here, we see a list of jobs in the greater NYC area posted within the past 24 hours. Sample Results
  22. 22. Why this is awesome: Real time results let you react quickly and find new jobs Less competition gives you a better chance to land an interview Less formal than LinkedIn, so it is easier to engage with the poster by tweeting at them
  23. 23. Power searching Hack #3:
  24. 24. Hey, what aboutGoogle? We dont hear too much about Google in the job search circles. But with a little MacGyvering, you can turn the search engine into a powerful job hunting tool.
  25. 25. Understanding Search Operators Search operators are techniques to get laser- targeted search results. Here are some examples:
  26. 26. Using search operators There are a few we want to focus on: xyz adding quotation marks specifies words that must be included in the results by using site and colon followed by a website, we restrict results to only that site. job OR career using capital OR means the results can include any word listed -careerbuilder using a dash before a word removes it from your search results, helping filter negative words
  27. 27. Using Search Tools Google also has a feature called Search Tools in its search results page, which let you further drill down to get more specific results. This includes: Date: Pick how recent you want results Location: Change location of your search Sorting: Sort results by date or relevance
  28. 28. For example, this search will bring up the following results: Must contain the words marketing and manager Must contain either NJ or NY Does not include posts from Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn or Glassdoor
  29. 29. The last search we did gives some job listings directly from company sites which you might not find on the job boards Sample Results
  30. 30. This is tricky, lets try another
  31. 31. And one morea little different
  32. 32. Why this is awesome: Find jobs and people that are difficult to find on the standard job boards Get targeted search results with unlimited customizations Use it to search all the job boards at once!
  33. 33. Real time alerts Hack #4
  34. 34. Back to Google! Did you think we were done with SkynetI mean Google yet? They have another lesser known tool that helps you stay up to date on your job search
  35. 35. Google Alerts Google alerts is a free service that monitors the web for any keywords you choose. When it detects something new, it will send you an email with the new link. And best of all, we can use our search operators from the last section to make even better alerts!
  36. 36. Using search operators in google alerts, we can create an alert that is automatically sent to us as often as we like in either real time or as a digest. Sample Results
  37. 37. Why this is awesome: Get alerts for new jobs as they are posted Find jobs not listed on the normal job boards If youre following specific companies, get any news and updates about them to keep you in the loop!
  38. 38. The fortune is in follow up Hack #5
  39. 39. OK, following up is not a hack but keeping tabs on your entire job search with a single online tool is. By managing all your job applications, communications and contacts in one place, youll be more prepared and inclined to follow up regularly and make progress.
  40. 40. Enter Job Hero I came across this new tool while on Reddit, and after some back and forth with the CEO, I was able to get a demo account to explore. What I found was incredible.
  41. 41. One place to manage it all
  42. 42. Track each step, meticulously
  43. 43. Indeed integration
  44. 44. Easily save jobs
  45. 45. Why this is awesome: Organize your entire job search Become a master of the follow up Store all your recruiter contacts and documents in one place, online
  46. 46. Go all in Hack #6
  47. 47. Heres a few tips for the brave Not all job applications are created equally. Sometimes, you really have to put all your chips into the pot to stand out. The next few slides give real life examples of all- in job search techniques.
  48. 48. Be found for your name online
  49. 49. Be a human, not an applicant
  50. 50. Show em you love em:
  51. 51. Nina noticed AirBnB didnt have many listings in the middle east and put in some elbow grease to show them the size of the opportunity, and how she could help make it happen. What she did
  52. 52. Thats it from me What ideas will you come up with?
  53. 53. Shameless self plug I own a marketing agency in Red Bank called Red Bamboo Marketing. We help growing companies grow faster with strategy, communications and digital marketing solutions. If you know someone that could use our help, Im always open to a kind word and an introduction J
  54. 54. Thanks! Stephen Murphy Have a question? Dont be shy! Im here to help.