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Cosmos redefined by Mohammed Abubakr

Transcript of Cosmos Redefined 27Feb2008

MOHD ABUBAKR"This book is an answer to all those who believed that my sleepless nights and disturbed days had no meaning. Iquestioned and I kept questioning, the people on my planet were busy making money and killing each other, I was left tofind answers on my own, thus the new science was born. The journey has just begun and the pursuit appears to be endless."WITNESS THE REVOLUTION COSMOS REDEFI NED 1 COSMOS REDEFINED witness the revolution MOHD ABUBAKR 2 NOT FOR SALE Copyright 2008 Mohd Abubakr. All rights reserved with the Author. No part of this book should be translated or reproduced in any form, Electronic, Mechanical, Photocopy, Recording or any information storage and retrieval system for any commercial purpose without prior permission in writing from the author. 3 Dedicated to my parents For their patience, love and unending prayers. For me without you both, the world is nothing but a dead planet. 4 "I have made a discovery. I shall no longer worship the sun, nor the moon, nor the stars. There must be some mighty power behind them that orders them to shine, the sun by day and the moon and stars by night. That great power shall be my God." I have made a discovery. I shall no longer accept the General theory of relativity, nor the quantum mechanics. There must be some mighty logic behind them that makes them work, the general theory of relativity at macroscopic level and the quantum mechanics at microscopic level. That great logic shall be my Theory of Everything. 5 Preface Hi Everyone, I am not a scholar, not a professor, not a physicist and certainly not a mathematician. I am just a kid, who is immensely interested in science. Probably, the interest in science began because of my isolation from the world. During my teenage, I went through something called as Inferiority complex, which forced me to stay away from lot of so called teenage activities. Science gave me an opportunity to have fun within my closed room, it helped me to develop confidence in myself and it made me a person what I am today. The bonding with science has been intimately deep! My journey of knowing science has just begun and the pursuit appears to be endless. This book is a product of my sleepless nights and disturbed days in finding the secrets behind the existence of universe. There have been many moments when people have made fun of me and after going through all of it, I rather became resistant to losers. My early lessons on facing the world arrived during the beginning of my 11th standard when I was mentally tortured based on communal remarks by some students. I knew from then that world is a dirtier place to live and that particular realization led me into the world of stars, galaxies and atoms. That was world of science is world ruled by truth and persistent hard work. Every time I read something new, I shared it with my friends. When they were just about disgusted with my constant scientific lectures, I found Wikipedia. It gave me a platform to anonymously write-up all that I have learnt in science. Today when I read the articles I have edited on Wikipedia, it gives me pleasant feelings as most of them still remain intact. I started working on my own theories from 2002 and it almost took 4 years until I reached something concrete called as Construction Theory in 2005. In all those 4 years, I tried my best to understand, envision and enhance the existing theories, but somewhere I felt there is a missing link. Construction theory is all about figuring out that missing link to take the world of science one step ahead. And then happened this book! 6 Few highlights of the this book include, formulation of a framework for the Grand Unified Theory, the discovery of a new fundamental quantity called as Chakr, the discovery of a new branch of mathematics called as Calpanic Numbers, formulation of a theory called Construction theory to explain Bigbang, black holes, dark matter, dark energy and many more in parallel with the basic happenings inside the atom like nucleus, atoms etc. The book also points out that Mass, Charge (current) and Temperature are not fundamental quantities. I dont want to give away too many secrets here, as I really want you to read the book in whole. I hope you would like it. I am in debt to the people who have lent their support and continue to do so in making my passion for science easy and pleasurable. First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents for handling me so well and surviving in doing so. I know, its not easy to withstand a person like me (24/7) and I am sure God will certainly recognize their efforts. There have been fights, there have been tears, but I only have love in my heart for them, its just that effect of science doesnt let me speak out my emotions. As you can see, from last two years I am trying hard to be a normal person but I think they know the disappointment burning inside me. There have been some great people who have inspired me to do persistent hard work, think high and achieve truth in life. The list includes Prophet Mohammed, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Grigori Perelman and few others. I call all these gentlemen as Men of Science. I have been questioned by my friends that why do I include Prophet Mohammed in the list of men of science, the answer is his teachings are more based on science than philosophy. These people have had a great impact on my life, the way I perceive things and the way I want to live my life. The world is a poorer place to live without these outstanding inspirations. I am thankful to all my teachers for being so kind with me, for all the knowledge you have given me and for making me walk on the right path. Your patience in explaining not just science but also life has helped me greatly. I have also been fortunate to receive guidance and 7 support from some good professors. To name a few, Prof. APN Rao (the man behind the Soliton Effect in my life), Prof. E.G. Rajan (for giving me the first break to present at an international conference), Prof. Milo Wolff (for encouraging me through emails), Prof. Vijay Prakash (for his persistent effort in making me normal) and all those professors who have guided me during conferences, talks and chats. I am thankful to all my friends, especially Vinay and Kiran for their patience and tolerance. I shall always remember those endless discussions in bakeries, first benches and on house terraces. I hope you both didnt get bored during all those discussions. Theres one more person who motivated me in formulating the theory presented in this book, unfortunately we are no more the friends that we used to be, but all I can say is that I miss her. There have been many friends who have helped me in getting right frame of mind for science, I am very much thankful to them. I am also thankful to Hafeez Basha for being a great friend and for helping me publish this book. Above all, I am thankful to Almighty Allah for blessing me with science and innovation and for being so much merciful on me. I dont think my prayers have enough strength and I know its all due Allahs kindness. Mohd Abubakr. 8 Index Introduction Chapter1: Flaws in present physics Geocentric theory to Gravitational theory Maxwell laws Relativity Quantum mechanics Quantum fields and gauges Superstrings and M-theory Chapter2: Calpanic Numbers (beyond imaginary numbers) Real numbers Imaginary numbers Beyond imaginary numbers r - Convention Properties of numbers Chapter3: Compact discrete theory What is sensible mathematics? The two postulates Chapter4: Construction material of universe International system of units Redundancy Fundamental law of conservation Chapter5: Construction theory Minkowskis space derivation Relativity derivation Dimensional analysis Schrdingers wave equation derivation Plancks law derivation Calpanic Universe proof Chapter6: Answers 9 Introduction God invented the universe and it is the responsibility of human beings to discover it From the moment humans started thinking, there was an opposition from the non-thinkers. The non-thinkers always have problems with thinkers since they just cant digest the innovation happening around. To crush down the thinking abilities of people around them, the non-thinkers started the notions of superstition, pagan rules, etc. I hope most of you are aware of so many superstitions happening around us especially in countries like India. For that matter, superstition is also there in the field of science. Yes, thats true. There are hundreds of false notions and beliefs existing in our science and yet we drag them along without raising questions. Some of which have become sacred and when one raises a question against it, there are bunch of non-thinkers ready to cause harm. The gangs of non-thinkers are like those terrorists who speak about liberty and yet dont give independence to poor nations. Fortunately, science is not the slave of these non-thinke