Creating a Respectful Workplace Discrimination & Harassment: Keeping it out of the Workplace

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Transcript of Creating a Respectful Workplace Discrimination & Harassment: Keeping it out of the Workplace

  • Creating a Respectful WorkplaceDiscrimination & Harassment: Keeping it out of the Workplace

  • Purpose of this SessionExpand on the awareness of what constitutes discrimination and harassment.

    Remind all employees of their rights/responsibilities with respect to discrimination and harassment.

  • Purpose of this SessionEndorse UFAs Managerial and Human Resources corresponding legal obligations to create and maintain a healthy, safe, and respectful work environment.

    View an 18 minute video displaying specific examples and answering questions at the end.

  • Harassment DefinedConduct (verbal, non-verbal, physical) or innuendo that intimidates, offends or humiliates a person.

    Conduct that is reasonably known to be unwelcome.

  • Disrespectful Non-Verbal Behavior ExamplesRolling of eyesShrugging of shouldersFacial expressions (eyebrows)Folding of arms (Closed vs Open)Turning of head or looking upWalking away silent- A good thing!Tense body language, clenching fist(s)

  • Disrespectful Verbal Behavior ExamplesWhat are you doing that for!!My way or the highwayBecause Im the bossthats why!Do it this way because I said so!Do it or else!!You guys just dont get itOthers ????

  • Examples of Discrimination/HarassmentRaceEthnic originNational originColorReligionAgeSexMarital statusFamily statusDisabilitySexual orientationGranted a pardon for a conviction

  • Teased TopicsFuture Harassment???

    Clothes you wearHeight or lack ofFrom the West,East, North, SouthHair Style, wear glasses, JewelryFrom a certain town Edmonton???Way you talk, walk, etc.

  • Teased TopicsFuture Harassment???

    WeightHair Color or lack of hairHabits you haveSmoker or non-smokerKind of food you like/ eatCar you drive

  • Teased TopicsFuture Harassment???

    Perfumes, etc.Drinker, non-drinkerRecovering drinkerOthers??

  • Quid Pro QuoSexual HarassmentMade by a position of power

    This can apply to co-workers where a worker is in a position to grant or deny a benefit of another

    Threats of reprisal for negating/rejecting a sexual advance

  • Work Environment ExamplesOffice and buildings (company related)

    Cafeterias, Washrooms

    Social Functions (staff)

    Drinking Establishments

  • Work Environment ExamplesLunch rooms

    Parking lots

    Vehicles (work related transportation)

    Off premises locations for work (conference/ hotel rooms)

  • Sexual Harassment DefinedPersistent staring or leering

    Discussions about sexual activities

    Moving into someones personal space

    Displayed pornographic pictures (Magazines/Internet)

    Sexual suggestive comments

  • Sexual Harassment DefinedAsking for lunch date after told NO!

    Explicit propositions

    Touching, Sexual assault

    Crude, vulgar, or sexist language

  • Racial Harassment DefinedVerbal abuse or threats

    Unwelcome remarks, slurs, jokes, gestures, innuendos, name calling

    Graffiti (degrading words, messages)

    Display of racist, derogatory materials

    Distribution of derogatory materials

  • Racial Harassment DefinedPractical jokes causing embarrassment

    Exclusions or avoidance due to race/ethnicity

    Threatening, terrorizing

    Vandalism or intimidation

  • Harassment and Discrimination

  • For SymcorAffects the lives of all involved

    Impacts work morale


    Creates staff turnover

  • For SymcorProduction declines (revenues/ bonuses)

    Disciplinary Action

    Public Scrutiny

    Tainted reputation


  • Basic Principles of BehaviorLead by example, treat others with respect.

    Treat others with dignity always!

    Treat everyone equitably and fairly

    Respect peoples boundaries

  • Model Behavior PrinciplesIs my behavior respectful towards my co-workers? Ask if unsure.

    Do you treat your cared family, friends, and relatives the same way?

    How would I react if a co-worker treated my friend/relative like this?

    Is my behavior making someone uncomfortable?

  • Barriers for not ReportingLoss or personal privacy


    Belief that nothing will change

    Belief that peoples attitudes and behaviors cannot be changed

  • Barriers for not Reporting

    Belief of having no influence

    Fear of retaliation

    Fear of job loss

    Not being believed

    Guilt, shame

  • Managing a ComplaintDeal with complaint promptly!Take complaint seriouslyDiscuss confidentiallyBe sensitive but neutralTake notesGet the entire storyThank the complainantSet a follow-up time Quickly afterwards

  • Personal Approach TechniqueI feel _________ (describe how the behavior makes you feel) when you _______ (describe the offensive behavior; focus on the behavior not the person) because _____ (describe the effect on your performance)

    Tell the offender how you want him/her to change the behavior; provide a solution.

    Tell the offender what you will do if he/she persists with their behavior.

  • Personal Approach TechniqueZorba, I feel uncomfortable when you call me Babe because I am a married person and dont appreciate these comments.I would appreciate you not calling me Babe and call me by my first name.If this continues, I will have to talk with my Manager or Human Resources.

  • Future QuestionsRon Bolokoski(403) 258-4622

    Randy Massie(403) 258-7404

    CSO HR Manager(403) 212-3566

    In 1998 Symcor launched this particular program to Managers across the country. The program was delivered by a lawyer from Toronto and the original presentation was about 4 hours in length.

    Today we are rolling out the same program again to all employees as a mandatory program that everyone will have to attend. This will be a condensed version of the earlier program in 1998 and will be completed in 60 minutes.

    This session is open to your feedback as we go through the next hour so please offer your questions and feedback as we share our time together over the next 60 minutes.

    Randys own leading words: In all the training I have provided to companies across Canada over the last ten years, Symcor is the only company that I have come across that is committed to such an important subject in its workplace. Most companies will do a ONE OF program then move on to other things. It is nice to see that Symcor is leading the way to continue with its commitment provide all employees a healthy, safe, and positive work environment. Review first and second points on slide.

    By rights we mean the right to experience and enjoy a safe and non-threatening work environment.

    By responsibilities we mean the responsibility of monitoring our own actions as well as the actions of others around us in the workplace.Review two comments.Proceed to starting the video.After video completion ask group for general feedback.

    Are any of these situations realistic?Is there one particular scene in the video that made you stop and think for a minute?

    The one I (Randy) think is particularly interesting is the last one referring to outside vendors coming into the Symcor workplace. When dealing with external groups we generally expect that people will always be on their best behavior. As Randy experienced this past April with external training groups, things can go wrong especially when stories, references, language and examples used by facilitators to get their message across, can embarrass many of our valued Symcor employees.

    In our workplace we have employees who are Overly Sensitive, Super Sensitive, Sensitive, and those who are not sensitive at all. It is the privilege of all employees have their own personal comfort level while they work. By Reasonably Known we refer to conduct that is generally understood by the working/Business community.Being disrespectful towards others may not be truly classified as Harassment but it can lead to, be a part of, or be the start of something to come in the future.

    Here are some examples of Disrespectful behaviors that are non-verbal as we all know them.

    Walking away silent can be both a positive and negative thing.

    When we say walking away is a good thing, we mean that if someone has a short temper it is a safe measure to remind ones self to walk away from situations that might cause you to react in an inappropriate way that would send the wrong message. Walking away gives the person with the hot temper time to calm down, compose their thoughts, and respond in a professional manner.Thats the positive spin.

    The negative side, is when people walk away from a situation muttering, cursing and talking to themselves. Walking away silent can be negatively perceived as not caring or considering another persons valued input and comments about company related issues.

    Before reviewing slide, discuss the significance of a persons tone of voice and how it can impact a message.

    Use 2 different tones of voice both loud and soft on a few of the points on the slide.Ask the group if they hear and feel the difference between the two.Review slide.

    Remind group that since the occurrence 9-11 the first five points on the slide have been magnified immensely both inside and outside the workplace. Ask the group for specific example of discrimination/ Harassment that might apply to both Marital Status and Family Status/

    Ask group what they believe Granted a Pardon means?Review slide.

    Remind group that since the occurrence 9-11 the first five points on the slide have been magnified immensely both inside and outside the workplace. Ask the group for specific example of discrimination/ Harassment that might apply to both M