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  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    1/201Crab Tales:e-mail- - telephone:01263 726 831

    ISSN 2051-6940

    ISSUE 03128th Feb-13th March 2014 The Most Popular FREEBIEin North Norfolk.

    Available at All the Best PlacesBetween Cromer

    Nth Walsham, Mundesley, Sheringham & Aylsham.


    Continued On Page Six

    Also @ WILLFor Only49____________________

    For Office or HomeVisits

    Call: 01263 579 327

    ____________________POWER OF ATTORNEY : 99


    A S WILLSDanum House, Overstrand, Norfolk








    www.norfolk-cleaning-group. tel:01692 407 690





    Roys Open Again After Six WeeksOn February 14th

    I have to say that when I went alongto look aroundRoys of Wroxhamsnew store in North Walsham, I wasvery impressed.

    I have always been a fan of this chainof shops across Norfolk, which wasorginally set up by the Roys family

    back in 1895.

    Five generations later the family arestill involved in the companys nowlong successful venture.

    After 6 weeks the store looks greatwhile maintaining the same, if not

    better, important approach, toserving their customer base.

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031


  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    3/203Crab Tales:e-mail- - telephone:01263 726 831

    I dont know about you but I amgetting sick and very tired of thisdepressingly cold, damp weatherwhich hopefully by the time thispaper comes out will be history.

    I am not in the habit, usually ofdrawing attention to myself, butso far this year, Ive been missingappointments and often relyingon others to help me sort out the

    Crab Taleseditorial etc. becauseof my poor health.

    Thank you to everyone for yourhelp, particularly my wife Lis,who just gets on with it all anddoes it all brilliantly.

    Thanks to Carol Matthews for herreview of the Mundesley Pantoand as ever to Paul Damen forhis photos (See page 19) sadlyI never got there, I wish I hadbeen t enough go to see it.

    I really take my hat off to SamuelLidgeley (Page 10) for setting uphis own Osteopathy Clinic, it is

    hard not to admire young peopledoing their bit, providing suchuseful services to people andtheir pets and I wish him well.

    Another new advertiser with usis Pauline of Yappers & Barkers(Page 11) with her shop for petsshop in Cromer, she has a greatweb-site where we found loadsof positive comments about herbusiness, she obviously lovesher work just as much as sheloves dogs.

    Yet another new advertisers isLaura McClean (see Page 14)with her cleaning business.

    I would also like to wish Jeff &Jayne all the very best with theirnew venture in Cromer (Page 13)

    I have always liked this coupleever since I rst met them, nowmany years ago.

    I wish all these people the very

    best wishes in their businessesand long may they keepadvertising with us!

    Enjoy YourCrab Tales

    Philip Keddell

    01263 726 831HANDY NUMBERSBenefits Agency...........01603 248 248C.A.B.............................08000 855 889 (Holt)...........................01263 713 849 (Nth Walsham)............01692 402 570Coast Guard..................01493 851 338Council (County)...........01603 222 222 (District)...........01263 513 811Dentist...........................01263 515 229Doctors: Aldborough...01263 768 602

    Aylsham.........01263 733 331 Cromer .........01263 513 148 Mundesley.....01263 724 500 Sheringham...01263 822 066

    N.H.S contact number..................1 1 1Hospital(Cromer) .........01263 513 571Job Centre(Cromer).......08456 043 719

    Mundesley Visitor Centre...01263 721 070Opticians.......................01263 512 345

    Libraries:Aylsham ..............01263 732 320Cromer................01263 512 850Nth Walsham.......01692 402 482Mundesley...........01263 720 702Sheringham.........01263 822 874

    R.S.P.C.A.......................0870 555 5999

    Tourist Info-Cromer......01263 512 497Travel Enquiries............08712 002 233

    National Express...........08705 808 080Rail Enquiries................08457 484 950

    VeterinarySurgeon.......01263 822 293

    Victim Support..............08453 030 900

    POLICE..........................0845 456 4567* Cromer Police Station Staffed Mon 8am - 3.30pm,Tues & Weds 8am - 4pm*

    Letters to the EditorSend to 30 West St. Cromer NR27 9DSe-mail to: philip.keddell@sky.comOR Drop off at:K Hardware, Church Street, CROMER

    Letter continued on Page 4

    From The Editor

    All material is strictly copyright. The views expressed in the CRAB TALESarenot necessarily those of the publishers or the Editor. Material including letters may

    be edited. Layout & Design by Lis Keddell. Published byThe CRAB TALES.

    Dear Editor,Next month I am starting a new and excitingFarmers Market with Artisan Crafts atWiveton Hall Farm.

    There will be a large farmers market withfresh local produce, plus artisan handmadecrafts, and much more!

    There are two barns full of stalls, plus lotsof outside stands as well.

    The rst market is on Saturday 29th March,with subsequent markets being on thesecond Saturday of each monththrough to December.

    Times are 10am to 2pm -later if weather permits.

    Dear Crab Tales,Vampires and Zombies are no longer safein Mundesley as the local authoritys streetlighting is making their life after deatha misery.

    Like any self respecting Zombie, you likeyour bit of darkness. So there you are, outfor the evening, busily lurching along astreet, when suddenly - Blam! - the streetlight unexpectedly switches on and oodsyou with light.

    Your zombie instincts make you stand stockstill in the hope that youve not been noticed,then thankfully a few moments later - FizzZomp! - the street light switches off againand you can continue your lurching in theblack out.

    This new phenomenon of the on and offstreet light is indeed keeping us safe fromthe dark forces and I guess we should bethankful to the local authorities who areattaching these clever light sensors.

    Yet they are not quite clever enoughto realise that when their own lampswitches on, it is not daylight at all,just themselves.

    Given a few moments of their own lightthey think Oh, its daylight, and thelight goes out.

    The sensor then realises its gone dark againand thinks Oh, its night time, so it switchesthe light back on. This on off actioncontinues until daybreak.

    I have to admit that this new system savesthe community money as the lights areonly on 50% of the time.

    But this Belisha beacon effect must betotally confusing for any Vampire orZombie out for a good time.

    Nigel Holmes

  • 8/12/2019 crabtales_issue 031

    4/20Crab Tales: 30 West Street, Cromer, Norfolk. NR27 9DS4

    Letter Continued From Page 3

    Tel:01263 711 593

    Mob:07880 658 866


    For a warm, friendlyatmosphere, come &visit our Showroom

    in Holt.

    We have severaldifferent styles & makes,

    trade and publicwelcome.



    Nth. Walsham:01692 405 504Mob: 07774 501 174

    Cromer: 01263 512 761Mob: 07990 516 154

    MrMoveIt.24/7Collection/Delivery Service01263 722 110 07447 936 736

    Fully insured for:

    Removals House / garden clearances

    Public auctions Small ofce moves

    Internet collections DIY collections

    Motorcycle moves & much more.

    No job too small, no job too far!

    We also hold a Waste Carriers Licencefor all waste removal.

    Dear Mr Keddell,I am in my last year at Cromer Academyand live in Cromer.

    Last term Camps Internationalcame in andpromoted their amazing, live changing trip

    to the rural areas of Tanzania.

    This is a lovely venue with an award winningcafe on site, plus shop and pick your ownfruit farm (in season) with amazing viewsover the marshes and out to sea.

    Entry is free and there is a large car park.

    Light refreshments and lunches will beavailable in the cafe all day.

    Wiveton Hall Farm is on the main A149coast road, between Blakeney and Cley -post code is NR25 7TE.For more information

    or see us on Facebook. Tel:07775 741 752.

    Dear Crab Tales Readers,As from the 5th February, The RBL, CromerBranch, will hold their monthly meetings at2pm on the rst Wednesday of the month.

    It is important to point out that you do notneed to have served in HM Forces to joina branch as long as you support the aimsof the organisation. For further enquiries

    please contact me on: 01263 510 146Yours Sincerely,

    John Needham,

    Chairman, RBL Cromer Branch

    Dear Philip,Two serving members of RNLI Cromer whogot engaged on 24th December, shared theirnews at the January crew meeting.

    Rose Keating & David Syer have been a couplefor two years and Rose works for NorfolkCounty Council as a Mathematics advisorto schools and David in logistics.

    Rose has been a member of Cromer shorecrew for 6 yrs, having moved to Norfolknearly 12 yrs ago, although David onlymet her just over 2 years ago.

    Soon after meeting Rose, David decided toalso join the lifeboat crew.

    Whilst Rose is shore based, David is on theboat crew for the all weather lifeboat Lesteras well as the inshore George and Muriel.

    No date has been set for the wedding but itwill denitely have a RNLI involvement

    and is certain to make for some interestingwedding day photographs.

    Audrey Smith, RNLI Cromer

    Volunteer Lifeboat Press Ofcer

    I was w