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Transcript of cosmeticphysicians · PDF file 8:40-9:00am Mini Tummy Tuck (Video) 9:00-9:20am Bafitis...


    10th ANNUAL

    OCTOBER 7-11, 2015 OMNI ChampionsGate Resort | Orlando, FL




    ACCESS m enjoy unmatched access to colleagues from every facet of cosmetic medicine m intimate setting allows unique opportunity to intermingle with faculty m unlimited admittance to sessions and exhibit hall LEARNING m learn from other physicians who have built successful cosmetic practices m learn about the latest cosmetic procedures and newest technologies m share valuable insights and information with your colleagues VALUE m earn AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™ m enhance productivity in your practice and the safe care of patients NETWORKING m network with industry leading sponsors m collegiality and friendships are always a highlight of our cosmetic conference

    something for everyone!

    Shino Bay Aguilera MD

    Oscar Aguirre MD Dima Ali MD

    Red Alinsod MD Gregory Alouf MD

    David Angeloni PhD Alexander Bader MD

    Harold Bafitis DO Manraj Bath DMD

    Steven Bengelsdorf MD Jennifer Berman MD Jack Bertolino MD

    Guillermo Blugerman MD Jamie Calderon MD Rich Castellano MD

    Chris Cleary Gregory Crichlow MD

    Christian Drehsen Robert Dryden MD William Ehrlich MD

    Francisco Franco MD Adrian Gaspar MD

    Charalambos Georgiou MD Richard Goldfarb MD

    John Hamel MD Christine Hamori MD

    Ron Hartley Robert John Hughes

    Alex Kaplan MD Brian Kerr MD

    Ronald Kolegraff MD Greg Laurence MD

    Garry Lee MD Gustavo Leibaschoff MD

    Arturo Menchaca MD Carey Nease MD

    Adam Ostrzenski MD, PhD Peter Pacik MD

    Gabriel Patino MD Jesus Perez

    Marco Antonio Conde Perez MD Otto Placik MD

    Mona Rane Brandon Roberts

    Charles Runels MD Amir Seif-Eldin MD

    Jeff Segal MD Aaron Shapiro MD

    Sanjeev Sharma MD Jay Shorr BA

    Mara Shorr BS Meena Singh

    George Solomon MD Gerry Stanley MD

    Thomas Su MD Mark J. Tager MD Susan Tanne MD Walter Tom MD

    Greg Washington Tom Waters

    Steven Weiner MD Marc Yune MD

  • PRE CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Program Directors: ENHANCING YOUR PRESENCE: IN PERSON, ON CAMERA, ONLINE Wednesday, October 7, 2015 10:00 am- 4:00pm This highly interactive, individualized workshop is designed to help you amplify your influence to attract and retain the types of patients you want to treat. You will gain practical, hands-on skills you can apply immediately upon returning to your practice. Part 1: Presentation Skills: 10 am-12 pm Most people experience anxiety before and during any kind of presentation, speech, or in- terview. This session reveals the skills employed by the world’s best presenters. Mastering these skills produces a fundamental shift that allows you to move beyond trying to “act natural” to actually being comfortable and authentic in any “one to many” situation, including direct to camera video, speeches and presentations, and media interviews. Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in before and after video taping, with one-on-one coaching. • Presentation anxiety: causes and cures • The power of a simple message • How to be comfortable when presenting • The importance of body posture and appropriate gestures • How to modulate your voice to hold the audience attention • Individual videotaping of…baseline • Eliminating distractors • The one essential element in every great presentation Part II: Patient Engagement Skills 12-2 pm The primary focus will be on your one-to-one skills; however, because the office staff can either support or hinder your efforts, we will include some helpful techniques for building a welcoming office culture. This section of the course will be conducted mainly through a series of small group exercises with some didactic content. As a result of attending this section, you will:

    • Understand different patient personality types • Set appropriate treatment expectations • Gain strategies for dealing with difficult patients • Deliver empathy effectively in the clinical setting • Use motivational interviewing to support behavior change and adherence • Integrate lifestyle methodologies in aesthetics • Make sense of the quantified self • Create a healthy and patient-centric office culture • Build your patient base by learning how to ask for referrals

    Part III: Video Presence Skills 2-4 pm We live in a world where people are short on time and overloaded with messages. This means your message must be brief, clear, concise, and patient centered. In this section, we bring together theory and practice to send you home with a new strategic branding tool: your 90 Second Story ™ • How to create your 90 Second Story™, a concise statement that explains who you are, what you do, and why patients should come see you. What sets you apart? • How to fine tune and test your 90 Second Story. Part IV: Create your 90 Second Story Video During the conference, attendees of the course will have the opportunity to create their own 90 Second Story video. We will coach you to deliver an authentic, unique, and impactful video. You will leave the conference with a video that can be used on your website or for social media.

    Robert John HughesMark J. Tager MD

  • da y 1

    GENERAL SESSION Moderator: Dima Ali, MD Thursday, October 8, 2015 Day 1 (Preliminary Agenda) 7:00-8:00 BREAKFAST

    8:00-8:05am Opening Remarks

    8:05-8:25am Injectables Consultation

    8:25-8:45am Advanced Fillers

    8:45-9:05am MicroCannula 102: Advanced Techniques

    9:05-9:20am The Use of Silicone for Lip Augmentation - A 15-year Retrospective

    9:20-9:30am Q&A/Panel

    9:30-10:00am BREAK

    10:00-10:25am Beyond Lip Service: The Beauty of Systematic Lip Evaluation

    and Treatment Planning for Lip Augmentations

    10:25-10:45am Precise-Sculpt; An Effective Technique

    10:45-11:05am Restoration of Midface Volume Loss: Treating the Disease, not the Symptoms

    11:05-11:25am Hyaluronic Gel + PRP: Clinical Trial for Infraorbital Hollow, Does it Work?

    11:25-11:45am Hyaluronidase Applications: Aesthetic and Emergent

    11:45-12:00pm Q&A/Panel

    12:00-1:30pm LUNCH WITH LECTURE

    1:30-1:50pm Complication Prevention and Reversing the Reversible

    1:50-2:10pm Full Face Rejuvenation

    2:10-2:30pm Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

    2:30-2:50pm Therapeutic Use for Botulinum Toxin: Bruxism

    2:50-3:10pm Botulinum Toxin Use for Hyperhydrosis

    3:10-3:30pm Q&A/Panel

    3:30-4:00pm BREAK

    4:00-4:20pm Full and Fractionated Ablative Resurfacing

    4:20-4:40pm Microneedling with PRP

    4:40-5:00pm A New Minimally Invasive Technique for Treating Skin Laxity, Scars

    and Hyperhidrosis Using Microneedle Fractional RF

    5:00-5:30pm Q&A/Adjourn

  • GENERAL SESSION Moderator: Gregory Alouf, M.D. Friday, October 9, 2015 Day 2 (Preliminary Agenda)

    7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST

    8:00-9:30am Non-Invasive Body Contouring Technologies

    A Panel Discussion on Non-Invasive Technologies

    BTL; Viora; Alma Lasers; Zeltiq; SyneronCandela

    9:30-10:00am BREAK

    10:00-10:15am The First Year in Cosmetic Surgery: A Personal Experience

    10:15-10:30am Editing and Managing Cosmetic Practice Photos

    10:30-11:00am Lidocaine and Tumescent Anesthesia

    11:00-11:15am Anesthetic Implications in Cosmetic Procedures

    11:15-11:30am Ultrasonic Liposuction and Why I do it

    11:30-11:45am Superficial Liposuction for Skin Retraction- An Overview

    11:45-12:00pm Q&A/Panel

    12:00-1:30pm LUNCH WITH LECTURE

    1:30-1:45pm The Role of Laser Liposuction in My Practice

    1:45-2:00pm Liposuction of the Female Breast with Lift

    2:00-2:15pm Liposuction of the Male Breast/Gynecomastia

    2:15-2:30pm Interactive Liposuction - A New Method of Liposuction

    2:30-2:45pm Lipo-Brachioplasty (Avelar)

    2:45-3:00pm Liposuction Facelift

    3:00-3:15pm Liposuction Complications

    3:15-3:30pm Q&A/Panel

    3:30-4:00pm BREAK

    4:00-4:15pm Sclerotherapy for Chest Walls

    4:15-4:30pm Varicose Veins

    4:30-4:45pm Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

    4:45-5:00pm The Testosterone Controversy

    5:00-5:15pm The Importance of our Society

    5:15-5:30pm Q&A/Adjourn


    day 2

  • da y 3

    GENERAL SESSION Moderator: Sanjeev Sharma, M.D., FAAFP, FACGS, MACEP Saturday, October 10, 2015 Day 3 (Preliminary Agenda) 7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST

    8:00-8:20am Awake Subpectoral Breast Augmentation Using Tumescent Technique

    8:20-8:35am Inframammary Submuscular (video)

    8:35-8:55am Trans-Umbilical Approach

    8:55-9:15am Caveats of Breast Augmentation

    9:15-9:30am Q&A/Panel

    9:30-10:00am BREAK

    10:00-10:20am Benelli, Lollipop and Full Anchor Mastopexy; Indications for Each

    10:20-10:35am Breast Augmentation With Lift (Video)

    10:35-10:50am Saving the NAC in Mastopexy

    10:50-11:05am Awake Subglandular Breast Augmentation

    for Grade I-II Ptosis- Avoiding the Mastopexy Scar

    11:05-11:25am Management and Complications in Breast Surgery