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Presentation on Creating High Impact Teams in Israeli Organizations using a Proven, Measurable, Results-Driven Methodology from the US.

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  • 1. Creating from WE Lead Your Teams for Business Results from ME to WE! Use A Proven, Measurable, Results-Driven Methodology (NOW in Israel in 22 languages!) Gloria G. Kinrot, B.Sc., CPCC, PCC, ORSC - Authorized Facilitator of Team Diagnostic Assessment & other TCI tools NOTE: Team DiagnosticTM is a trademark of Team Coaching International. Graphics and the Team DiagnosticTM model 2011 Team Coaching International is used throughout this presentation with permission. 15 June 2014
  • 2. Teams are the GLUE of businesses today Leadership = Teams! Teams are the #1 business asset.. Teams exist to produce RESULTS for the business AND individuals 1 + 1 >2 The whole is MORE than the sum of the parts. In todays volatile, fast-paced environment , we need continuous improvement, where change is the norm 5 June 2014 2 The paradox: Only 10% report being part high- performing teams! 2011 Team Diagnostic results
  • 3. How do Leaders create High Performing, Sustainable Teams? The 6 Key Team Success Factors:* 1. Shared purpose or mission 2. Shared commitment 3. Shared performance goals & measures 4. Shared behavioral norms 5. Shared team practices 6. Clear roles * John Katzenbach & Douglas Smith (The Wisdom of Teams) 5 June 2014 3 Signs your Team is Struggling?.. o Exec/ High performing looking for next innovative edge? o Burned out, missing deadlines, over budget? o Newly forming? o M&A? Part of organization in transition? o Undertaking important project? o Working in silos? o Impacted by conflict, gossip & turf protection or other toxic behaviors?
  • 4. 1) We focus on the Team as a System! 5 June 2014 4 Our 4 Cornerstones: 1. Teams exist to produce results 2. The team is a living system 3. People want to be on high performing teams and want to contribute 4. The team has within it the means to excel.
  • 5. 2) We develop new team awareness & intelligence 5 June 2014 5 Business Results in evolving market Team Intelligence empowers individuals Develop Team Better Business Results! 6 Team Competencies: 1. Increase positivity, reduce negativity 2. Value ALL voices 3. Honor whats there 4. Trust the team knows 5. Invoke co-responsibility (not just leader) 6. Listen for whats next?
  • 6. High Productivity Low Productivity High Positivity Low Positivity 2.LOW PROD. / HIGH POSITIVITY Collegial Low focus Low sense of urgency Resistant Incompetence OK Low results Connected and fun Lets Party 4.HIGH PROD. / HIGH POSITIVITY Successful Flow Challenging Inspiring Open Proactive Communicative Lets Get Better 3.LOW PROD. / LOW POSITIVITY Criticism Blame Resistance Overwhelm Fear of failure Turf protection Firefighting Lets Get Out of Here 1.HIGH PROD. / LOW POSITIVITY Efficient Bottom-line Burn out / High turnover Guarded Driven Clear objectives Competitive Lets Survive The Model: Measuring team effectiveness in 2 dimensions: Productivity + Positivity 5 June 2014 6
  • 7. The Model: Creating a high impact team roadmap with focus on 14 core Team Strengths 7 PRODUCTIVITY STRENGTHS Resources Decision-making Proactive Accountability Goals & Strategies Alignment Team Leadership 7 POSITIVITY STRENGTHS Trust Respect Communication Camaraderie Constructive Interaction Values Diversity Optimism 5 June 2014 7
  • 8. BEFORE High Productivity Low Productivity High Positivity Low Positivity 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 6.0 8.0 9.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 3.0 2.0 4.0 1.0 4.0 7.0 The Outcome: Whats measured, gets improved 5 June 2014 8 *Case study Healthcare Team Feb 08-Jan09 A Team Coaching International Case Study * AFTER BEFORE: New & changing environment Communication breakdowns & toxic behavior Members act alone in silos - lack resources like time, space, info & connection AFTER: High productivity High positivity Business results.
  • 9. The Outcome: The team conditions improve 5 June 2014 9 A Team Coaching International Case Study * More Positivity: Optimism +46% Constructive Interaction +38% Trust +38% More Productivity: Resources +43% Proactive +38% Decision-making +35% BEFORE AFTER
  • 10. The Outcome: Better business results in everyday work process 5 June 2014 10 A Team Coaching International Case Study * Better Business Results: 12% increase in Patient Satisfaction 1-2 more Patients Cared for a Day The team has a SHARED Identity & Purpose: We save lives!
  • 11. Treat Change as a Process, Not an Event! Develop Team = Better Results 5 June 2014 11 A ROADMAP FOR HIGH IMPACT TEAMS! Increase Team & Organizational Intelligence Competencies G e t B u s i n e s s R e s u l t s 1. BE AWARE: Focus on TEAM discovery & on- line assessment & desired results 2. DEVELOP skills for team intelligence competency understand current state & design next steps according to assessment debrief & team needs 3. FOSTER positivity for high performance meet team at on- going basis & provide coaching for team accountabilities & progress 4. TEAM MASTERY Practicing collaboration & inclusiveness as part of everyday work! create a second benchmark to show measured progress & assess where ongoing development is needed 5. EVOLVING business results during change continuous change & development
  • 12. Business Results! When WE is part of your Teams everyday practice People + Business grows 1. We focus on the Team as a System! 2. We reveal team effectiveness in 2 dimensions: Productivity & Positivity. Whats measured, gets improved 3. Our leaders create high impact teams based on 14 strengths. 4. By developing the team, we also get desired results in everyday business work processes! 5 June 2014 12 Leaders ignite our #1 asset: TEAMS Our organization unites with a proven, measurable, results-driven approach.
  • 13. Introduce a proven, measurable, results-driven methodology for YOUR teams to leverage MORE. The Team DiagnosticTM Assessment (TDA) is proven tool & follow-up methodology for helping with results-driven team improvement from US thats used internationally. Over 1000 teams have benefited. In companies like Johnson & Johnson, Nortel, CapGemini, Adobe, Semantic, Bank of America and more. NOW in Israel 22 languages including Hebrew. Nows the time to start CONTACT: Gloria G. Kinrot Cell: +972-54-542-2067 Email: Web: 5 June 2014 13