Creating engaging web experiences with SharePoint

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Intergen Seminar presented September 2012. Pure content management is no longer enough. Successful web content management systems need to be able to deliver content based on visitor context: Who are they? Why are they visiting? Where do they come from? The future of the web will see “Content + Context” driving user engagement and enabling organisations to achieve their objectives. Well-known as a solution within the enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint is also a content management system which can be used for delivering external-facing websites. This session will look at some of the features of SharePoint that allow it to deliver context-based content and explores how this can add value to your organisation.

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2. Your presenterNameRobert StewartTitle Solution Specialist Intergen 5+ years Innovation, Strategy and Solutions Web Content Management SharePoint Swim, Bike, Run 3. Engaging Web ExperiencesWhere is SharePoint headingSupporting mobilePersonalisationDiscussion and Wrap 4. WHERE ISSHAREPOINTHEADING 5. SharePoint Conference Oct 2011 6. Adoption of SharePoint on the Intranet. 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint for IntranetSharePoint Conference Oct 2011 7. Extending collaboration outside thefirewall. 25% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint for InternetSharePoint Conference Oct 2011 8. Enterprise SearchSocialProductivity MobilityApp Store 9. WEB 10. SUPPORTINGMOBILE 11. Mobile is growing like crazy. 12. PC vs. Smartphone SalesSource: engaging web experiences 13. Mobile phoneswill overtake PCsas the mostcommon web access devices by 2013 Gartner Research, 2010 14. Smartphones are alwayswith you 73%OF PEOPLE SURVEYED Say they dont leave their home without their device Google: Our Mobile Planet, May 2012 15. RESPONSIVEWEB DESIGN 16. Rather than tailoringdisconnected designs toeach of an ever-increasingnumber of web devices,we can treat them asfacets of the sameexperienceEthan Marcotte A List Apart 17. Responsive Web Designprinciples Desktop TabletSmartphone HeaderHeader Header Sidebar 1 Sidebar 2Sidebar 1 Content ContentContent Sidebar 2Sidebar 1Sidebar 2Creating engaging web experiences 18. Its cheap but degrading to reuse content and design across divergingmedia forms like desktop vs. mobile.Superior UX requires tight platform integration. Jakob Nielson May 2012 19. WHAT DOES IT LOOKLIKE? 20. Mobility 21. HOW?DESIGN MANAGERDEVICE CHANNELS 22. Design ManagerCreating engaging web experiences 23. Design Manager: Device ChannelsCreating engaging web experiences 24. Design Manager: Upload Design FilesCreating engaging web experiences 25. Design Manager: Create Master PagesCreating engaging web experiences 26. Design Manager: Apply DesignCreating engaging web experiences 27. PERSONAL-ISATION 28. Personalisation 86%of websites measuredpersonalise the userexperience , givingvisitors the option tosign in or choosetargeted content.Intergen Engaged Web Report 2012 29. CONTEXTCONTENT is king 30. FabricsRecycled Polyester 39 g/m100% Recycled Polyesterm holgram look, 20D ripstopface, 39 g/m.Primaloft ONEMaterial: 100% Polyester, ultrafine microfibre insulation.Weight: 60 g/mLong lasting, fast drying lightweight insulation withoutstanding warmth to weight ratio.PFOS/PFOA free DWR treated surfaces.Three way adjustable hood with reinforced peak.Hip length longer body cut for more core warmth.Full length micro zipper to save bulk, with chin guard.Two mid mounted torso pockets with micro zippers tosave bulk. 31. WHAT DOES IT LOOKLIKE?TARGETED CONTENT 32. WHAT DOES IT LOOKLIKE?POPULAR CONTENT 33. Mobility 34. Mobility 35. HOW?SEARCH XRANKUSER PROFILES 36. Summary Where is SharePoint heading Supporting mobile Personalisation 37. Discussion andWrap 38. Thank you