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Updated version of the presentation given in the "Pimp your OPAC" session at COSI 2009 Conference

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  • 1. A Hipper HIP Dave Pattern, Library Systems Manager University of

2. Preamble Presentation available at: Please remix and reuse this presentation Have you remembered to switch your phone on? please feel free take photos, record audio, blog, tweet (@daveyp #cosi2009), etc 3. Contents Spellchecker xISBN Google Book Search ticTOCs and more? 4. Spell checker All OPAC keyword searches were monitored over a six month period Approx 23% of searches gave zero results 74 people entered renew as a keyword(!) Users expect suggestions and prompts, not dead end pages 5. Spell checker 6. Implementing a spellchecker GNU Aspell Yahoo Web Services Spelling Suggestion 7. Implementing a spellchecker bethovn 8. Other editions 9. Other editions Uses web services provided by OCLC and LibraryThing to locate other editions and related works within local holdings 10. Other editions 11. Email alerts 12. RSS feeds 13. RSS feeds 14. RSS feeds 15. Getting XML from HIP 16. Getting XML from HIP Add the following to the end of the web page URL: &GetXML=true 17. Getting XML from HIP 18. Google Book Search 19. ticTOCs 20. ticTOCs 21. Virtual shelf browser 22. Item usage