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Huntington Beach dentist, Dr. Sebastian Gonzales, is your top general dentist in Huntington Beach specializing in cosmetic dental, dentures, and general dentistry. The number one goal of Dr. Sebastian is to help you have a healthy smile. Dr. Sebastian knows that general dentistry experience matters to you when it comes to the dentist you choose. While your comfort and relaxation are paramount, he always delivers the very best in true dental expertise.

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  • Cosmetic Dentist Huntington Beach

    Porcelain Veneers

    A dental porcelain veneer is a thin customized shell made of colored materials that bond to the front of your teeth to help improve your smile. The shell is a bonded porcelain restoration of the tooth.

    When gross decay exist or a root canal has been performed porcelain veneers are not indicated. These veneers are professionally used by the Hollywood stars to solve problems such as stained, slightly crooked and poorly shaped teeth.

    Porcelain veneers are also used to close gaps. Veneers are a dynamite way to blend bad teeth into a great smile and reduce the excess damage and enamel removal to the tooth.





    Dr. Sebastian is an expert in creating procelain veneers that are natural looking with customized translucency made to match identically to your existing healthy smile.

    George Washington wishes that porcelain veneers were available in his day. All you have to do is call and set up an appointment with Dr. Sebastian!

  • Porcelain Crowns in Huntington Beach

    Crowns and Bridges

    When a tooth is heavily decayed it becomes too weak to survive on its own or with a filling. In a case such as this a crown is needed (i.e. caps or jackets). These restorations are made to protect and cover the entirety of an exposed tooth and to cosmetically improve its appearance.

    Crowns increase the structural efficiency for chewing and provide maximum protection for the tooth. Dental crowns can be fabricated with a diverse amount of materials such as gold, zirconium, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal. Zirconium crowns provide strength and esthetics combined.

    When one tooth is lost there is no need for a full denture to be used. Dental bridges are one way to replace teeth and restore the chewing surfaces. This dental procedure involves cementing a crown on each side of the missing tooth; the false tooth is then secured in between the two sturdy bases.

  • Root Canals in Huntington Beach

    How can a root canal help me? Root canal therapy, also known as an Endodontic Treatment, is a procedure designed to remove pain and to save the tooth by avoiding tooth extractions.

    A common misconception is that the root is never removed; it is merely the nerve tissue. After an endodontic treatment the tooth becomes a non-living tooth.

    Indications for a root canal are to save tooth structure, maintain ability to chew and prolong the quality of your tooth life.

    Many times a endodontic treatment can be finished within one office visit and a temporary filling is placed. After the procedure, to restore chewing function, a porcelain crown is cemented.

    The reputation of root canal therapy pain can cause patients to avoid this procedure. But in fact most root canals do not have post operative discomfort.

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