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Top producers know that the best business is referral business, learn how to create a raving fan experience. Differentiate yourself between yawn and WOW! Customers expect (and are paying for) good service, but if you want them to refer you, you must give them a raving fan experience. Learn how to: develop your vision; create value; turn your database into a goldmine without spending a mint; the power of personnel; and how to create ambassadors.

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  • 1. Kim Knapp

2. Where do youStart? Decide what you want? Create a vision centeredon the customer Assemble your team Deliver the VisionPlus 1 3. I want to build a business with its foundationbased on referrals from satisfied customers,friends as well as local business professionalsthat see me as the go to person for real estate.By providing a raving fan experience whileincorporating referrals seeds along the way I cancreate this model. Always remembering that thecustomers do not belong to me, they remainparked out front as long as they perceive value. 4. Gratitude ~ You see your life and others through different glasses. Look past the person, and see the need. Customers Vendors RealtorsThe way you see people is the way you treat them. Zig Ziglar 5. I recently decided to re-evaluate my Business partners and my futurerefer-ablilty. I realize you work with many real estate professional and Iam not asking you to refer me but to reinforce my relationship andmy professionalism with my own customers.If I am top of mind with my customers they will be more likely to referme to their friends, neighbors and family, which I turn I refer to you. Letme give you an example.I am calling to let you know that your appraisal came in and its 5,000over your contract price. I know you must be very pleased with that aswe do not see that very often. Agent_____________ is a strongnegotiator, and works hard to get her customers the best price. Whodo you know that may be considering purchasing a home in the next 6months?... If you think of anyone make sure you send them _______way or I would be happy to call them for you. 6. Always offer something and ask for more Information Free Relocation Package Reputable Mortgage lenders Information Information for First Time Buyers Buying a Short Sale 8 Tips to Guide Your Home Search Tips to Finding the Right Neighborhood for You 10 Questions you should ask a Home Inspector Information on Homestead Exemption Difference between CDDs and HOAs Would that help you? 7. Let me share with you how I work. My company is very active in theneighborhood/community/area... As a matter of fact, regardlessof how a seller is selling, whether privately or with another realestate company, we have access to all of these homes. In the realestate industry we work together by sharing information andcooperate selling each others listed homes. I am sharing this with you because often times buyers do notrealize this and they spend their valuable time calling on eachindividual property, talking to several different people. We cannarrow down your search and help you find the home that meetsyour specific needs and there is not a cost to you. When would bea good time to meet? 8. How many can you date at once? Depends How intimately you are interacting? Email Drip campaign 100s -10,000s Personal contact annually less than 50 What does this mean? You have 2 groups Your Entire Sphere of Influence Youre A-List. 9. Lowes Newsletter What elephant, Listingbook Invitehas George beenBirthdays drinking? Anniversary of Home Closing Place to set reminders and Keep Notes (Data-Mining) 10. Day of Closing - put in Your calendar to Call themOn their 12 month anniversary!1st Day Thank you for allowing me to serve3rd Day How did the move go?7th Day Are you starting to get out of boxes? Is there anything you found wrong?14th Day Have you met the neighbors? How are the kids doing?30th Day Congratulations! You are on your 30th day in your newhome!45th Day Is there anything that I can do? 11. When Someone Says Real Estateyour customer thinksStay in front of the customer and add value! 12. Follow up Marketing Annual CalendarMarketing Social Networking 13. 1. Use unbranded cards with something represents you, Its a personal note2. Use Blue Ink. Its original3. Words-Use you, avoid I, me, my.4. Be specific in your praise. acknowledge aEverybody You Know characteristic, or a unique quality youBusiness Connections appreciate in the person you are writing to.Prospects5. Leverage the Power of Positive. Express respect for those who posses a quality Past Customers (happiness, wealth, balance) you aspire toSOI improve onWrite Write Write6. Power of the p.s. This is your call to action. Such as emailing or calling you. Michael MaherRead the Book! 14. What do You want?What does your Customer Centered Experience look Like?Assemble Your TeamDeliver the Vision Plus 1Get Your Database OrganizedPower of the 30 day or 45 day Follow up PlanGive Your Customer Something to Talk About- Stay in Front of Them Customer Follow up Marketing Plan Calendar Based Marketing Social NetworkingPower NotesA-List Activity Calendar 15. Kim Knapp