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Transcript of CP 341 Point-to-Point Communication, Installation and ... · PDF fileCP 341 Point-to-Point...

  • CP 341 Point-to-Point Communication,

    Installation and Parameter Assignment















    S7-300 CP 341 Point-to-Point Communication, Installation and Parameter Assignment Manual

    04/2011 A5E02191071-03


    Product Description 1

    Basic Principles of Serial Data Transmission


    Commissioning the CP 341 3

    Mounting the CP 341 4

    Configuring and Parameter Assignment the CP 341


    Communication via Function Blocks


    Start-up Characteristics and Operating Mode Transitions of the CP 341


    Diagnostics with the CP 341 8

    Programming Example for Standard Function Blocks


    Technical Specifications A

    Connecting cables B

    Accessories and order numbers


    Literature on SIMATIC S7 D

  • Legal information

    Legal information Warning notice system

    This manual contains notices you have to observe in order to ensure your personal safety, as well as to prevent damage to property. The notices referring to your personal safety are highlighted in the manual by a safety alert symbol, notices referring only to property damage have no safety alert symbol. These notices shown below are graded according to the degree of danger.

    DANGER indicates that death or severe personal injury will result if proper precautions are not taken.

    WARNING indicates that death or severe personal injury may result if proper precautions are not taken.

    CAUTION with a safety alert symbol, indicates that minor personal injury can result if proper precautions are not taken.

    CAUTION without a safety alert symbol, indicates that property damage can result if proper precautions are not taken.

    NOTICE indicates that an unintended result or situation can occur if the relevant information is not taken into account.

    If more than one degree of danger is present, the warning notice representing the highest degree of danger will be used. A notice warning of injury to persons with a safety alert symbol may also include a warning relating to property damage.

    Qualified Personnel The product/system described in this documentation may be operated only by personnel qualified for the specific task in accordance with the relevant documentation, in particular its warning notices and safety instructions. Qualified personnel are those who, based on their training and experience, are capable of identifying risks and avoiding potential hazards when working with these products/systems.

    Proper use of Siemens products Note the following:

    WARNING Siemens products may only be used for the applications described in the catalog and in the relevant technical documentation. If products and components from other manufacturers are used, these must be recommended or approved by Siemens. Proper transport, storage, installation, assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance are required to ensure that the products operate safely and without any problems. The permissible ambient conditions must be complied with. The information in the relevant documentation must be observed.

    Trademarks All names identified by are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. The remaining trademarks in this publication may be trademarks whose use by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the owner.

    Disclaimer of Liability We have reviewed the contents of this publication to ensure consistency with the hardware and software described. Since variance cannot be precluded entirely, we cannot guarantee full consistency. However, the information in this publication is reviewed regularly and any necessary corrections are included in subsequent editions.

    Siemens AG Industry Sector Postfach 48 48 90026 NRNBERG GERMANY

    A5E02191071-03 07/2011

    Copyright Siemens AG 2011. Technical data subject to change

  • CP 341 Point-to-Point Communication, Installation and Parameter Assignment Manual, 04/2011, A5E02191071-03 3


    Purpose of this manual The information in this manual enables you to set up and commission a point-to-point connection.

    Contents of the manual The manual describes the hardware and software of the CP 341 communication processor and its integration in an S7-300 programmable controller. It is divided up into instruction-based chapters and a reference section (appendices).

    The following subjects are covered:

    The basics of the point-to-point connection with the CP 341

    Commissioning the CP 341

    Mounting the CP 341

    Communication via the CP 341


    Application example

    Properties and technical specifications

    Scope of the manual The manual is relevant for:

    Product Order number as of product version CP 341-RS 232C 6ES7 341-1AH02-0AE0 01 CP 341-20mA TTY 6ES7 341-1BH02-0AE0 01 CP 341-RS 422/485 6ES7 341-1CH02-0AE0 01


    The descriptions of the CP 341 communication processors in this manual were correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to describe modifications to the functionality of the modules in a separate product information.

  • Preface

    CP 341 Point-to-Point Communication, Installation and Parameter Assignment 4 Manual, 04/2011, A5E02191071-03

    Conventions The abbreviation CP 341 is used in this documentation when information applies to all three module variants: CP 341-RS232C, CP 341-20mA TTY and CP 341-RS 422/485.

    Navigation features of this manual The manual's navigation features outlined below support quick access to specific information:

    At the beginning of the manual you can find a comprehensive list of contents.

    In the main body of the text, the information in the left-hand column of each page summarizes the contents of each section.

    Following the appendices, a glossary defines important technical terms used in the manual.

    Finally, a comprehensive index allows quick access to information on specific subjects.

    Electronic manuals The entire set of SIMATIC S7 documentation is available on the SIMATIC S7 Collection CD-ROM.

    Recycling and disposal The CP 341 is an environment-friendly product. It's characteristic features include:

    In spite of its excellent resistance to fire, the flame-resistant agent in the plastic used for the housing does not contain halogens.

    Laser inscriptions (i.e. no labels)

    Plastics identification in accordance with DIN 54840

    Fewer materials used due to size reduction; fewer parts due to integration in ASICs

    The CP 341 is suitable for recycling on account of the low level of contaminants in its components.

    Please contact a certified waste disposal company for eco-friendly recycling and to dispose of your old device.

  • Preface

    CP 341 Point-to-Point Communication, Installation and Parameter Assignment Manual, 04/2011, A5E02191071-03 5

    Additional support If you have any unanswered questions regarding use of the products described in this manual, please contact your local Siemens representative.

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    Training center We offer a range of relevant courses to help you to get started with the SIMATIC S7 automation system. Please contact your regional training center or the central training center in D90327 Nuremberg, Germany.

    Internet: http://www.siemens.com/sitrain (http://www.siemens.com/sitrain)


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    CP 341 Point-to-Point Communication, Installation and Parameter Assignment 6 Manual, 04/2011, A5E02191071-03

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