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  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    1/201Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    ISSN 2051-6940

    ISSUE 03128th Feb-13th March 2014 The Most Popular FREEBIEin North Norfolk.

    Available at All the Best PlacesBetween Cromer

    Nth Walsham, Mundesley, Sheringham & Aylsham.


    Continued On Page Six

    Also @ WILLFor Only49____________________

    For Office or HomeVisits

    Call: 01263 579 327

    ____________________POWER OF ATTORNEY : 99


    A S WILLSDanum House, Overstrand, Norfolk








    www.norfolk-cleaning-group. tel:01692 407 690





    Roys Open Again After Six WeeksOn February 14th

    I have to say that when I went alongto look aroundRoys of Wroxhamsnew store in North Walsham, I wasvery impressed.

    I have always been a fan of this chainof shops across Norfolk, which wasorginally set up by the Roys family

    back in 1895.

    Five generations later the family arestill involved in the companys nowlong successful venture.

    After 6 weeks the store looks greatwhile maintaining the same, if not

    better, important approach, toserving their customer base.

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031


  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    3/203Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    I dont know about you but I amgetting sick and very tired of thisdepressingly cold, damp weatherwhich hopefully by the time thispaper comes out will be history.

    I am not in the habit, usually ofdrawing attention to myself, butso far this year, Ive been missingappointments and often relyingon others to help me sort out the

    Crab Taleseditorial etc. becauseof my poor health.

    Thank you to everyone for yourhelp, particularly my wife Lis,who just gets on with it all anddoes it all brilliantly.

    Thanks to Carol Matthews for herreview of the Mundesley Pantoand as ever to Paul Damen forhis photos (See page 19) sadlyI never got there, I wish I hadbeen t enough go to see it.

    I really take my hat off to SamuelLidgeley (Page 10) for setting uphis own Osteopathy Clinic, it is

    hard not to admire young peopledoing their bit, providing suchuseful services to people andtheir pets and I wish him well.

    Another new advertiser with usis Pauline of Yappers & Barkers(Page 11) with her shop for petsshop in Cromer, she has a greatweb-site where we found loadsof positive comments about herbusiness, she obviously lovesher work just as much as sheloves dogs.

    Yet another new advertisers isLaura McClean (see Page 14)with her cleaning business.

    I would also like to wish Jeff &Jayne all the very best with theirnew venture in Cromer (Page 13)

    I have always liked this coupleever since I rst met them, nowmany years ago.

    I wish all these people the very

    best wishes in their businessesand long may they keepadvertising with us!

    Enjoy YourCrab Tales

    Philip Keddell

    01263 726 831HANDY NUMBERSBenefits Agency...........01603 248 248C.A.B.............................08000 855 889 (Holt)...........................01263 713 849 (Nth Walsham)............01692 402 570Coast Guard..................01493 851 338Council (County)...........01603 222 222 (District)...........01263 513 811Dentist...........................01263 515 229Doctors: Aldborough...01263 768 602

    Aylsham.........01263 733 331 Cromer .........01263 513 148 Mundesley.....01263 724 500 Sheringham...01263 822 066

    N.H.S contact number..................1 1 1Hospital(Cromer) .........01263 513 571Job Centre(Cromer).......08456 043 719

    Mundesley Visitor Centre...01263 721 070Opticians.......................01263 512 345

    Libraries:Aylsham ..............01263 732 320Cromer................01263 512 850Nth Walsham.......01692 402 482Mundesley...........01263 720 702Sheringham.........01263 822 874

    R.S.P.C.A.......................0870 555 5999

    Tourist Info-Cromer......01263 512 497Travel Enquiries............08712 002 233

    National Express...........08705 808 080Rail Enquiries................08457 484 950

    VeterinarySurgeon.......01263 822 293

    Victim Support..............08453 030 900

    POLICE..........................0845 456 4567* Cromer Police Station Staffed Mon 8am - 3.30pm,Tues & Weds 8am - 4pm*

    Letters to the EditorSend to 30 West St. Cromer NR27 9DSe-mail to: [email protected] Drop off at:K Hardware, Church Street, CROMER

    Letter continued on Page 4

    From The Editor

    All material is strictly copyright. The views expressed in the CRAB TALESarenot necessarily those of the publishers or the Editor. Material including letters may

    be edited. Layout & Design by Lis Keddell. Published byThe CRAB TALES.

    Dear Editor,Next month I am starting a new and excitingFarmers Market with Artisan Crafts atWiveton Hall Farm.

    There will be a large farmers market withfresh local produce, plus artisan handmadecrafts, and much more!

    There are two barns full of stalls, plus lotsof outside stands as well.

    The rst market is on Saturday 29th March,with subsequent markets being on thesecond Saturday of each monththrough to December.

    Times are 10am to 2pm -later if weather permits.

    Dear Crab Tales,Vampires and Zombies are no longer safein Mundesley as the local authoritys streetlighting is making their life after deatha misery.

    Like any self respecting Zombie, you likeyour bit of darkness. So there you are, outfor the evening, busily lurching along astreet, when suddenly - Blam! - the streetlight unexpectedly switches on and oodsyou with light.

    Your zombie instincts make you stand stockstill in the hope that youve not been noticed,then thankfully a few moments later - FizzZomp! - the street light switches off againand you can continue your lurching in theblack out.

    This new phenomenon of the on and offstreet light is indeed keeping us safe fromthe dark forces and I guess we should bethankful to the local authorities who areattaching these clever light sensors.

    Yet they are not quite clever enoughto realise that when their own lampswitches on, it is not daylight at all,just themselves.

    Given a few moments of their own lightthey think Oh, its daylight, and thelight goes out.

    The sensor then realises its gone dark againand thinks Oh, its night time, so it switchesthe light back on. This on off actioncontinues until daybreak.

    I have to admit that this new system savesthe community money as the lights areonly on 50% of the time.

    But this Belisha beacon effect must betotally confusing for any Vampire orZombie out for a good time.

    Nigel Holmes

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    4/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS4

    Letter Continued From Page 3

    Tel:01263 711 593

    Mob:07880 658 866


    For a warm, friendlyatmosphere, come &visit our Showroom

    in Holt.

    We have severaldifferent styles & makes,

    trade and publicwelcome.



    Nth. Walsham:01692 405 504Mob: 07774 501 174

    Cromer: 01263 512 761Mob: 07990 516 154

    MrMoveIt.24/7Collection/Delivery Service01263 722 110 07447 936 736

    Fully insured for:

    Removals House / garden clearances

    Public auctions Small ofce moves

    Internet collections DIY collections

    Motorcycle moves & much more.

    No job too small, no job too far!

    We also hold a Waste Carriers Licencefor all waste removal.

    Dear Mr Keddell,I am in my last year at Cromer Academyand live in Cromer.

    Last term Camps Internationalcame in andpromoted their amazing, live changing trip

    to the rural areas of Tanzania.

    This is a lovely venue with an award winningcafe on site, plus shop and pick your ownfruit farm (in season) with amazing viewsover the marshes and out to sea.

    Entry is free and there is a large car park.

    Light refreshments and lunches will beavailable in the cafe all day.

    Wiveton Hall Farm is on the main A149coast road, between Blakeney and Cley -post code is NR25 7TE.For more information

    or see us on Facebook. Tel:07775 741 752.

    Dear Crab Tales Readers,As from the 5th February, The RBL, CromerBranch, will hold their monthly meetings at2pm on the rst Wednesday of the month.

    It is important to point out that you do notneed to have served in HM Forces to joina branch as long as you support the aimsof the organisation. For further enquiries

    please contact me on: 01263 510 146Yours Sincerely,

    John Needham,

    Chairman, RBL Cromer Branch

    Dear Philip,Two serving members of RNLI Cromer whogot engaged on 24th December, shared theirnews at the January crew meeting.

    Rose Keating & David Syer have been a couplefor two years and Rose works for NorfolkCounty Council as a Mathematics advisorto schools and David in logistics.

    Rose has been a member of Cromer shorecrew for 6 yrs, having moved to Norfolknearly 12 yrs ago, although David onlymet her just over 2 years ago.

    Soon after meeting Rose, David decided toalso join the lifeboat crew.

    Whilst Rose is shore based, David is on theboat crew for the all weather lifeboat Lesteras well as the inshore George and Muriel.

    No date has been set for the wedding but itwill denitely have a RNLI involvement

    and is certain to make for some interestingwedding day photographs.

    Audrey Smith, RNLI Cromer

    Volunteer Lifeboat Press Ofcer

    I was wondering if you could put this letterinto the Crab Tales about what I am doing.

    As it is self-funding I need as much publicityas possible, so far I have done various fund-raising events, from car boot sales to sellingcakes and have a sponsored walk plannedin April.

    Over the course of the 4 week trip I take partin community work, construction building andhelp out in schools in various poor towns.

    During the nal week I will have the chanceto do a scuba diving course for which I willgain a PADI diving certicate.

    For this trip I need to raise 4,000 ofwhich half will go in to the poorestparts of Tanzania.

    The other half will go towards the tools thatI will be using, the scuba diving equipmentand the ights etc.

    The charity Camps Internationalare out inplaces such as Kenya, Tanzania and SouthAmerica all year round helping in communitiesthat dont have a lot. Sometimes they takegroups of teenagers out to experience andhelp in those communities.

    If anyone would like to donate money tohelp me make the lives of others better,please contact me at:

    [email protected] Internationalweb site address is:

    Thank you very much

    Adam Masters

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    5/205Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    CROMER CAR CENTRE01263 515 503


    32 MOT fee or 25 off your Annual Service. Valid till April 30th 2014


    Every SaturdayCar Wash Service ~ Priced from 7.50Middlebrook WayHolt Road, Cromer

    Interior Painting & Decorating

    also Available

    SPOT THE CRABand win a Family Swim voucher from

    SPLASH in Sheringham ( 2 Adults & 2 kids)

    If you are under 12, tell us your name,ageand address, alsoin which advert

    the Crab is hidden andthe page number.Please Note: Entries should be written bythe child themselves, at least their name.

    OR- If you are a pensioner,

    SPOT THE CODand win


    now atHuckleberries43 Church Street, Cromer

    Hand in your Entry, with your name & where youfound the cod and the page number please, to:

    K. Hardwarein Cromer, or post it to:The CRABTALES

    30 West St. Cromer. NR27 9DSbefore the next issue comes out.

    The first entry out of the hat wins !


    Congratulations to Mrs M.Murphy, from Cromer,

    who found the cod in the Carpet Cleaning advert.

    on Page 13 & to Maisie Thomas, from

    Stalham, who spotted the Crab on page 4,

    in the Chicks Caravan Services advert.


    with Ashleigh andMegan our trainees!

    Colours and permsalso required from

    10.75!Call in and see us to book an appointment.

    60 Church Street, Cromer.

    01263 512 441

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    6/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS6

    Why Men AreHappierYour last name stays put.

    The garage is all yours.

    Wedding plans take care of themselves.

    Chocolate is just another snack..

    You can never be pregnant.

    You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.

    You can wear NO shirt to a water park.

    Car mechanics tell you the truth.The world is your urinal.

    Same work, more pay.

    Wrinkles add character.

    Wedding dress 2000.. Tux rental-50.

    People never stare at your chest whenyoure talking to them.

    One mood all the time.

    Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds.

    A ve-day vacation requires only one suitcase.

    You can open all your own jars.

    You get extra credit for the slightest act ofthoughtfulness.

    Three pairs of shoes are more than enough.

    You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes.Everything on your face stays its original colour.

    The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.

    You only have to shave your face and neck.

    You can play with toys all your life.

    One wallet and one pair of shoes -- one colour forall seasons.

    You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relativeson December 24th in 25 minutes.

    Thanks to Alan Eatough for this

    Other than a selection of chocolate and sweetsavailable near the new Cashiers area, mostof their food items have been discontinuedbut have made room for more clothing andhardware items, which includes the populargardening stock which has all increased tomeet the needs of everyone.

    Greg told me:

    The North Walsham Store re-opening hasfollowed the most extensive ret that Royshas undertaken in one of its Variety stores

    in many years, the store was re-opened bythe town mayor Jacqueline Belson.on Friday 14th of February.

    The store which is now taking on more of adepartment store feel to it, will feature new

    product ranges and larger ranges in manydepartments, including a larger Gardening& DIY department, featuring bedding plantsgrown by us, spring bulbs, seed potatoesand Mr Fothergills seeds.

    Increased Fashion and Footware ranges,featuring Hush Puppies school shoes withfree tting service and great brands suchas Superdry, Jack & Jones, Rieker& Ruby Shoo.

    Anew fragrance department!

    The only Roys store, other than Wroxham, tostock premium range fragrances such asCalvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and many more.

    All in all they seem to have crack the nut, ingetting the store set up for a long, protableand generally good long term future.

    Considering that they are stocking out 12,000square foot of store they seem to have gotit just right for everyone.


    Roys has always been one of those placesthat works to meet the needs and the basicrequirements of everyone who is lookingfor whatever they may need to get thingssorted out for their lives.

    This store is basically a place that you cannotbut enjoy shopping in, the service is secondto none and importantly always seems tohave in stock what you are after.

    Bearing in mind how long they have beentrading, you would not expect anything

    else but a well organised, well stockedup store with reasonable prices.

    Managing the North Walsham branch is GregBinns (Above) who explained to me that thechanges in this light and airy shop with theimproved lighting and signage will helpyou nd what you need more easily.

    There is now a larger selection of footwearavailable, with staff on hand who are ableto help children to get the right size shoes.

    Continued From Front Page

    Just the TicketAt The Old Rock Shop Bistro

    Sam Grout owner of the Old Rock Shop Bistroin Hamilton Road, Cromer is to host to atemporaryBox Ofce for the PavilionTheatre, Cromer Pier.

    Sam said: With the continuing wet and coldweather I thought it would be a good idea tooffer patrons to the theatre an alternative towalking up the pier to buy their tickets.

    Of course on a good day there is nothing like awalk on the pier but for the days when its notso good, calling into the Bistro to buy ticketsand get information on forthcoming showsseemed like a good idea.

    The new service will begin on Tuesday 18thFebruary with the Box Ofce open Tuesdayto Saturday 9.30am 3pm and will operateinitially until Saturday 8th March.If demand is high the period will be extendeduntil later in March. Customers will be able tobook & buy tickets at the Bistro and collectdetails on forthcoming shows and concerts.

    Work has now started on the repair work to thepier Box Ofce, Coffee Reef and the FootprintsGift Shop although at present a denitere-opening date cannot be given.

    The Pavilion Bar at the end of the pier is opendaily while the theatre will reopen on Saturday1st March Julian & Jiaxin Lloyd Webber inA Tale of Two Cellos

    Please Note: The Bistro will not be able to taketelephone bookings, these should be made to the

    pier temporary box ofce on 01263 512 495.

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    7/207Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831


    7 Beach Road, Mundesley. NR11 8BG

    tel:01263 720 309e-mail: [email protected]

    Sea ViewRestaurant Now OpenThursday - Sunday ~ 6-9pm

    Lunch Time Specials9.95 for 2 Courses

    Book NowFor Mothers Day

    Please Book Early

    We Also Offer Food to Take Away

    Medical NegligenceRichard Barr experienced clinical negligence solicitorbased in North Norfolk. Free preliminary consultation without

    obligation (at your own home if you wish) Cases may be

    taken on no win no fee

    For more information and a fact sheet contact me on:

    Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd.

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    8/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS8

    Identication System. We also use standard bino-culars & a high power telescope to monitor 180square miles of sea and the shoreline, reportinganything untoward to the Coastguard.

    We want to up our game and improve our effect-iveness. One watchkeeper working alone hasdifculty in monitoring the electronic systemsand keeping a visual watch at busy times.

    So the next stage in our development is todouble man each two hour watch.

    We need more watchkeepers to do this.If youve got a bit of spare time 2 hours aweek - and feel like doing something reallyworthwhile, why not join us?

    You will nd the training enjoyable and you

    can progress at your own pace.

    If you are interested, please ring the Station

    Manager, John Carpenter, on 01263 721 966

    for more information or visit our web site at:

    Thanks to Adrian Frais for this.

    Tickets are available until March 7th& include a 3-course meal with coffee.

    The entertainment will be by SteveJolly, of Sound Stage Systems, whowill play music from the 1950s topresent day.

    Dress code is black tie and guests

    should arrive at 7pm for 7.45pm.An information pack with details onhow to book tickets is available from or bycalling 01263 511 724.

    The skate park will provide a vitalsports facility for ouryouth and generationsto come, needless tosay the youth is thefuture of our beautifultown and everythingmust be done to

    support it.

    My congratulations toall involved and for their

    ne efforts so far.

    We are all youthful at heartand Im a big kid myself, I just

    couldnt resist having a go onthe scooter - Andreas Yiasimi

    -Were looking out for you.Take a stroll along the seafront at Mundesleyand as you approach the path down to the

    beach your eye will almost certainly becaught by the memorial to the brave menwho cleared our beaches of mines afterthe Second World War.

    Next to this stands the MundesleyMaritime Museum.

    But have you ever glanced up to see whats

    going on in the upper oor of this building?When I rst came to Mundesley I thoughtthat it was a part of HM Coastguard.

    Well no, but it serves a similar purpose.

    Today and every day, since 1995, it hasbeen staffed by the volunteers of theNational Coastwatch Institution(NCI) a registered charity.

    In the 1990s, the then Government decidedthat technology could replace many of theselookouts. However, since then, they have beengradually reopened by volunteers who recog-nised the need for continuing a visual watchfor anyperson, craft or animal in distressalong our coastline. There are now 50such stations around our shores.

    Our Mundesley station has the double distinctionof being the 2nd station to open in the country& was the rst NCI station to be awarded theQueens Award for Voluntary Service.Swimming, sailing, surng and sea anglingare just some of the well-known attractionsof the North Norfolk coast. In recent yearswe have seen a marked increase in theseleisure pursuits.

    Yet another reason to visit North Norfolk is onethat is hidden by the waves. Our part of the coastis infamous as a stretch of treacherous water formariners. The sea bed is littered with the wrecksof dozens of shipwrecks. These wrecks are amagnet for recreational divers. The long, hotsummer of 2013 saw a considerable increasein this activity.

    One local diving club has realised the potentialbenet to their safety by forming a close linkwith Mundesley Coastwatch.

    This action was prompted after an incident lastsummer, when Mundesley Coastwatch was ableto assist when a dive boat lost contact with itsdivers after its electronic systems failed andthe actions of the watchkeeper on duty mostprobably saved the lives of two divers.

    Although the Coastguard is equipped with allthe latest technology operated by a highlytrained staff, our nearest full time stationis located 120 miles away on the Humber.

    Mundesley Coastwatch doesnt seek to replacethe Coastguard but to add local knowledge and

    most importantly to employ the Mark OneHuman Eyeball.

    We want to ensure the safety of the small crabboat or the child whose inatable dinghy hasblown out to sea. As technology progresses sodo we, at Coastwatch, aim to keep up with it.

    Our watchkeepers are fully trained to operateVHF radio, radar and a computerised Ship

    Cromer Skate ParkA 50,000 lottery cash boost for Cromer SkatePark can make the dream a reality and willcomplete the total raised to 75,000, halfof the 150,000 needed to start buildingthe long awaited skate park.

    Spurred on by this news, the registered charityhas announced a serious fundraising effort toraise the rest of the money.

    Huw Parker, who has been helping to publicisethe skate park, said after securing charitablestatus last year, the next stage was to collectthe rest of money.

    He forecasts that, if everything goes to plan,building can start the next calendar year.

    He added: Once you can get the money in thebank, it makes the chance of receiving biggerdonations more likely.

    Mr Parker, emphasized the urgency concerningfundraising because some of the youngsterswould be leaving school soon and moving

    on elsewhere.It has been a 20 year wait and after a temporaryskate park was built at North Lodge Park, it wasabandoned in order to focus efforts on nding apermanent site. Planning permission for a parkat The Meadows was granted last year.

    A donation from East Runton Extend exercisegroup has now added 200 to their total.

    A Sport England spokesman said how pleasedthey were to award 50,000 from theInspired Facilities fund towards thebuilding of Cromer Skate Park.

    He explained how the fund helps toprovide good, local sports facilitiesacross the country and Cromer wasthe latest town to benet.

    The rst of this years fundraisingactivities, a grand charity ball, willtake place at Northrepps CottageCountry Hotel on March 22nd.

    Mundesley Coastwatch

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031


  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    10/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS10

    Treatment is based on manual mobilizing andmanipulative procedures and massage-typetechniques, tailored to the individual patientand reinforced by guidance on diet, lifestyleand exercise.

    It is not just about backs!

    For more information and advice, orto make an appointment, please visit:

    or call 01263 888 358

    Samuel Lidgleyis a four-year masters degree graduate from theUniversity of Bedfordshire: British School ofOsteopathy which is the oldest and largestorganisation to teach osteopathy in the UK.

    The schools patron HRH The Princess Royal

    attended their Award Ceremony at WestminstersCentral Hall when Samuel graduated and hewas thrilled to receive his degree from her.

    To qualify, an osteopath must study for 4-5yearsin order to gain a masters degree in osteopathy.

    Similar to a medical degree, but with greater

    emphasis on musculoskeletal medicine, thedegree includes more than 1,000 hours ofclinical experience.

    Osteopathy isnt for the fainthearted, but canbe a very rewarding career.

    Osteopathy is a statutorily regulated primary health-care profession, which has been practised sincethe 1870s and Osteopaths are increasinglyworking within the NHS.

    The British Medical Associations guidance forgeneral practitioners (GPs) states that doctorscan safely refer patients to osteopaths.

    Those practising in the UK carry out more than7 million consultations every year with around30,000 people currently consulting osteopathsevery working day. Today, osteopathy ispractised in over 80 countries.

    Samuel has been interested in osteopathy sincehe was 16. His ambition to be an osteopath stemsfrom a long term interest in health, tness andwell-being. Aged 19 he was the youngest studentto be accepted on the access course offered bythe British School of Osteopathy.

    Samuel has his rootsin Norfolk, where heattended WymondhamCollege, and playedrugby for the countyand region.

    Heis also a qualiedequine and canineosteopath havingcompleted a diplomaat the OsteopathicCentre for Animals inOxfordshire, and hasinherited his familysdeep love of horses.

    His great-great-grand-father, George Burton,was Head Coachmanand Groom at bothFelbrigg & Gunton.

    One of Samuels most recent notable achieve-ments was being selected as Sports MassageTherapist to the Professional PerformanceArtists at the London Olympics Openingand Closing Ceremonies.

    He was responsible for assessing and treatinginjuries sustained by the choreographers, the

    aerialists and the acrobats in run up to theOlympic opening and closing ceremonies.

    Working closely with sports specialist physio-therapists, he dealt with complex performancerelated injuries encountered by the performersin what was a busy and vibrant environment.

    Whilst studying Samuel also worked as teamSports Massage Therapist to Southwark RugbyClub, for injury prevention, treatment andmanagement, exercise rehabilitation, pitch-side rst aid, pre-season injury and tnessscreening and pre-habilitation.

    At the same time, he also worked as the cyclingmasseur a home-visit sports massage business,serving the South London sporting community,including notably an elite standard runner of the

    2012 London marathon, who ran an impressive2hr 19min!

    Im passionate about what I do and feelprivileged in being able to make a positivecontribution to peoples lives, particularlythose members of the community whosuffer from pain and immobility

    Samuel was able to launch High Silver Clinic,Holt with a loan from the School for StartupsLauncher programme - a government-backednance initiative for 18 - 24 year olds.

    Samuel who lives in Cromer, is thrilled to berunning his practice in Holt, where he hashuman clients ranging from 3 months oldto 93 years of age.

    While most graduates join existing clinics,I decided to take the plunge and establishmy own clinic in Holt.

    Osteopathy is a safe, effective means of diagnosis,treatment, prevention & rehabilitation of a widerange of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

    Commonly treated conditions include: back ache,neck strains and whiplash, migraines and head-aches, changed to posture in pregnancy and pre-menstrual symptoms, sports injuries, digestive

    problems/IBS, jaw & facial pain, repetitive straininjury, frozen shoulder, rheumatic & arthriticsymptoms, respiratory problems, trappednerve, muscle spasm.

    Osteopaths patients include the young, olderpeople, manual workers, ofce professionals,pregnant women, children and sports people.

    A consultation includes a thorough case history& physical examination: assessing muscles and

    joints and observing movements. Orthopedic tests& diagnostic clinical procedures, such as taking

    blood pressure, are also used to inform thediagnosis and to assess whether referral forfurther medical investigation is necessary.

    After the remote countryside of Ireland all hislife, an old Irishman decided it was time tovisit Dublin.

    In one of the Dublin stores he picks up a mirrorand looks in it, not ever having seen one before,he remarked at the image staring back at him.

    'How 'bout that!' he exclaims, 'Here's a pictureof me Fadder.'

    He bought the mirror thinking it was a picture ofhis dad, but on the way home he rememberedhis wife didn't like his father, so he hung it inthe shed, and every morning before leaving togo shin', he would go there and look at it.

    His wife began to get suspicious of these manytrips to the shed. So, one day after her husbandleft, she went to the shed and found the mirror.

    As she looked into the glass, she fumed:

    'So that's the ugly bitch he's runnin'around with.'

    Thanks to Ingrid Campbell for this.

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    11/2011Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    Yappers &BarkersHi, my name is Pauline and I have recentlyopened this shop in Cromers Church Street

    called Yappers & Barkers, The FashionHouse for Dogs.

    I sell a wide range of dog coats, clothes, collars,leads and harnesses and I also stock dog treats,accessories and toys.

    I rst became interested in dog clothes whenI was asked to take in a dog which had beenbadly neglected, his name was Yogi, he wasa husky and apart from needing a home, heneeded a great deal of TLC.

    He had a severe case of mange, and in a deepstate of depression, every inch of him wascovered in bleeding infected sores wherehe had chewed and scratched himselfcrazy, it was heart breaking to see.

    The vet shaved off what hair he had left, and along course of medicated baths started.

    Trouble was, poor Yogi was now naked andvery cold. I couldnt afford the all in one dogsuits, so remembering my school girl sewinglessons, I started adapting childrens jumpersand trousers to t him.

    When we were out walking we would get a fewstrange looks, after all its not every day you seea dog wearing a sweat shirt & jogging trousers,

    but they kept him warm, and protected his sores,

    and so the healing process began, not just onhis body, but mentally as well.

    His trust and condence started to return andafter a year of TLC, baths and bizarre outts,Yogi was transformed into a magnicentlooking dog.

    And in return, he gave us eight wonderful years.

    By now, I had started a small hobby of sellingdog clothes and accessories at outside dogevents, while still rehoming dogs.

    Another of our huskies was called TJ, he waspetried of loud noises, especially reworksand thunder.

    I bought him a special coat designed to comfortdogs in stressful situations, and it helped to calmhim down.

    When he developed a tumour on his leg I madehim a padded leg warmer to protect it.

    We now have Misty who is a typical healthyhusky and we also have George who is aGerman Shepherd cross Rottweiller.

    George is a bag of bones.

    And yes, you guessed it, he too has clothesto wear, especially at night when the heatinggoes off he wears his pyjamas.

    So, as you can see, clothes can play a big partin your dogs life, apart from making them lookgreat, clothes can keep your dog warm anddry on a chilly wet day, or make them feelsafe and relaxed in a stressful situation.

    I no longer do outside events, erecting a marqueeon a windswept eld, with the rain lashing downisnt fun anymore, so here we are in beautifulCromer, bringing the latest styles and fashionsfor your dog, so come and give us a look, anddont forget to bring your dog.

    The pictures of the inside display in Paulinesshop are taken from her wonderful web-site:

    [email protected] you can also nd more of the picturejokes like these on the right.

    It is well worth a visit and you could even addyour own photos while you are there.

    We wish Pauline all the very best wishesfor her new venture and Oscar cannotwait for a pair of pyjamas! LK.

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    12/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS12

    WHERE CAN I GET MY CRAB TALES?ALBYService Station, Alby Horse Shoes InnALDBOROUGHSpar Shop AYLMERTONService StationAYLSHAMAylsham Garden Centre, Budgens, Somerfield,Tourist Info CentreBACTONBacton Fish & Chip Shop.

    BANNINGHAMThe Crown Pub / Post OfficeBEESTON REGISMetal Mend, Mini MarketBODHAMPost OfficeCOLBY, SUFFIELD & TUTTINGTONChurches

    CROMER Budgens, Council Offices, Country Club, Library, Rainbow, Crossways,Tourist Info Centre, Food Fare,Icarus Hines, K Hardware, Mill Rd Post Office, Morrisons,Mary Janes Fishn Chips, Morrisons, N & P, Spar shop,Cliff Rd, White Horse + 1,000 delivered in Town Centre.

    EAST RUNTON East Runton Cafe, East Runton Stores.INGWORTHChurch GIMINGHAMHeather [email protected] John Stibbons, LangdaleITTERINGHAMVillage Shop/ Withers GalleryKNAPTONElephant Playbarn, Church Porch & MADRA


    MUNDESLEYCrayford & Abbs, Country Pickings, Mace,Manor House, Rushes Newsagents,Tourist Info Centre

    The Spar Shop & The Library.NORTH WALSHAMSainsburys, WaitroseNORTHREPPSFoundry ArmsOVERSTRANDPost Office,Central Stores,Overstrand Garden CentreROUGHTONJet / Post Office & GrovelandSHERINGHAMBudgens, CAS Travel, Crown Inn, Library,Whistlestops, Poppy Line Railway Station, Tyneside Club.

    SIDESTRANDMrs Taylor, Rocket Cottage

    SOUTHREPPSMace Shop, Vernon Arms

    SUSTEADfrom Mrs Jubb, Pear Tree Cottage


    TRIMINGHAMWoodlands Park & Church Porch

    TRUNCHCorner Shop

    WEST BECKHAMWheatsheaf Public House

    WEST RUNTONSpar P.O shop




    on March


    A Great Dog StoryThey told me the big black Labs name wasReggie, as I looked at him lying in his pen.

    The shelter was clean, no-kill, and thepeople really friendly.

    Id only been in the area for six months, buteverywhere I went in the small college town,people were welcoming and open. Everyonewaves when you pass them on the street.

    But something was still missing as I attemptedto settle in to my new life here, and I thought

    a dog couldnt hurt and would give me some-one to talk to. And I had just seen Reggiesadvertisement on the local news.

    The shelter said they had received numerouscalls right after, but they said the people whohad come down to see him just didnt looklike Lab people, whatever that meant.They mustve thought I did.

    At rst, I thought the shelter had misjudgedme in giving me Reggie and his things, whichconsisted of a dog pad, bag of toys almost allbrand new tennis balls, his dishes and asealed letter from his previous owner.

    See, Reggie and I didnt really hit it off whenwe got home. We struggled for the two weeks,

    which the shelter told me to give him to adjustto his new home. Maybe it was the fact thatI was trying to adjust, too. Maybe we weretoo much alike.

    I saw the sealed envelope, I had completelyforgotten about. Okay, Reggie,I said outloud, lets see if your previous owner hasany advice.

    To Whomever Gets My Dog:

    Well, I cant say that Im happy you arereading this letter I told the shelter couldonly be opened by Reggies new owner.

    Im not even happy writing it.

    So let me tell you about my Lab in the hopes

    that it will help you bond with him and hewith you. First, he loves tennis balls.

    The more the merrier.

    Sometimes I think hes part squirrel, the wayhe hoards them. He usually always has twoin his mouth, andhe tries to get a third inthere. Hasnt done it yet.

    Doesnt matter where you throw them, hellbound after them, so be careful.

    Dont do it by any roads.

    Next, commands. Reggie knows the obviousones sit, stay, come, heel.

    He knows hand signals, too: He knows balland food and bone and treat likenobodys business.

    Feeding schedule: twice a day, regular store-bought stuff; the shelter has the brand.

    Hes up on his shots. Be forewarned:Reggie hates the vet.

    Good luck getting him in the car. I dontknow how he knows when its time to goto the vet, but he knows.

    Finally, give him some time. Its only beenReggie and me for his whole life. Hes goneeverywhere with me, so please include himon your daily car rides if you can.He sits well in the backseat, andhe doesnt bark or complain.

    He just loves to be around people, and me

    most especially.And thats why I need to share one more bitof info with you... His names not Reggie.

    Hes a smart dog, hell get used to it andwill respond to it, of that I have no doubt.

    But I just couldnt bear to give themhis real name.

    But if someone is reading this..... well itmeans that his new owner should knowhis real name.

    His real name is Tank. Because, that iswhat I drive.

    I told the shelter that they couldnt makeReggie available for adoption untilthey received word from my companycommander.

    You see, my parents are gone, I have nosiblings, no one I could have left Tankwith and it was my only real request ofthe Army upon my deployment to Iraq,that they make one phone call to theshelter ... in the event ... to tellthem that Tank could be put upfor adoption.

    Luckily, my CO is a dog-guy, too, and heknewwhere my platoon was headed.

    He said hed do it personally.

    And if youre reading this, then he madegood on his word.

    Tank has been my family for the last sixyears, almost as long as the Army hasbeen my family.

    And now I hope and pray that you make him

    part of your family, too, and that he willadjust and come to love you the sameway he loved me.

    If I have to give up Tank to keep thoseterrible people from coming to the USI am glad to have done so.

    He is my example of service and of love.

    I hope I honored him by my service to mycountry and comrades.

    All right, thats enough.

    Ideploy this evening and have to drop thisletter off at the shelter. Maybe Ill peek inon him and see if he nally got that thirdtennis ball in his mouth.

    Good luck with Tank.Give him a good home, and give him an extrakiss goodnight - every night - from me.

    Thank you,

    Paul Mallory

    Thanks to David Thorne for this.

    TriminghamFund Raising

    On Saturday 15th February I went along to theBook Sale at The Pilgrim Centre but havingfailed to look in the Crab Tales, I arrived fartoo early so I asked Liz King to send me thephotos and report.

    Liz wrote: We had lots of customers who arrivedearly and purchased books plus tea & scrummycakes which resulted in raising over 40 for theTrimingham fundraising.

    In April we we start the month with our nowfamous Yard Sale when over 20 garages willbe open in the village with a variety of goodsfor sale and our 2nd Dog Show is on EasterSunday.Watch the Crab Talesfor details.

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    13/2013Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    They say all good things must come to anend, well not in this case.

    After nearly twenty two years in thebusiness Andrew Gray is moving topastures new.

    Andrew has run Cromer Giftware on thecorner of Church Street & Garden Street,for that length of time, and has decidedto ease gently into (a long way off)retirement, by getting a proper job!

    Andrew took on Cromer Giftware, nothaving had any retail experience before,and has seen many changes in Cromer,with re-generation, and shops comingand going.

    He has made some good friends, and hasmet lots of interesting people from allover the World.

    He is now passing the baton on to Jeff andJayne Bowyer, who run Cromer Curtains &Linens, in the Cromer Shopping Centre.Jeff and Jayne intend to build on all thegreat work that Andrew has donerunning the shop over the years.

    Jeff said:

    We will continue tosell Gifts, Souvenirsand Cards, whichhave been at theheart of Andyssuccess inCromer.

    He has been one of the Cromer Shopkeeperveterans, with his length of time in retail

    here, and we would like to thank him forthe opportunity in taking this over, andJayne and I wish him all the very bestfor the future.

    Despite them not advertising often enoughwith the Crab Tales, I cannot but like andadmire Jeff & Jayne a great deal, for thetime and energy they have both givenso much of to this wonderfulNorfolk seaside town.

    Anal word from Andrew.

    I would like to pass on my thanks to all thecustomers, who have made my time herea great experience, and I hope you willcontinue to support Jeff and Jayne and

    Jeff & Jayne ExpandingIn Garden Street, Cromer

    Above L-R: Jayne, Andrew & Jeff

    continue to SHOP LOCAL. I would also liketo thank all my staff, especially Mrs LindaBishop, who was with me from the start, shedeserves a medal! I have so many memoriesto take with me, and enough stories to writea book. Again, thanks to you all

    The renamed Cromer Gift Shopwill openits doors for the rst time, on (this) Saturday1st March, with lots of new, exciting and everchanging ranges, for 2014 and beyond.

    I wish Jeff and Jayne my very best wishesand am in no doubt that, with all theirexperience in the business, their newshop along with Cromer Curtains &Linens will do very well indeed. PK


    Gifts, Souvenirsand Cards

    NEW lines

    arriving all the time

    4 Garden StreetCromer

    Tel:01263 515 532

    [email protected]

    Chess TournamentDavid Owen and Jonathan Reeve fromBroadland Chess Club, are organising achess tournament on Saturday 24th May,as part of the Wide Sky Aylsham Festival.

    They hope the event will encourage new andreturning adult players to take part in a nottoo serious competition.

    It is aimed at chess players with an EnglishChess Federation grade of up to 160(or no grade at all).

    The Quickplay Chess Tournament willconsist of 5 rounds of 40 min games.

    There is a 10 entry fee which includes a lightbuffet and gives competitors the chance towin one of several trophies.

    The event will raise funds for the Festival andalso help celebrate 20 years of BroadlandChess Club:

    Aylsham & District Ex-Service &Social Club are kindly hosting theevent on May 24th.Further details of the chesstournament can be obtainedby phoning

    David Owen -

    Tel: 01263 731 327or

    by e-mailing Jonathan Reeve at:

    [email protected]: Aylsham Festival

    left to right:

    David Owen (Broadland Chess Club)

    Jonathan Reeve (Broadland Chess Club)

    Sue Sharpe (Aylsham Festival Director)

    & Richard Preston (Aylsham FestivalSecretary).

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    14/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS14


    17 - 19 West Street, Cromer.

    With our additional provisions for the Community,

    we are able to take on more new clients.

    This includes new NHS customers of any age.We welcome all enquiries

    Contact the Reception on

    01263 515 229

    CROMER OSTEOPATHS23 Church Street, Cromer

    01603 736 238

    Back & sciatic pain Neck & shoulder pain Trapped nerves Sports injuries Babies to adults treated Migraines Arm, leg & hand pain Hip, knee & foot painBarbara Shearing

    BSc (hons) Ost

    Jeanette RobsonM.Ost

    GOC Registered

    Fully Insured

    Care UKare holding IMMEDIATE LOCALINTERVIEWSfor Community Care Workers.

    We are eager to speak to people who can workin Cromer and all surrounding areas.

    We require daytime, evening and weekend careworkers that can drive and have their own vehicle.

    We have Full and Part-time vacancies availablefor those WITH or WITHOUT previous careexperience.

    There are many benets of working for one of the largest care providers in the UK including:

    Up to 28 days paid holiday (inc. bank holidays)

    Weekly pay and paid mileage

    Childcare vouchers

    Full, free ongoing training

    Free uniform Excellent career development opportunities

    To apply:

    Call the recruitment team on: 0333 321 8854oryou can meet Jo Kendrick at The Fishing Boatevery Monday between 11am and 12pm. name is LauraMcClean, I was bornand grew up in Norfolk.

    I left for Gloucestershireto study at college when

    I was 18 and stayed there,working with horses untilI decided to come backhome a few years ago.

    On my return, I decided to switch careers,and trained as a nail and spray tanningtechnician... the rain doesnt follow youindoors and a chair is less likely to buckyou off than a horse!

    After qualifying at The Nail Centre TrainingAcademy in Spixworth, with Debi Allison,I gained my diplomas and am now enjoyingsetting up my business.

    I offer relaxing manicures and pedicures,nail extensions and overlays, as well as

    beautiful spray tanning for an all yearround holiday glow.

    I decided to make my business mobile so thatI could visit my to clients, rather than expectthem to drive to me, nd a parking space (asresidents we all know that parking is a rarecommodity along the Norfolk coast)and thendrive home. It means less stress, less money on fuel

    and parking and a more relaxing timefocused on you!

    I also offer parties for spray tanning, UV gelnail colours (the host goes free and guestsreceive a discount!)and childrens pamperbirthdays (CRB registered) and I also offergift vouchers...

    BOYS there are no excuses now;presents are sorted!

    I am offering a 10% discount to all rstbookings... Go on, you deserve a treat!

    McCleans BeautyMobile nail and spray tanning technician.

    Beautiful nails and tanning with professional products and equipment,all within the comfort of your own home. 10% off all rst treatments

    booked when quoting The Crab Tales advert discount.

    Please see

    or ring Laura for details/prices on 07543 321 871Group bookings welcome.

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    15/2015Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    Chiropodist / Podiatrist

    Emma L. Vincent Mssch MBchaRegistered with the Health Professions Council CH25616

    Call 07500 467 308


    Roles Of Clinical StaffIn Doctors SurgeriesMundesley Medical Centre, along with mostother surgeries employs a range of clinicalstaff to assist the doctors to care for thevaried requirements of the patients.

    Sometimes alternative clinicians are better placedto advise & care for the patients than the GeneralPractitioner during their busy working day.

    Some of the skills of the attached staff are summ-arised here and hopefully this will allow patientsto choose the most appropriate person to dealwith their individual needs.The Practice Nurse Team - this includes HCA(health care assistant) practice nurses & seniorpractice nurse. The practice nurse team offera range of skills broadly divided into chronicdisease management and acute problems.The chronic disease management includesmonitoring chronic disease e.g. diabetes,asthma, cardiovascular disease, stroke, highblood pressure and also reviews of epilepsy,

    learning difculties and mental health.These appointments are usually run as clinicswhere the patient is assessed in all relevant areasand medications/treatments reviewed. Acuteproblems include wound care and emergencyclinics. Emergency clinics are run jointly bythe practice nurses & the general practitioneron duty for the day.These appointments are booked on the day onlyand are for appointments that cannot wait for aroutine appointment & therefore require urgent

    attention. Advice as to the appropriate use of this clinic can be given by the receptionists who arespecically trained to help and often will liaisewith the clinicians to make sure the appointmentsare used correctly.

    The nursing team also deal with immunisations& travel clinics, contraception, hormone replace-

    ment therapy (HRT) health screening and minorinjuries. The practice nurse team also deal withinvestigations such as ECG (heart tracings) andspirometry (lung function tests).

    The Phlebotomist -runs a booked appointmentclinic to take blood tests as agreed by the doctorsor nurses. These samples are taken every morningMon.- Fri. and then are couriered to the Norfolk& Norwich Hospital to the pathology lab to beanalysed. Results are relayed back to the surgeryelectronically where they are all reviewed by theclinical staff. The results can take up to 1 weekto be sent back to Mundesley Medical Centre.Some tests may take longer.The Dispensary Staff -work in the dispensary,dealing with medication and also have extra roles

    that can be accessed by the patients such asstop smoking advice, medication reviews(DRUM) and delivery services.

    Midwife -runs an antenatal clinic once afortnight at the practice.Medical Students -From time to time we havemedical students attached to the practice as partof their education. If a medical student is seeinga patient, permission will always be asked fromthe patient & consent received.We feel that the teaching of medical students is

    an important role that wecan offer & appreciatethe contribution that ourpatients make.

    The Appointments made

    with medical studentsare always clearly super-vised and condentialityis strictly maintained.

    TIDESforCromer 1st - 16th March 2014For MundesleyAdd 15 minutes

    Visit for current

    Weather & Tides

    Research - Mundesley Medical Centre is aresearch accredited practice and from timeto time patients are asked to be involvedin research.

    Consent is always asked for and fully explained.

    All research projects are supportedand coordinated by the PrimaryCare Research Network Eastof England, Research andDevelopment Team.

    Dr A Hallatt, MBChBMundesley Medical Centre

    This article aims to supply information of a generalnature & cannot substitute for the advice of a medicalprofessional. The article is not intended to diagnosehealth problems or to take the place of professionalmedical care. If you have any concerns, consult your

    own doctor. Every effort is made to ensure that theinformation provided is accurate and correct at thedate of publication. No liability is accepted for anyomission or inaccuracy.

    From Petes Pen

    20 High StreetCromerNorfolk NR27 9HG

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    16/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS16

    AylshamBridge Club7pm Fri 7.15pm t: 761 308Broadland Juniors Chess.8.30am term-timeSat. t: 735 740 Marketeach Friday 8.50-noonCricket Clubindoor Sun 3-5pm t: 510 102Evening WI7.30pm 1st Thurs Town Hall.ExtendOver 60s Exercise Fridays JubileeFamily Centre t: 01692 407 851Farmers Market9am-1pm 1st & 3rd SatMarket 2nd & 4th Weds t:731 177Flower Club2nd Wed 7.30pm Town HallFitness Yoga/Pilates Tues & ThursFriendship Hall t: 01692 538 569Gym ClubFri 5pm. High School t: 576 609Inspired Gardenersgroup. 2nd Thurs 10.30- noon. Methodist Church Hall. t:733 535.Lammas KC Lodge ROAB Tues 8.15pm SuttonSchool Of Dance,Mill Row.Monday StallParish Church 8.30-noonN. N. Mental Health Users & CarersForum2ndWeds Jubilee Centre 1- 3.30pm. Guest speakerson mental health care & wellbeing.RBL(Womens) 1st Mon Salvation Army Hallt: 734 091N.N. Speakers Club7pm alt.Wed High Schoolt: 01692 402 662Scalextric ClubPresto Park Weds 7.15-9.45 pm. t: 01603 754 319Quaker MeetingsSun 10.30am Peggs YardYogaTues 7.30pm Peggs Yard.t: 732 426

    CromerAge ConcernFri 10am The Cottage.Aqua Therapy ClassesMon 11-12am Wed

    7-8pm Country Club t: 501 914Air Training Corps.7pm Mon & Thurs, HighSchool t:515 452Baptist Church1st & 3rd Sat Coffee morningt:576 524Bridge (Duplicate) Mon 7pm t: 822 778C.A.B.Appointments:t : 01692 405 847Chesterfield HallMon 10am Parent & Toddlers.Sun 11.45am Family Service & Childrens ClubChristian FellowshipSun 10.30am formerGospel Hall t: 838 180Cromer Orchestra meets 7-9pm The Belfry

    Arts Centre. Overstrand.t: 511 600Cromer Forum 1st Tues 7.30pm MethodistChurch New Hall t: 515138Diabetes UK4thThurs 7.30pm MethodistChurch Hall. t: 01692 405 492Elderberries Badminton 3-5pm Mon & FriCromer sports hall. t: 761 142

    Elderberries Short Mat Bowls3-5pm Mon& Fri Cromer sports hall. t:511 246Flower Club7.30pm 3rd Mon Junior School.t:513 408Folk Dance Club 7.30pm Tues CommunityHall t: 578 224Garden Society7.30pm 2nd Weds CommunityHall t: 514 399Hockey ClubMon under16s & under13s6.30pm Adults 7.15pm Sports CentreKorean Martial Artst: 07765 282 981Lip reading classes Thurs 10 - 12noonMethodist Church Rooms t:0344 800 8002.NHS Retirement Fellowship3rd Weds2.30-4pm Cromer Hospital. t:510 002N & N Assoc.for Blind 9.30-1pm TuesMerchants Place.N.N. Mencap Society Thurs 1pm Merchants

    Pl. t: 578 116Parkinsons Disease Society10.30am 2ndWed of month St. John Hall, Bond St.R.E.M.E. 2pm. 1st Wed Halsey Hse t: 825 101RBL7.30pm 1st Wed The CottageRBL Womens Section 2.30pm 1st ThursRoyal Naval Assoc.t:720 107or email:[email protected] infoROAB Wed 8.15pm The Cottage.

    CromerSing for Joy Singing GroupThurs 10am.Community Centre. t: 570 117St John AmbulanceAdults Tues 7.30pmCadets Tues 5.45pm St John Hall, Bond St.Sea ScoutsOverstrand Rd info t: 514 562Tabletop/Craft Sale9am-3pm St.John Hall,Bond St. Last Fri. t: 513 115Taekwondo Sports Centre. t: 711 824Tennis ClubSun, Weds & Fri t:513 741The One Oclock Clubover 60s.1-2pm Thurs.Barkers Herne.W.I.2nd Thurs 2 pm, Garden St.

    OverstrandAcorns Parent & Toddler Group 1.30 -3pmThurs (term-time) Belfry School. t: 579 275.Gardening Club2.30pm 1st Tues ParishHall t: 576 437Carpet Bowls2.30pm Thurs. Parish Hallt: 833 369Railway Quilters & Craft Group2nd & 4thTues.10-12 Parish Hall t: 576 986Strand Club2nd Weds 2.30pm MethodistChurch t: 578 250W.I.3rd Wed 7.30pm Parish Hall t: 834 242

    MundesleyBowls PavilionBingo: Sun 7.30pm, WhistDrive: Tues, Wed & Fri 1.45pm t: 721 815Bounce & Rhymefor under 5s & parents/carers Tues 2.15-3.15pm Library t:720 702Carpet Bowls Mon 1.30pm Coronation Hallt: 722 054Community Choir Tues 7.30pm MethodistChurch t:722 022Creative Writing Group1st Fri 2.15-4.15pm

    Mundesley Library t:720 702Free ChurchSun Services11am, 6.30pmKnit & NatterTues 4-5pm Library t:720 702LibraryMon & Sat:10-1pm,Tues 2-5.30pmFri 10-1pm & 2-6.30pm. Reading t: 720 702Luncheon Clubfor over 60s & disabled.Mon &Thurs 12-2pm Free Church t :721 984MADRA t: 07734 689 978Methodist Church Sun worship 10.30amRBL4th Weds Haig Club. t: 722 238RBL Womens 3rd Weds 1.45pm CoronationHall t:721 021Scrabble ClubFridays t: 720 659Village Cinema7.30pm Coronation Hall 2ndTues Mon 7pm Church Rooms t: 720 744

    North WalshamAgeUK4th Thurs 10 - noon Drop in sessionfor info & advice. Library t: 01692 402 482Animal Magic Dog Clubt: Kathy 720 730Bipolar Self Help Group3rd Thurs 2pmSaddlers Shop t: 0854 434 9872Charity BingoWeds 8pm Community Centre.t: 01692 407 214Chess Club 7.30 Mon. Orchard GardenPub. All abilities. t: 01692 404 649ExtendOver 60s Exercise Mon. MethodistChurch Hall t:01692 407 851Hockey ClubUnder 11s. Fri 5-6pm SportsCentre t: 01692 404 624Lions Club7.30pm 1st Mon. CommunityCentre. t:01692 400 702N.N. Speakers Club7pm alt. Weds. HighSchool t: Gillian :01692 650 250Parkinson Support Group 2nd Tues 10:30am

    Sacred Heart Church Hall. t:01692 406 486Quaker MeetingsSun 10.30am MeetingHouse, Mundesley Rd. near Swafield.RAFA7.30pm First Tues. Bluebell InnReading 4 U3rd Wed 9.45am St.Johns Hallt: 768 164Short & Sweetbook group 1-2pm Tuesevery 3weeks in the Library.All welcome.Info: t: 01692 402 482

    Nth WalshamSpiritualist Centre Sun: 6.30-8pm StJohns Ambulance Hall. All welcomeThe Wheel of Light1st Thurs 7.30pmOrchard Gardens Pub. t: 721 484Walsham Writers Group:www.walshamwritersgroup.comWeavers Morris DancersWed 7.45pm StNicholas Room t: 01692 404 447

    SheringhamAlcoholics AnonymousSun 3pmSt Josephs ChurchBeetle Drive3rd Tues 7.30 pmSt.Josephs ChurchBridge:The Morley. Duplicate pairs Thurs 7pmBeginners Fri 2pm t: 822 087Bounce & Rhyme for under 5s & parents/

    carers.Tues 10.15-10.45am at the Libraryt: 822 874CAB.YESU,Thurs 10-2pm t:01692 402 570ChessAll ages & abilities t: 01692 404 649Evening W.I.2nd Mon. St. Josephs Church Hallt: 823 889Flower Club1st Thurs 7pm St.Andrews Churcht: 825 059GingerbreadFri pm. Friends Meeting Houset: 0785 9364 702Harry Upcher Lodge ROAB Mon 8.15pmTyneside Club.Hearing Aid Clinic 10-12pm 1st Mon.

    Age Concern.Ladies Fellowship7.30pm 2nd TuesSalvation Army.Lip reading classesThurs 1.30 - 3.30pmHealth Centre t: 0344 800 8002MSmeetings 7-9pm 1st & 3rd Wed. Robin

    Hood Pub, t: 823 392Morris Dancing. Oddfellows Hall. Weds7.30pm t: 837 693N.Norfolk Model Group8pm last Fri St JohnsHall t: 514 059Old Shannocks2.15pm last WedCommunity Rooms.Quaker MeetingsSun 10.30am Cremer St.R.A.F.A.4th Tues of month. t: 837 229Saturday Super SaleFirst Sat 9-11am.Salvation Army Hall.Sheringham & Cromer Lions Club2nd& 4th Tues.The Morley Club. t: 821 276Sheringham SingersLadies Choir Tues2-4pm Friends Meeting Hse, Cremer St.t: 768 126Sheringham Voyager 2pm 1st & 3rd ThursCommunity Centre t: 01692 500 550Sheringham Youth Choir11-18yrs.Weds7pm (term time) Baptist Church

    The RuntonsBingo7.30pm Sun & Mon Bernies SocialClub East RuntonN.N. Chess ClubFri 7.30pm. W. Runton SocialClub t:823 814

    Philatelic Society2nd Mon of month7.30pm West Runton Church Hall.Cromer & Sheringham Probus Club12.30pm 1st Tues, Links Hotel t:824 306Rotary ClubWeds 6pm except 5th WedsDormy House W.Runton, t: 578 194Sequence DancingMon 7.30-10pmE. Runton Village Hall.t:01692 403 071West Runton Scouts info : 712 288W.I.2.15pm 2nd Wed. W. Runton Church Hall

    TriminghamCoffee Morning3rd Weds 10.30amPilgrim ShelterPoppyland Club(Ladies) 2nd Weds 2.30pm.Pilgrim ShelterSlimming ClubTues 1.45pm Pilgrim Sheltert: 579 797Table Top Sale 1st Sun 8.30am PilgrimShelter t:834 965

    TriminghamWhist 1.45pm Mon & Thurs. Pilgrim Shelter.All levels welcome.t: Liz 834 965

    Elsewhere:Antingham & Southrepps Playgroupt: 834 148Badminton Thurs. Gresham Village Hallt: 07917 596 797Beachcombers Dining Club1st Mon 7pm:The Feathers Hotel, Holt. Speakers altmonths. t: Hazel 838 566Cash BingoTues 8pm Aldboroughcommunity centre.Cantamus Choir 7.30pm Thurs. SouthreppsChurch. t: 07785 782 498.Crazee Kidz Club7pm 2nd & 4th Fri. termtime. Roughton Village Hall 7-16yrs.

    t:768 138Cromer & Sheringham BrassBand7.45pm Thurs Upper SheringhamVillage Hall t:733 638Cromer Air Rifle Club9am -noon SundaysNr Sheringham.t: 570 223Extendexercise for over 60s Mon 2.30pmNorthrepps Village Hall t:768 159Farmers Market 1st Sun 9.30am - 12.30pm

    Aldborough Community Hall t: 768 766Fit Together Health WalksInfo 07766 259 999Fit Together Tea Dance Tues 2-4pm BristonCopeman Centre - 2 Info: 07766 259 999Greenfingers Gardening Club 7.30pm 1stThurs Jubilee Hall, Banningham t:761 620Gym ClubThurs 5-8pm Northrepps VillageHall t: 576 609Horsham St. Faith 4th Sun traditionalCatholic Latin Mass Mission Room,opp. Church t: 01603 788 873Knapton Ladies Club 3rd Mon 7.30pm VillageHall t:720 908.1st Tues Womens OwnMethodist Church t: 721 439MS GroupMon 10 - 2pm Southrepps VillageHall t: 823 392Nordic WalkingTues & Thurs 11amt: 07825 773 368Norfolk Submariners1st Wed 12noonKings Head, Horsham St Faith t: 511 758N. Walsham Cage Bird Club8pm 3rd TuesFelmingham Village Hall. t: 01692 404 750Northrepps Pre-SchoolMon-Fri Term-timet:579 396Northrepps R.B.L. 1st Mon. 2nd.Mon. BHs.7.30pm. Northrepps Cottage t: 579 633.NN Amateur Radio GroupWed & Thur

    10-4 Muckleburgh t: 821 936Nth Norfolk Model EngineeringClub1stFri 7.30pm High Kelling Social CentrePrize Bingo 7.30pm 1st & 3rd FriGimingham Village HallRoughton Under 5sPlaygroup t: 07553456 083Rubys Prize Bingo. 1st Sat of month7.30pm.Lower Southrepps Social ClubSeniors Swimming ClubMon & Weds am,Fri pm. GreshamsSwimming Pool, Holt. t:711 123Suffield Park Bowls Club. Whist DrivesTues 2.15pm. Fri twice monthly 7.30pm.Tuesday Friendsmeet weekly 2-4pmGimingham Village Hall. t: 720 874Trunch Bumbles Pre-school t: 720 931Trunch Friends2nd Tues 2pm Trunch VillageHall t:721 570

    Trunch Methodist Church 1st Sat 10am -noon Coffee Morning. Stalls Cakes t: 720 145Weybourne Folk Club3rd Sun 3-6pmMaltings Hotel, Weybourne.t:588 781

    What, When & Where All Phone tel nos. are code 01263, unless otherwise stated.

    Painting & Decorating / Tiling / Woodwork / Assembling Flat PacksOdd Jobs etc / Putting Up Shelves / Curtain Poles & PicturesSmall Electrical / Changing Light Switches, Sockets & Fittings

    Clearing & Repairing Gutters / Small Plumbing WorkFencing & Gatework & Lots More.


    Call Brian Anytime:01263 512 644Mob 07789 634 817



    01263 588 488 07747 444 97624 HOUR CALL OUT

    Email: [email protected]





    TEL: 01263 732 653

    Copy for Next Issue by NoonWednesday5th March

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    17/2017Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    Special EventsFEBRUARY

    Friday 28th FebruaryFrom noon : All Saints Church Rooms, MundesleySoup & Pudding Morning ~Entertainment, LightMusic & Raffle. 4.00 Pay at the event.

    2-4pm: Pilgrim Shelter, TriminghamCraft Afternoon ~bring along your craft project rugmaking, knitting,chat & drink tea/coffee. Cost 1.50.

    All very welcome. Tel June 833 382

    7pm: Baconsthorpe Village HallA Quiz ~ Jacket Potato supper with various fillingsTea/Coffee 5 p.p. Teams of 4. If you are on yourown please come, there will be teams that are short.

    MARCHSaturday 1st March9.30am - 12noon : Sheringham Methodist ChurchTable Top Sale

    Sunday 2nd March

    9:30am -12:30pm:Aldborough Community CentreFarmers Market ~ Come and support our localproducers of fine foods, drink and craft stalls.Enjoy a late breakfast of coffee and bacon butties ora mid morning snack with our delicious cakes. Call768 616 for further details or to book stall.Sunday 2nd March

    10am-1pm : Pilgrim Shelter,TriminghamTable Top Sale ~Lots of bargains & 100s of booksat 20p each. Tea coffee bacon rolls 50p eachFree Parking. Free Admission. Free Toilets.Info: 834 965


    PLASTERING CONTRACTORHigh Quality Work, Friendly Professional Service

    All Aspects of internal & external plastering& rendering, new builds, renovations

    and period restoration work.


    Tel: 01263 834 572Mob: 07867 777 938 Email: [email protected]

    Senior Citizen ServicesFor All The Odd Jobs You Hate

    Painting & DecoratingGrass Cutting & GardeningFencing & Shed Repairs

    All Odd Jobs Large & SmallFast & Friendly Service

    01263 515 250 07836 227 490

    Events Continued on Page 18


    Silver Surfers Computer Services

    No problem!Reliable, friendly, efficient service in the

    comfort of your own home.Andrew Benn 01263 761 133

    Troubleshooting Lost Data RecoveryUpgrades Free Advice Tuition

    A J B BuildersAll types of Building work undertaken.

    Plastering, Roofng, Brickwork, Installations,Damp Proofng & Timber Protection work.

    35 years experience.

    Phone:01263 649 347or 07887 671 141


    The Best Pub in TownStylish En-Suite rooms available.

    Free Wifi.Lovely home-cooked mealsavailable Tuesday - Sunday.

    Sunday 16th March : 8pmGrumpys World Famous Quiz

    Sunday Lunches ~ 12noon - 4pm

    Voted one of the Best

    Lunches in Cromer

    Booking advisable

    Lunchtime SpecialsTuesdays - Fridays ~ 12 - 2.30pm

    BT Sport Now Available

    24 West Street


    01263 512 275

    NORTH NORFOLK FUELSWe offer pre-packed Coal

    including smokeless.Also Logs, Kindling & Firelightersfrom our yard in Jubilee Close


    Tel: 01263 761 359


    We CANNOT accept details or corrections toSpecial or Regular Events over the phone.

    Please post CONCISE copy to LISat 30 West St. Cromer. NR27 9DS

    or e-mail :[email protected]

    or via:

    by NOON Weds 4th March

    Sunday 2nd March

    11am: Aldborough Church Rooms NR11 7AAG.I.F.T. Annual Talent Show ~We are looking forall types of acts Singers, Dancers, Dancing Troupes,Speciality Acts, Choirs, Comedians NO age limit.For an application form phone : 768 076.Entry just 1 p.p. Refreshments available.

    11 - 4pm: Chestnut Farm W. Beckham NR25 6NXSnowdrop Openings ~Dozens of distinct varietiesof Snowdrops, early flowering shrubs & bulbs. Lightrefreshments, Visiting Nurseries, Plants for saleInfo: 822 241. In aid of National Garden Scheme

    1.30pm: The Goat Inn. Skeyton.The Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band ~Great music.Great atmosphere. Drop in for a drink or have ameal. Admission free but to reserve a table forlunch Tel: 01692 538 600.

    Monday 3rd March

    1pm -4pm: Pilgrim Shelter,TriminghamWhist Afternoon ~ singles or pairs all welcome1.50 includes raffle & tea/coffee. Free Parking.Info: 834 965

    Tuesday 4th March2 pm 3 pm: North Walsham LibraryDementia Friends ~information session to learn alittle more about what is it like to live with dementia& turn that understanding into action. Please notethe library will closed & only open for this session.Free session/wheelchair access. for more info or tobook a place call 07717 881 496.

    Wednesday 5th March

    4pm - 6pm: Pilgrim Shelter,TriminghamYouth Hub ~for 13 -19 yrs organised by NNHUBSDetails : 07876 864 281

    Thursday 6th March1pm -4pm: Pilgrim Shelter,TriminghamWhist Afternoon ~ singles or pairs all welcome1.50 includes raffle & tea/coffee. Free Parking.Info: 834 965

    Friday 7th March

    2pm -4pm: Pilgrim Shelter, TriminghamGardening Afternoon ~humerous chat & info fromRoger Leggett, 1.50 incl. tea/coffee. Free ParkingInfo: 834 965

    2.30pm : St Martins Church, Mill Road, CromerWomens World Day of Prayer ~ (Interdominational)

    Join us for a Service written by the women of Egypt.This Service is held all over the World on this day.

    7.30pm: Church Rooms, The Green, AldboroughG.I.F.T. Fun Quiz Night ~Raffle. Book a Teamon: 768 076. 5 pp. includes buffet supper. BYOdrink & glasses. Please Book In Advance. No entryunless reserved beforehand.

    All Saints Church EventSoup & Pudding Mornings

    From 12noon : Church Rooms MundesleyLast Friday of month - May. Light music & Raffle

    at each meeting. Come and enjoy.



    SOFA CLEANINGCall Mike at Clean Tech

    01328 779 134

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    18/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS18

    Sat 8th & Sun 9th March

    The Bure Valley Railway, AylshamVolunteers Open Weekend ~for those interestedin volunteering on the railway. Meet existing staff &volunteers to see behind the scenes & a chance todrive a steam engine. If you have a couple of hoursto spare or a more, all welcome. Volunteers are alsorequired for our new 2nd hand bookshop atWroxham. info:733 858.

    Sunday 9th March7pm for 7.15 start : Pilgrim Shelter,TriminghamQuiz Evening ~1 per player, max four in team.3 quiz team prizes & 3 raffle prizes. Free Tea/CoffeeFree Parking Info: 834 965

    Monday 10th March1pm -4pm: Pilgrim Shelter TriminghamWhist Afternoon ~all very welcome 1.50 includesplay raffle and refreshments

    Wednesday 12th March

    7pm: Suffield Park Bowls Club, Cromer

    The Cromer Society ~Recorded Music SectionThe Spirit of London Presented by Robin Selwyn

    Thursday 13th March

    1.30 -4pm: Pilgrim Shelter TriminghamWhist Afternoon ~all very welcome 1.50 includesplay raffle & refreshments. Info: Liz834 965

    2.30pm: The Cottage, Louden Rd. CromerCromer Poppy Appeal Collectors Get Together ~We are looking for new collectors/organisers to help

    with our appeal. Anyone wishing to find out more iswelcome. Please contact Pam Angus on 510 195if you wish to come.

    Friday 14th March1.45 - 4pm: Pilgrim Shelter TriminghamCraft Afternoon ~bring your craft knitting, tatting,rug making or just come to chat with other likeminded ladies 1.50 includes tea/coffee biscuitsTel June 833 382

    Thursday 20th March

    7pm: Suffield Park Bowls Club, CromerThe Cromer Society ~Illustrated Talk South Poleto Everest presented by Stephen Scott-Fawcett

    Constantia Cottage Restaurant, E. RuntonEast Anglian Air Ambulance Dinner ~Raffle &auction. entertainment by the Constantia Brothers.Tickets 22:50pp. Raising funds for E.A.A.A.Book before 14th March on: 514 509

    Friday 21st March

    7.30pm : Cromer Community Centre, Garden St.Friends of Cromer Museum ~ Ancient Trees InThe Norfolk Landscape. Talk by Professor TomWilliamson (from the UEA)

    Special Eventscontinued from Page 17

    At Your Local Library

    Home Library ServiceIf you cant get to the library due to disabilityor ill health our volunteers can bring books

    to your home.

    Find ItIf you need information on local services,

    starting your family history, what to read next,finding a job, down loading an electronic book,

    mobile library routes & more.


    Tuesday 11th March7.30pm: Mundesley Coronation Hall

    Philomena ~ Steve Coogan & Judi Dench inthis gripping account of the search for a long-lostchild. At its center is a tough-minded, elderly Irishwoman, Philomena Lee (Dench) & her battle tofind out what happened to the baby boy taken

    away from her in the 1950s.

    Tickets 4, Members 3 at door.

    Refreshments available from 7pm.Further Info from :

    Saturday 22nd March1.30 - 4.30 pm : North Walsham Library

    Business Basics Workshop ~ run by EnterpriseNth Norfolk who will teach some of the skills you need.Writing a business plan, marketing, developing an on-line presence, financial management & legalitiesyou need to be aware of. To book a free place tel:569 360

    Sunday 23rd March11 am - 4 pm: Corpusty Village HallExhibition ~Local history - art & craft - photographs- bygones - wildlife. Old airfields etc. Refreshments- plant sales - books & raffle. admission - adults 1children free. Proceeds for the Village Hall funds

    11am - 4pm: Chestnut Farm. W. Beckham NR25 6NXOpen Gardens ~Visiting nurseries & light refresh-

    ments available. Ample field parking. weatherpermitting. Info: 822 241

    Wednesday 26th March7pm: Suffield Park Bowls Club, CromerThe Cromer Society ~Recorded Music SectionCelebrating Concertos by William Bestelink

    Thursday 27th March7.30pm.: Cromer Community Hall, Garden Street.Cromer Preservation Society A.G.M. ~ followed byCromers Sea Defencestalk by a representative ofVolker Stevin contractors. All welcome.

    Coming Soon at Mundesley Library12th April -19th May

    Community Read For Children~To get childrenin Mundesley and surrounding villages reading andtalking about Gangsta Granny, the hilarious novel

    from David Walliams, the fastest growing childrensauthor in the country. This is a story of prejudice

    & acceptance, funny lists & silly words.

    The hero Ben is bored beyond belief after he ismade to stay at his grandmas house, shes the

    boringest grandma ever: all she wants to do is toplay Scrabble & eat cabbage soup.

    There are 2 things Ben doesnt know about his gran.1) She was once an international jewel thief.

    2) All her life, she has been plotting to steal theCrown Jewels & now needs Bens help.

    Pick up your copy from the library. Info: 720 702

    12th April-19th May

    Norfolk Narratives ~focusing on fiction & nonfiction books with a local interest. We will hold acommunity read for adults & quiz sheet with a25 Jarrolds token as 1st prize & hope to host

    a talk by a local author. Info: 720 702

    Events at North Walsham Library

    10am-noon: 4th Thursday every month

    AgeUK Drop in Session ~Come and meet

    a representative of North Norfolk AgeUKfor information and advice

    1pm - 2pm: Tuesdays every 3 weeks

    Short & Sweet Book Group~ are looking for moremembers. An opportunity to share some great

    books, in this friendly, informal group.All books provided free. All welcome.

    For more information call: 01692 402 482Copy for Next Issue by Noon

    Wednesday 5th March

    Beginners Please! is the traditional call heardbackstage at theatres all over the world from theNational Theatre in London to the tiniest ofamateur dramatic companies held in thehumble church hall.

    It signals the imminent start of the play/opera/pantomime and quickens the pulse of those whoneed to be on stage as the curtains open.

    The Sheringham Players, who are privileged

    to perform at Sheringham Little Theatre haveheard the same call to arms for almost 50 yrs.

    However on Fri 21st & Sat 22nd March atSheringham Little Theatre, this call willhave another meaning.

    The Sheringham Players have been recruitingnew members in order to keep going strongfor another 50 years.

    To showcase the new beginners (both onstageand back) they are presenting something a littledifferent - a mix of short plays from 5 minutesto a full one act, ranging from sad through to

    Beginners Please

    downright silly - and from the pens of authorssuch as Harold Pinter and local favourite,David Tristram.

    The whole evening will be compred with shortintroductions to each play to set the scene.

    The plays includeScoreby Lyndon Brook,Nightby Harold Pinter,Doggiesby JeanMcConnell and Whats for Puddingby David Tristram.

    The Sheringham Playerswill present ten playseach evening and members of the audiencewill be able to take full advantage of thebeautifully refurbished Hub Bar and Caf.

    Please go along on 21st or 22nd March andbe in at the beginning of the next 50 yearsof The Sheringham Players.

    Book your tickets @ 9 from The Box OfceSheringham Little Theatre. Tel 822 347-

    Or for more details visit their web site:www.

    The Sheringham Players Present An Evening Of Short Plays Showcasing New Talent

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    19/2019Crab Tales:e-mail- [email protected] - telephone:01263 726 831

    Pantomime..........has truly become local again with thestaging of Cinderella by the Friends ofMundesley Inshore Lifeboat.

    The village hall reverberated with the age oldshouts of Oh yes it is! and Its behind youand the audience couldnt help but join in.

    Lots of audience participation was the order ofthe day and they lapped it up. Local names and

    places were brought into the fun and some people,like a certain editor of a local free magazine,

    (Crab Tales), being the butt of a few jokes.Even a regular writer to the letters pageswas honoured with her own song.

    In true panto style the actors and paying publiccame together to have fun. There was slapstickwith water, our & cream to make an explosivecake. There were dames with a grudge againsteveryone and everything. There were prettyprincesses plus a double dose of fairies.

    Things were thrown at the audience, andsometimes thrown back.At one point the children in the front row almostbecame part of the performance when theyheckled the actors, who returned the goodhearted banter with relish.

    Cinderella didnt let us down and the traditional

    storyline was followed where good triumphsover evil. Everything you would expect froman English pantomime.

    It would be unfair to mention names as therewere many outstanding members of the cast.Together the whole production showed whattalent can do when they all pull together.Locally written and locally produced.

    A great show where all the proceeds of theproduction go to the Mundesley Lifeboat.

    Thanks to Carol Matthews for this reviewand to Paul Damen for the photographs.

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031


    Waste Carry Licence held - waste registration

    upper tier carrier no. CB/BM3145BW copy available on request


    Cherry Picker Hire available

    Beautiful Seaview Restaurant

    Locally sourced meat & sh wonderfullyprepared by our Head Chef Aiden & his team

    Book Now For Mothers Day Special Menu Available


    Monday - Friday ~ Lunch SpecialsBuy 1 get & 2nd 1/2 Price

    Buy 2 & get 3rd FREE

    Sunday Roast lunch 12 - 4pm

    Now Open Sunday Evenings 5.30 - 8.30pmThursday Evenings 'Curry & A Pint' 8.95

    Quiz Night 1st Wednesday of each month.

    Call & Collect YOUR take away meals from ourMenu with a 20% discount being offered.

    Seaview Function Room available

    for ALL occasions.

    To book or for further information phone us on:

    01263 722 671

    The Ship Inn21 Beach Road, Mundesley