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FGXpress PowerStrips are the only energy and pain relief strips in the world which is listed by the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. Come join us at and help spread the word in your country!

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  • WELCOME HOME Get trained by a leading NLP and Sales Trainer! Any questions? Contact us at: [email protected] Start at the top with amazing support!
  • 3 4 5 1. FGI is 10-year old, DEBT-FREE, Publicly-Traded. 2. FGXpress is now in 160+ countries. 3. Powerstrips is listed in FDA as Class 1 Medical Device. 1. Germanium Crystals 2. Fermented Korean Red Ginseng 3. Silver Ions 4. Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phyto Plankton 1. FastStart Bonus: 25% 2. X-Tribe Bonus: $200 3. Team Bonus: 12% 4. Matching Bonus 5. Rank Advancement Cash Bonus.
  • 1.5 Billion people suffer with PAIN daily. -Effects more than Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease combined -53% reported pain in the previous two weeks -1 in 3 experience lasting pain -Costs $600 Billion annually to the U.S. economy -Costs $300 Billion annually in Healthcare services
  • POWERSTRIPSare listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA
  • Developed by Dr. Minsu KIM, PhD at the world renowned Future Engineering Technology Institute University Of Korea. Patented Technology & Formula Transdermal Heat Wave Energy Technology. POWERSTRIPS Jeff, Brenda and Dr Kim in Seoul, Korea.
  • POWERSTRIPS Transdermal Delivery Technology POWERSTRIPSTM are designed to be gentle to the skin. Intended for regular daily use over time. Non-toxic and designed with the health of the user & the environment in mind.
  • POWERSTRIPS UPPER LAYER 1. Made of Wood Bark LOVE character in 19 languages. 2. Germanium Crystals LOWER LAYER 1. Korean Red Ginseng 2. Silver Ion 3. Marine Phyto Plankton - Transdermal. - Water Soluble.
  • POWERSTRIPS Germanium Heat-Pain Technology Millions of Germanium (Ge) crystals are distributed evenly throughout the the PowerStripsTM Germanium has optical properties that effect heat/thermal energy Ge magnifiedGe pulverized
  • POWERSTRIPS Germanium Crystals Germanium Crystals have the ability to emit Far-Infrared Energy in large quantities (between 4 -14 micron). About 9 microns wave emitted by the human body heat at 37 degree Celsius, will resonate with the water molecules in our body cells, and increases blood circulation flow. 70% of our body is water.
  • Ge is transparent to heat/thermal energy As heat passes through Ge particles, heat: is refracted/bent is dispersed into different wavelengths with different spectral energies POWERSTRIPS: Energy Source Germanium (Ge) Crystals Bodys Heat Energy Far Infra-Red Heat Energy Environmental Thermal Energy 10 cm penetration
  • Heat in deep tissues: reported immediate effects As Far Infra-Red Heat Waves interact with tissues, it brings up the levels of NITRIC OXIDE which dilates blood vessels Dilated vessels carry increased blood, oxygen and nutrition to cells Heat Constricted Blood Vessels Dilated Blood Vessels
  • Infrared Images Before and After application of PowerStrips to posterior thighs Low heat signature Then increased heat signature Represents dilated vessels carrying increased blood volume with more oxygen and nutrients
  • Far Infra Red (FIR) ACUPOINT :Stimulation On Autonomic Activity When Powerstrip is applied in the correct Acupoint in certain part of the body, it triggers autonomic activity that helps in various symptoms:
  • Cut 2 Cut 4 Cut 8 Cut 16 Cut 32
  • Cut 5 Cut 10
  • For Mental Clarity For Tired, Stressed Eyes For Blocked Nose, Sinustis
  • For Skin Elascity, Tightening of Skin, Eye Bag, Pigmentation Before 10 pm.
  • For Energy, Stamina Sports Day Only
  • Cervical Pain: - Cervical contracture - Headaches / Migraine
  • Important Acupoints:
  • Important Acupoints:
  • Shoulder Pain: - Cervical contracture movement of shoulder rotation. - Numbness on arm.
  • Middle Back Pain: - Postural contracture
  • Lower Back Pain: - Postural contracture
  • Upper Arm Pain: - Postural contracture
  • Weight Reduction: - Appetite Control SPLEEN 6 STOMACH 36 KIDNEY 3
  • Constipation:
  • Lungs: - Bronchitis
  • 2. Korean Red Ginseng Topical effects Topical anti-inflammatory effects Topical protection against photo-aging of skin Improved skin firmness Improved appearance of redness and fine lines POWERSTRIPS Improved Look and Feel of Skin
  • 3. Silver Ions Topical effects Topical antimicrobial effects Decrease topical bacteria Decrease topical viruses Improved topical environment POWERSTRIPS Improved Look and Feel of Skin
  • 4. - 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton - Topical Represents complete nutrition and provides Antioxidant Anti-allergy Anti-inflammatory Evens out skin tones Improves smoothness of skin Microscopic view of a single drop of Marine phytoplankton vitamins fatty acids minerals amino acids POWERSTRIPS Improved Look and Feel of Skin Omega 3, Omega 6
  • POWERSTRIPS Infrared Face
  • POWERSTRIPS Bump On Forehead
  • POWERSTRIPS Skin Behind Ear
  • Infrared Arm
  • POWERSTRI PS Keloid Scar
  • POWERSTRI PS Infrared Posterior Thighs
  • POWERSTRI PS Varicose Veins
  • POWERSTRI PS Skin Rashes
  • POWERSTRI PS Open Wound
  • Founded in Orem, Utah in 2003. Debt Free, and Publicly-Traded (FGVR) Annual gross sales turnover in excess of US$50 million. Already in over 200 countries and growing rapidly. Ron Williams Fonder, CEO, Chairman
  • WELCOME HOME To join our team, please go to: Get trained by a leading NLP and Sales Trainer! Any questions? Contact us at: [email protected] Start at the top with amazing support!