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Transcript of Crash Course Training Schedule - Tapp COURSE INTO PARKOUR...  CRASH COURSE INTO PARKOUR:...

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    Copyright 2011 by Tapp Brothers LLC. All rights reserved.

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    This is the training schedule that you will follow for the Crash Course into

    Parkour Program. This is based on the same system that I used after I

    researched and tested many different ways of training. This schedule provided

    me with the best results from my training. It was way better than any other

    training regime I have tried and certainly better than no training system at all.

    This is how I went from complete newb with no prior experience in

    gymnastics, martial arts, or any extreme sport or discipline to pro and one of the

    top Traceurs/Freerunners in the world. I just played regular sports. After about

    two years of using this system I got my first T.V. commercial then steadily built up

    my career. My brother and I were the first U.S. athletes to be on the Urban Free

    Flow All-Star Team; one of the top and first parkour/freerunning groups in the

    world. We do live events for thousands of people and for huge companies such

    as Sherwin Williams. We do interviews for all different types of media around the

    world. We consult with publicly traded companies on product development and

    viral campaigns. We were in the first Red Bull Art of Motion Competition here in

    the U.S. We teach people how to do parkour all around the world! Weve

    instructed people in Malaysia, Germany, Australia, and the UK just to name a

    few. We have been blessed to do a lot of great things, accomplish a lot of goals,

    and work with a lot of great people, and I owe it all to my parkour training and the

    system and schedule I followed.

    So no matter what your goals are, this schedule is going to take you to any

    level you want to reach. Ive personally helped train guys who are already

    learning and developing at twice the speed I did because they follow certain

    training techniques that took me months or years to find out and develop.

    And of course Im not the only one who uses this type of schedule for

    training. Most professional athletes follow a schedule that resembles the one you

    are going to follow.

    BUT before we get into the full schedule, we need to go over a few main

    principles when it comes to the human body, physical training, and choosing a

    schedule that is tailored perfectly for you!

    We are all different physically and psychologically. You must understand

    yourself first and find things that work the best for you. Some people are more

    motivated and ready to train early in the morning, while others feel more

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    motivated and pumped to train later in the afternoon. We each have different time

    commitments in our life. Some people need to spread out their training time for a

    small amount of training everyday while some people need to have lengthy

    amounts of training condensed in 3-4 days of the week. We have different goals

    with our training. Some just want to keep in good shape while others want to take

    it to a professional level and perform shows or compete. We all have different

    bodies with different genetic make-ups. For some of us it is a struggle just to put

    on any weight especially muscle. For others it is a constant struggle to keep body

    fat off. Some people are just born with a natural muscular build and athleticism.

    Each person will need to arrange the detail of this schedule to get the best

    results. (To find out what type of body you have and how to arrange the schedule

    accordingly, look at the Crash Course conditioning book on page #8)

    The ultimate structure of this schedule will be the same for everyone but it

    will be up to you to tailor it to your own needs, desires, and lifestyle to get the

    most enjoyment and full potential out of your parkour training.

    Make sure you watch all the videos and read the Conditioning and Drills

    ebook before you begin your schedule!

    And again, ALWAYS consult a physician before you start any new workout

    regime. You always want to make sure you are in good health. Sometimes

    people can suffer from severe injuries that could have easily been avoided if they

    would have had a physical or checked with their doctor first!

    So here is the outline to this training schedule book.

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    PHASE 1PHASE 1PHASE 1PHASE 1 ---- Go over the Basic PrinciplesGo over the Basic PrinciplesGo over the Basic PrinciplesGo over the Basic Principles

    #1 Train for Your Goals

    #2 Start Small Then Build UP

    #3 Listen To Your Body

    #4 Mixing Conditioning and Training

    #5 Stretching and Warm-Up

    #6 Start NOW

    PHASE 2 PHASE 2 PHASE 2 PHASE 2 Go over the Training ScheduleGo over the Training ScheduleGo over the Training ScheduleGo over the Training Schedule

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    PHASE 1


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    #1 Train #1 Train #1 Train #1 Train ffffor Your Goalsor Your Goalsor Your Goalsor Your Goals When you train for your own goals you get a better workout. You stay

    motivated. You have a sense of direction. You accomplish the things you truly

    want in life. You dont get caught up worrying about other people or about if

    someone is better than you or not. You focus on yourself and feel good.

    Things go bad when we dont train for our own goals. Sometimes we do

    something purely to beat someone else or prove something to another person. I

    know Ive caught myself doing this before or looked back on a past event where I

    did this. Sometimes we get so caught up listening to other people or being

    influenced by external events that we get blinded and we dont even realize that

    deep down we arent even doing that thing for ourselves. Then when we do

    accomplish that goal it doesnt feel good, its a very empty feeling. We get no

    true satisfaction from accomplishing goals that arent ours.

    Everything in this course is laid out for you to train for your own goals. We

    all have different directions we want to go in parkour and our physical training.

    Some of us want to practice and train parkour to stay in great shape. Some of us

    want to train parkour to eventually do stunts for movies and shows. Some of us

    want to train parkour for its pure use of being able to use it in critical situations

    where you have to go from point A to point B as soon as possible. Some of us

    just want to learn a couple of cool moves to show off ha.

    So whatever your goals may be, make sure you follow your bodys natural

    build. If youre an ectomorph and you want to get really big and muscular, even

    at the expense of some efficient mobility, then you need to add weight to most of

    your workouts. You need to perform high load, low rep workouts. Perform more

    circuits and sprints for your cardio, and make sure to consume a lot of food. You

    want plenty of carbs for the body to burn and a high protein meal following each


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    If youre an endomorph and trying to trim down and get cut, then you will

    want to keep the weights to a minimum. You want to involve a lot of low weight

    high rep workouts. Perform a lot of long endurance activities for your cardio. Your

    meals should consist of mainly vegetables and fruits. You still want a normal

    supply of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats but you wont need to overload as if

    you are an ectomorph trying to gain weight.

    So before we start training we need to know where we want to go with

    parkour and what goals we want to accomplish. We are going to list our goals for

    parkour out on paper and put them somewhere we can see them every day.

    This does two things,

    #1 When you list out your goals and look at them, your brain already

    starts to work and figure out ways of accomplishing these goals.

    #2 When you list out your goals and see them every day, it keeps

    you motivated to stick with it till you accomplish these goals!

    Heres what you need to do to write a good list.

    STEP 1STEP 1STEP 1STEP 1 Write out the goals you want to achieve through this training program. Limit

    it to five goals, if you only have one, thats fine too. Some example goals maybe

    like this: -To be prepared for a real life chase. -To lose 30lbs. -To get ripped. -To

    do stunts for a movie. -To be one of the best traceurs in the world. -To be able to

    run up 12 ft. walls. -And etc.

    STEP 2

    Next look at each goal you wrote down and write out three things that will

    result from achieving that goal. What are the positive things that will happen to

    you when you reach that goal? Some examples may be like this.

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