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MIP 2014 (Cannes, France) - Viaccess-Orca's VP Business Development, Mr Alain Nochimowski gave a keynote speech on: "Creating unique 2nd screen experiences: 8 lessons from the trenches". DEEP data enrichment and engagement platforms is a 2nd screen application, which compliments TV viewing by offering a unique way to discover content and explore themes related to the video service. DEEP's UI enables an intuitive browsing among thousands of automatically created digital magazines about movies, TV shows, actors and themes. For more information about Viaccess-Orca: You will also find some presentation material about DEEP: - Winter is Coming - Orange Cinema Series (OCS) Chooses Viaccess-Orca's DEEP to Enhance its French Second-Screen App for Season 4 'Game of Thrones' (GoT 4 Officiel). Read here: - First Commercial Deployment: DEEP amplifies "Games of Thrones" Experience. Read here:

Transcript of Creating Unique Second Screen Experiences (MIP 2014)

  • 1. Creating Unique 2nd Screen Experiences 8 Lessons from the Trenches Alain Nochimowski, VP Business Development @ViaccessOrca

2. What is a zettabyte? 3. Heres the problem 4. 100,000 hours of movies 1,000,000 hours of TV shows per year 52,000,000 hours in Youtube per year 4 zettabytes of digital info created & shared on the web per year Volume of content Cost? Structured format UI?Discovery? 5. Here is what we had in mind 6. Introducing DEEP Data Enrichment & Engagement Platform 7. Search I know what Im looking for Recommendations The service knows what Im looking for Explore Id like to explore with a personal guide Methods for content discovery 8. Before Discovery During Interact After Learn Monetization Fun The value 9. Template-based automation Movies, TV shows, actors, verticals Content amplification Legally syndicate content from various sources In a nutshell Audience monetization Rich ad & sponsorship formats, recommendation & up-selling, merchandizing 10. Here is what weve learned 11. GOT Season 4 broadcast on Orange Cinema Series (OCS) starting April 7 App on marketplace starting April 2nd App accessible to the general public DEEP amplification 12. Lesson 1: Analog has many good years ahead Cater to all types of users Linear vs. random access Flip vs. tap 13. Lesson 2: Tell stories Using big-data to tell stories Visual arrangement of content New connections New insights 14. Lesson 3: Streamline editorial investment via automation Template-based automation Degradable templates Editorial tools 15. Lesson 4: Some like it hot Hot news, always fresh Social buzz Gossip Images from latest events 16. Lesson 5: Amplify TV content experience Send to / sync with TV Watch on tablet Social interactivity, share Wish list Cloud DVR Highlight topics Scene sensitive merchandise 17. Discover new frontiers Find new connections Learn Personalized exploration experience, choose your own path Lesson 6: Create engagement through serendipity 18. Lesson 7: Turn a cost center into a revenue source VOD upselling Sponsorship & brand magazines Half / full page ads Merchandizing Highly targeted, strong analytics capabilities 19. Lesson 8: Experience transparency Cross browser Native vs. ease of development Ability to work with external libraries 20. Thank you Twitter: @ViaccessOrca