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  • 1. Corsets: A Thing About ThemBecause There Seems To Be Some Confusion" And I Wanted To Make A Slide Show But I Refuse To Use Comic Sans

2. Not All Corsets Are Created Equal A lot of factors go into making a decent corset. Good, sturdy fabric, substantial boning (preferably steel but HEAVY plastic can work too) and pattern shape are all important. I want to show you in crappy pictures taken with my Macbook camera and brief text blocks how those things impact how a corset ts your body and feels how those things work in terms of how a corset feels and looks. 3. Specically I Am Talking About CorsetStory Or CorsetsWholesale. Or Punk69. Or CorsetsUK. Or whatever the hell they are calling themselves this week. Four years ago I had my own income for the rst time and REALLY WANTED AS MANY CORSETS AS POSSIBLE so I bought A LOT of corsets from Punk69. I even recommended them to others. I was like THESE ARE STEEL BONED CLEARLY THEY ARE GOOD CORSETS. Because I didnt know any better. And now I do. So I kinda made a slideshow to try and demonstrate why I was wrong and use my wrongness to stop other people from being wrong too. 4. This Is Me Me without a corset for reference. I combed my hair and put on a bra so you know its important. I didnt change out of my pajama pants so you know I dont take myself too seriously tho. 5. Not A CorsetThis is not a corset. This is a plastic boned Burleska bustier. I got it for $7 on post Halloween clearance and I would not pay more for it. Its ok for a costume piece but you can see it just sort of sits on my body not really doing anything, and its cinched in as far as it will go. Thin plastic bones, no curveseh. Also, you can see how uneven the lacing gap is. Remember this. Its important later. 6. Kind of A Corset This is kind of a corset. I think I paid about $20 for it from CorsetsUK/Corset Story back when they were still Punk69. It has steel bones and a nice sturdy zipper and I like the fabric. BUT. You can see that it doesnt really give me that much more shape than the plastic boned one, and you can see how much bigger the lacing gap has to be to accommodate my wide hips in the back. Thats the sign of a not-great pattern. Also, this is cinched down as tight as it will go before I start to feel pressure on my ribs and hips. Buuut, it doesnt actually cinch my waist down that much. Well. Oops. 7. More Of A Corset This is a little more of a proper corset. I made it for myself from the King and Company Celine pattern which is really good. Its got at steels at the front and back and heavy duty cable ties everywhere else. Its comfortable, it denes my waist dramatically, and you can see my lacing gap is nice and even. Its hardly a masterwork but it cups my ribs and hips comfortably while reducing my waist, it doesnt cause pressure points, and I think it gives me a nice shape. 8. Actually A Good Corset This is the Ruby Dead Tech from Gallery Serpentine. It cost me $245. It was worth every penny. You can see how small it makes my waist look but its super comfortable and cups my ribs and hips in the most wonderful way. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE A NICE CURVY PATTERN PEOPLE. LOOK AT IT. MARVEL IN IT. REVEL IN IT. 9. Really Not A Good CorsetThis is the one that troubles me the most. It was from Canal Boat Trading, which is one of the sub-companies of CorsetStory. It was billed as a waist-training corset. Whichno. Go back to the last two slides. See how they nip in at the waist? See how this one DOESNT DO THAT LIKE AT ALL? See the triangular gap thats hugely big at the hips? This is also tightened to the point where I can feel pressure on my ribs and hips. It is not a shapely pattern. It is not a curvy pattern. AND YET THEY CALLED IT A WAIST TRAINING CORSET. No. No. A THOUSAND TIMES NO. 10. In Conclusion When my only experience of corsets was the Punk69/Corset Story/ Canal Boat (yes, these are all the same company) corsets, I just sort of assumed that uncomfortable ribs and hips were part of the territory. This is not so, my ducklings. I can wear one of those babies lightly cinched for maybe three or four hours before I start to get numbness/ pain/pressure spots. Vs. when I wear my GS, or one of my own, or one of my other nicer corsets, which I can wear for hours in perfect comfort. I think even those of us who like corsets have been so brainwashed by the corsets are painful media BS that we just all go well, its uncomfortable but thats what its supposed to do, right? WRONG. WRONGNESS WITH WRONGSAUCE. A well crafted corset with a curvy pattern will do you a world of good. And CorsetStory corsets do not have curvy patterns. Their overbusts are moderately curvier than their underbusts, but ultimately, Ive basically stopped wearing them now that I have experienced more comfortable corsets, and Im going to have to do considerable modication in the form of hip gores, ties, etc. to make them actually wearable for myself. 11. In Conclusion Some More So if you want to buy from any one of Corset Storys six million iterations, I cant stop you. I can just let you know my experience and that IMO, its better to have fewer corsets that actually t well and are comfortable than a bunch that are soso in shape and uncomfy. Also, what they explicitly bill as waist training corsets are totally unsuitable for waist training and actively dangerous so that makes me really not want to support their company. There are lots of reputable corset sellers that have reasonable prices and nice curvy patterns, so support one of them instead. I guarantee youll have a better corset experience in the end.