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    Owner's ManualI I :RAFTSMAN , )ROTARY LAWN MOWER7.0 HorsepowerPower -Propsuec2 1 1 1 Multi-CutModel No.917.377240

    Espafiol, p. 19

    CAUTION:Read and follow allSafety Rules and Instructionsbefore operating this equipmentSears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.Visit our Craftsman website:
  • 5/17/2018 Craftsman 917.377240.PDF


    TABLE OF CONTENTSWarranty 2Safety Rules 2~4Product Specifications 4Assembly I Pre-Operation 6Operation 7~11Maintenance Schedule 12

    Mai ntenance 12-15Service and Adjustments 15-16Storage 16~17Troubleshooting 17-18Repair Parts 36-43Sears Service Back Cover

    WARRANTYLIMITED TWO YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN POWER MOWERFor two years from date of purchase, when this Craftsman Lawn Mower is maintained,lubricated, and tuned up according to the operating and maintenance instructions in theowner's manual, Sears will repair free of charge any defect in material or workmanship.If this Craftsman Lawn Mower is used for commercial or rental purposes, this warrantyapplies for only 90 days from the date of purchase.This Warranty does not cover: Expendable items which become worn during normal use, such as rotary mowerblades, blade adapters, belts, air cleaners and spark plug. Repairs necessary because of operator abuse or negligence, including bent crank-shafts and the failure to maintain the equipment according to the instructions con-tained in the owner's manual.Warranty service is available by returning the Craftsman power mower to the nearest SearsParts & Repair Center in the United States. This warranty applies only while this productis used in the United States.This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights whichvary from state to state.

    Sears, Roebuck And Co., 0/817 WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179SAFETY RULES

    IMPORTANT: This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throw-ing objects. Failure to observe the following safety instructions could result in seriousinjury or death.ALook for this symbol to point outimportant safety precautions. It meansCAUTION!!! BECOME ALERT!!!YO UR S AFETY IS IN VO LVED .AWARNING: In order to prevent ac-cidental starting when setting up, trans-porting, adjusting or making repairs,always disconnect spark plug wire andplace wire where i t cannot come in con-tact with plug.AWARNING: Engine exhaust, some of itsconstituents, and certain vehicle compo-nents contain or emit chemicals knownto the State of California to cause cancerand birth defects or other reproductiveharm.


    AWARNING: Battery posts. terminals andrelated accessories contain lead and leadcompounds, chemicals known to the Stateo f C alifo rn ia to cause cancer and birthdefects or other reproductive harm. Washhands after handling.hAUTION: Muffler and other engineparts become extremely hot duringoperation and remain hot after engine hasstopped. To avoid severe burns on contact,stay away from these areas.
  • 5/17/2018 Craftsman 917.377240.PDF


    I. GENERAL OPERATION Read, understand, and follow allinstructions on the machine and in themanual(s) before starting. Be thoroughlyfamiliar with the controls and the properuse of the machine before starting. Do not put hands or feet near or underro tating parts. K eep clear of the dis-charge opening at all times. Only allow responsible individuals, whoare familiar with the instructions, to oper -ate the machine. Clear the area of objects such as rocks,toys, wire, bones, sticks, etc., whichcould be picked up and thrown by theblade. Be sure the area is clear of other peoplebefore mowing. Stop machine if anyoneenters the area. Do not operate the mower when bare-foot or wearing open sandals. Alwayswear substantial foot wear. Do not pull mower backwards unlessabsolutely necessary. Always look downand behind before and while movingbackwards. Do not operate the mower withoutproper guards, plates, grass catcher orother safety protective devices in place. See manufacturer's instructions forproper operation and installation ofaccessories. Only use accessories ap-proved by the manufacturer. S top the blade(s) when crossing graveldrives, walks, or roads. Stop the engine (motor) whenever youleave the equipment, before cleaning themower or unclogging the chute. Shut the engine (motor) off and wait untilthe blade comes to complete stop beforeremoving grass catcher. Mow only in daylight or good artificiallight. Do not operate the machine while underthe influence of alcohol or drugs. Never operate machine in wet grass.Always be sure of your footing: keep afirm hold on the handle and walk; neverrun. Disengage the self-propelled rnech-anism or drive clutch on mowers soequipped before starting the engine(motor). If the equipment should start to vibrateabnormally, stop the engine (motor) andcheck immediately for the cause. Vibra-tion is generally a warning of trouble. Always wear safety goggles or safetyglasses with Side shields when operatingmowe~ 3

    II. SLOPE OPERATIONSlopes are a major factor related to slipand fall accidents which can result Insevere injury. All slopes require extra cau-tion. If you feel uneasy on a slope, do notmow it.DO: Mow across the face of slopes: neverup and down. Exercise extreme cautionwhen changing direction on slopes. RemOV9 obstacles such a s ro ck s, tre elimbs, etc. Watch for holes, ruts, or bumps. Tallgrass can hide obstacles.DO NOT: Do not trim near drop-efts, ditches orembankments. The operator could losefooting or balance. Do not trim excessively steep slopes. Do not mow on wet grass. Reduced foot-ing could cause slipping.III. CHILDRENTragic accidents can occu r if the operatoris not alert to the presence of children.Children are often attracted to the machineand the mowing activity. Never assumethat children will remain where you lastsaw them. Keep children out of the trimming areaand under the watchful care of anotherresponsible adult. Be alert and turn machine off if childrenenter the area. Before and while walking backwards,look behind and down for small children. Never allow children to operate the rna-chine. Use extra care when approaching blindcorners, shrubs, trees, or other objectsthat may obscure vision.IV. SERVICE Use extra care in handling gasoline andother fuels. They are flammable andvapors are explosive.~Use only an approved container.

    ~Never remove gas cap or add fuelwith the engine running.Allow engine to cool before refueling.Do not smoke.- Never refuel the machine indoors.- Never store the machine or fuelcontainer inside where there is anopen flame, such as a water heater. Never run a machine inside a closed area. Never make adjustments or repairs withthe engine (motor) running. Disconnectthespark plug wire, and keep the wire awayfrom the plug to prevent accidental starting.