Creating a Movie in ¢â‚¬¢Wondershare Filmora...

download Creating a Movie in ¢â‚¬¢Wondershare Filmora ¢â‚¬¢VideoPad Video Editor Video editing options . After you

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Transcript of Creating a Movie in ¢â‚¬¢Wondershare Filmora...

  • Creating a Video in WLMM

  • When it comes to making a video, you have many software options, but

    only two will put you in full control of your content and design: Windows

    Live Movie Maker (which is free to download from Windows and still

    rated #1 by TechRadar) or iMovie.

    Other video editing programs available online include:

    • WeVideo

    • Wax

    • Pinnacle

    • Wondershare Filmora

    • VideoPad Video Editor

    Video editing options

  • After you have downloaded and/or opened Windows Live Movie Maker,

    you should see the following screen:

    Get started

    iMovie: select “Events” and then the “Create +” button to start a blank project

  • The first thing to do is add photos and/or videos. To do so, click the

    button at the top left corner, just below animations. You can also drag

    and drop your pictures/videos directly into the program.

    Add media

    iMovie: drag and drop photos/videos into a new event, or select File  Import Media

  • Select and place all of the photos and videos that you want to include in

    your project, and arrange them, but dragging and dropping (or cutting and

    pasting) in the correct order. You will edit the clips/pictures afterward.

    Order/rearrange media

    iMovie: when it comes to video clips, you will trim them before placement by

    selecting a start/end point for each before dragging/dropping.

  • Next, you will want to add pan and zoom effects to your photos to give them

    the appearance of movement (if any). To do so, select “Animations” and

    look for “Pan and zoom” on the right-side of the navigation bar. Highlight the

    picture, then choose the direction that makes the most sense.

    Add pan and zoom

    iMovie: Pan and zoom is called the Ken Burns effect. To find it, highlight an image,

    and click “Crop.” You will drag and drop a rectangle in the direction you want the pan

    and zoom to follow.

  • Now that you have added animations and transitions, you might consider

    some effects, such as color overlays (black/white, sepia, blue, rainbow),

    fade ins/outs, or even cinematic overlays. To find these effects, click on

    “Visual Effects”. You may add more than one effect to a photo/video.

    Consider effects

    iMovie: video and audio effects are also located in the iMovie toolbar

  • To trim and edit video clips, simply highlight the clip you wish to adjust, and

    look for the “Video Tools” menu to appear at the top. Once there, you may

    adjust the video volume, fade in/out, and speed. You can also set a

    start/end point, or trim the video’s length.

    Trim/cut video clips

    iMovie: to crop video, adjust the start and end points with your time bars and select

    “Crop” from the editing menu (just as you will an audio clip)

  • You can also split a video into separate parts so that you might add titles in

    between clips. To do so, use your time bar to select the point at which you

    would like the video to split. Then, look under “Video Tools” for the “Split”


    Split video clips

    iMovie: place the cursor beneath the place where you wish to split the video in two,

    then select Edit  Split Video Clip at Playhead

  • The next step is to add titles and/or captions to your video. To do so, select

    the clip you want the title to appear before. Look on the home screen for the

    “Title” or “Caption” button. Think about the fonts you use (one or two will

    do), the background color, and effects you may (or may not) want to add.

    You can also choose how long the title appears.

    Add titles and/or captions

    iMovie: select the clip you want the title to appear before and select “Titles” from the

    Content Library.

  • Returning to the home screen, you will see the option to add music (or pre-

    recorded narration). You can also drag and drop a music file.

    Add music or narration

    iMovie: in the library sidebar, select iTunes, Sound Effects or GarageBand. Find the

    music you wish to add and drag it to the background music well, located below the


  • When you click on the music clip you added, a new menu option appears at

    the top: “Music Tools”. Clicking on that will allow you to edit the song by

    changing the volume, requiring it to fade in/out, or setting a start/stop time.

    Edit music clips

    iMovie: video and audio effects are located in the iMovie toolbar

  • You may also decide you wish to trim the audio clip so that you can add

    more music/narration, or remove part of the song. In both software

    programs, you will move the time bars that flank your video to the point

    where you would like to trim a clip. In Movie Maker, select “Split” to create

    multiple segments of your audio clip that can be rearranged or deleted.

    Trim/cut music clips

    iMovie: to crop audio, adjust the start and end points with your time bars and select

    “Crop” from the editing menu (just as you will a video clip)

  • Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie save your video as a project file,

    which cannot be viewed by anyone who does not have access to all of the

    files (videos, pictures, music, etc.). You need to save your video for

    playback before turning it in.

    Save your video

    Ultimately, you are looking for a file in one of the following formats: .avi, .wmv,

    .mov, .mpg. Once you have that file, you should dropbox it to Mrs. Fireman.