Crafting With Perforated Metal: Coasters

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Transcript of Crafting With Perforated Metal: Coasters

  1. 1. STEP 4 Paint Spray paint the cork coasters (and the aluminum sheet if desired). Let the paint dry completely. Coasters made with perforated metal can be custom designed to fit many themes and color schemes. The instructions below are basics for a set of six coasters, but are easily adaptable for whatever your imagination allows. Happy crafting! CRAFTING WITH PERFORATED METAL: COASTERS Cork liner or felt: About 2 sq. ft. Perforated aluminum sheets: About 2 sq. ft. Tin snips: 1 pair Spray paint: 1 can for each color desired All-surface glue: 1 bottle Scissors: 1 pair Pencil: 1 Emery cloth: 1 sheet Damp cloth: 1 GATHER MATERIALS STEP 1 Pick a Coaster Shape Whether its round, square or other, limit the design to no more than 4 inches by 4 inches for this amount of material. STEP 3 Combine the Cutouts Peel the cork liner backing and stick the shapes together in pairs. (Were doubling the thickness since liners are thin.) 4 4 STEP 5 Snip the Aluminum Trace your shape 6 times on a sheet of perforated aluminum and cut it with the tin snips. HOW TO MAKE THE COASTERS STEP 2 Cut the Cork Trace the shape on the adhesive side of the cork liner 12 times (twice for each coaster). Cut the shapes out with the scissors. STEP 6 Sand the Edges Use the emery cloth to smooth any sharp edges of the aluminum. STEP 7 Affix the Cork to the Aluminum Glue the aluminum shapes to the cork coasters and press together. Use a damp cloth to clean any glue that bleeds through the metal perforations. STEP 8 Weigh Coasters Down Place a heavy item atop each coaster to keep the materials pressed together overnight as the glue dries. YOUR FINAL PRODUCT Adorn a cluster of coasters with a ribbon or bow to present it as a gift. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: 5 LB