Corset Deal India - An Authentic Corset Store for the Best in Overbust Corsets

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Corset Deal is an authentic corset store in India offering the best in overbust corsets.

Transcript of Corset Deal India - An Authentic Corset Store for the Best in Overbust Corsets

  • 1.An Authentic Corset Store for the Best in Overbust Corsets

2. What are Overbust Corsets? This beautiful piece of garment: Holds and shapes the torso Extends from just below the arms to the hips Is usually made of flexible material, stiffened with boning 3. Evolution of Overbust Corsets Corsets have evolved with time: 1500s - Women wore tight, elongated bodice under their clothes 1700s - Inverted conical shaped corsets come into fashion Mid-1800s Victorian corsets make their mark. Tight-lacing becomes popular 1890 - Machine-made corsets grow in popularity 1900 Women adorn the S-bend corsets or the Edwardian corsets 4. Overbust Corsets are Back in Fashion Corsets are back in vogue in the new millennium. Several celebrities are wearing overbust corsets. In the West, they include: Beyonce Lady Gaga Madonna Miley Cyrus In India, they include: Deepika Padukone Kareena Kapoor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Kartina Kaif And MANY MORE 5. Overbust Corsets Reincarnated In the latest fashion, overbust corsets reincarnated into various forms: Both as lingerie and as outerwear Both as a symbol of sexual empowerment and to improve body image For waist reduction For making a style statement Worn with ethnic wear, like Lehengas and Sarees, as well as with Western wear, like short leather skirts and harem pants. 6. Get a Wide Variety of Overbust Corsets Available on are the following styles of corsets: Fashion Corsets Tight Lacing Corsets Victorian Corsets Edwardian Era Corsets Prom Corsets Bridal Corsets Waist Training Corsets Burlesque Corsets 7. Materials Used for Making Overbust Corsets While the basic structure of overbust corsets remains the same, the uniqueness is created by the material used for their construction and boning. Fabrics used: Brocade Satin Velvet Denim Leather Material used for boning: Steel Spring Wood 8. Benefits of Wearing Overbust Corsets Overbust corsets are beneficial for: Getting an hourglass figure Waist training Several health-related advantages 9. Mix and Match Your Corsets Todays Indian woman is confident and not afraid to experiment with her looks. You can wear corsets along with jeans, trousers, pencil skirts, sarees and lehangas. 10. is the Right Choice is highly trusted by customers because it has: A wide collection of high quality overbust corsets ISO: 9001-2008 Certification Customer base spanning 4 continents A meticulous team of trained professionals 11. Overbust Corsets at Your Doorstep To pick a corset from our collection of exquisite overbust corsets please visit