Cpa Emarketing 2007v5.0

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up to date presentation from CPA emarketing award workshops.

Transcript of Cpa Emarketing 2007v5.0

  • CIM Award in eMarketingJohn Chacksfield

  • A Bit about MeMarketing director of online companyeMarketeerBusiness Link Business AdvisoreMarketing Lecturer

  • A bit about youYour jobYour experience with marketingYour experience of eMarketing

  • CIM MembershipIt is very important that you have completed the administration to join the CIM as an e-Marketing student.If you are not already a student in another capacity. This will cost you 120 plus 70 registration to submit assignment. If you are already a member of the CIM it will cost you just the assignment fee of 70.

  • Assignment Submission Registration

    Registerwith theCIM to submit your assignment for the May board by: 11th December .Hand in assignment toCambridge Professional Academyby:12th February 2010Work sent to the CIM by:5th March 2010Results out to student:Last Friday in May

    Registerwith theCIM to submit your assignment for the July board by: 2nd April 2010.Hand in assignment toCambridge Professional Academyby:28th May 2010Work sent to the CIM by:11th June 2010Results out to student:Last Friday in August

  • On-line exam arrangementsIf you wish to take your on-line exam (1-hour, multiple choice exam) in your place of work you must become an exam centre (details of how to do this will be sent to you on request). You should do this as soon as you know you will want to do the exam at work (even though you might not know exactly when you want to take it). The CIM will then send me notification of your approval as an exam centre.

    On-line exams can also be undertaken at our London or Cambridge office or in Jersey at a mutually arranged time.

    We must request the exam is set up by the CIM at least two weeks prior to the required date.

  • SuccessBoth parts of the qualification need to be awarded at least 50% in order for you to pass (50-59% + C, 60-69% = B and 70%+ = A).

  • Dont worry The administration of the on-line exam and assignments is not too daunting (although it might seem so at the beginning).

    You will be sent full information after the workshop and guided through the process individually. Remember - there is always someone at Cambridge Professional Academy who will be able to answer any questions.

  • Exam and AssignmentContact Jill Towner at CPA 1 week after the course 0870 013 3388 [email protected]

  • Submitting your e-Marketing assignmentRemember no name on your submission

    Put CIM membership number, title of module (i.e. e-Marketing) and page number as a header/footer on your assignment

    Keep to word count and include final word count total at end of assignment

    Send in assignment with post-it note so CPA know who it is from and can acknowledge receipt

    Send electronic copy to [email protected]

    Send hard copy to Assignments, 64 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DP

  • The AssessmentHave a go at the online test Username and password em sampleDate to be agreed for actual exam

  • AssignmentPart B. Management Report (Assignment)Create an outline e-Marketing Plan for the organisation or business division of your choice. Your plan should be no longer than 4,000 words and be presented in a report format. It should be a well-structured plan incorporating an analysis, goals, strategies and tools, integrated tactics, implementation and control, incorporating many aspects of the syllabus. It is important to remember that good plans are based upon a deep situational analysis first and foremost.Please present your Management Report by securing pages in the top left hand corner using a treasury tag. Staples should not be used. No hard backed folders or wallets should be used

  • Suggested Assignment StructureBackground to company online!ecustomersecompetitorscurrent situation/background/general if you cant find specifics on sector.EstrategyObjectives (SMART)optionsIntegrationBack end officeCommunicationsEmarketing re-mix7 ps-how the affect your situationEtoolsTacticsTechniquesSMARTControls and resourcesKpiBudgetsTimescalesProject plansImplementationWeb analyticsStats/benchmarkReport formatReferencesPresentationAppendices

  • Marking Scheme

  • Situation AnalysisSOSTAC ApproachSituation Analysis where are we now?Objectives Where do we want to be?Strategy How do we get there?Tactics Which tactical tools to use?Action Which action plans to use?Control How do we manage the process?

  • Situation Analysis

  • Situation AnalysisWired WorldNew ways to reach new customersPunch above your weightFilter and segment e.g. dell.comThe Internet Offers YouInstant communicationsNot a replacement for high quality printed communicationsGlobal reachRemember tone and language differ with cultureA reduction in the cost of communicationsA complementary communications channel to support traditional routes1st level technical support and after sales serviceCorporate image enhancement

  • Situation Analysis-wired worldThe customer initiates contactPermission marketing v intrusive marketingThe customer is seeking information (pull)High intensity medium 100% attentionYou can gather and store vast amounts of customer informationCustomer needs can be addressed individuallyInteractive 1 to 1 medium, that offers many to many potential as well as traditional 1 to many promotion

  • Situation Analysis Wired WorldMore customers spending an increasing part of their lives in the virtual world using automated tools to find products that best suit their needs.We need to respond to customers needs in this wired up world.

  • Situation Analysis Wired World

  • Situation Analysis Wired World

    Online shopping in the UK rose 25% in 2008 to reach over 43bn.65% of shopper spent more online this Christmas than the high street,The Internet is still one of the fastest growing sectors in UK business.By 2012 1 in every 5 of all new commerce in this country will be online.

  • Situation Analysis Wired WorldSource - Economist Intelligence unit"Those at the top of today's league table cannot be complacent - changing technologies, and attitudes to technology usage, mean that hard-won advantages can be quickly eroded by nimble-footed rivals."

  • Situation AnalysisMarketing ChangeAdvertising changeOld world mass communications

    New World - 360

    scsolccsS=sender c= customer ol = opinion leader

  • Situation Analysis intro

  • Situation Analysis - introeDriven changeOld ways = M------W/S------R------COld ways = M------R------CNew ways = M------------CDisintermediationCan you think of examples?

  • Development of Web

  • Situation Analysis - introB2CC2BC2CB2BCONSUMERBUSINESSCONSUMERBUSINESSfromtoOrganisation sites(dell, amazon)Consumer marketplaces(, pricerunner.comOrganisation sites(dell)Business marketplaces(covisint,,ebay)Consumer reviews(, ciao.comConsumer bids(ebay,

  • Situation Analysis - introB2B and B2CBulk of online business occurs.B2B much bigger than B2C.E.G. online procurement, reverse auctions, service delivery, supply chain transactions.C2BCustomers and communities evolve around business, influence and drive.

  • Situation Analysis - introTypes of online presenceTransactional eCommerceMain business contribution through sales of products. E.g. Services-orientated relationshipProvides information to stimulate, purchase and build relationships. Main business contribution offline sales. E.g. Car sites, project consulting etc.

  • Situation Analysis - introTypes of online presenceBrand building site.Provide experience to support brand.Typical low value high volume sales .e.g. Portal or media site.Provide information or news (intermediary site) could provide search engine, directory, news. Build advertising revenue e.g.

  • Situation Analysis - introDefinitionseMarketingCan identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs efficiently.eCommerceThe trading of goods and services conducted using the Internet and other digital mediaeBusinessThe use of electronic networks for business (usually web technology)The transformation of key business processes through the use if internet technologies

    Why wont ebusiness exist in a few years?

  • Situation Analysis - introEBEMECeBusiness encompasses eMarketingAnd eCommerce but eMarketing Involves more processes than eCommerce

  • Situation Analysis - introSloppy eMarketingCommon place.Unclear objectives, lack of strategy, poor management.Does product fit with changing customers needs?Lack of ability to change to customers needs.Poor websites, lack of fulfilment, poor navigation, out of date, lack of customer service.Budgets for Traffic generation not identified.Do you have examples??????

  • Situation Analysis-IntroPercentage of site visitsDepth of RelationshipAcquisitionFirst ImpressionsProduct SelectionPayment and FulfilmentWrong audienceUnclear marketing messageSlow pageloadUnengagingLook and feelClumsy site navigationNo real timeStock infoAwkwardselectionPriceuncompetitiveHigh shipping costsCard validationerrorNo emailnotificationFailed delivery

  • Situation Analysis - intro5 Ss Can be defined

  • Situation Analysis - introSellUsing the internet as a sales tool.ServeUsing the internet as customer service tool.SaveAdd value for customers, pre or post sales.SpeakUsing the internet as a comms tool.SizzleBrand development and add