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  • What is Cloud Communications?

    Cloud communications are Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications, switching and storage are hosted by a third-party outside of the organization using them, and they are accessed over the public Internet. Cloud services is a broad term, referring primarily to hosted data services that are run and accessed over an Internet infrastructure. Until recently, these services have been primarily used for data, but with the evolution of VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), voice has become a key part of cloud services

    Cloud communications providers deliver voice and data communications applications and services, hosting them on servers that the providers own and maintain, giving their customers access to the cloud. Because they only pay for services or applications they use, customers have a more cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environ-ment, without the headaches associated with more conven-tional phone systems.

    Companies can cut costs with cloud communications services while receiving additional features. Cloud-based providers have demonstrated that a cloud-based platform can be just as effective as a software-based platform, but at a much lower cost. Voice services delivered from the cloud increases the value of hosted telephony, as users can equally well turn to a cloud-based offering instead of relying on a facilities-based service provider for hosted VoIP. This expands their options beyond local or regional carriers.

    In the past, businesses have been able to do this for their IT data services, but not for their telecommunications needs. Cloud communications is attractive because the cloud can now become a platform for voice, data and video. Most hosted services have been built around voice, and are usually referred to as hosted VoIP. The cloud communica-tions environment serves as a platform upon which all these modes can seamlessly work as well as integrate.

    Capital Structure (01-31-11)

    Trading Symbol DTGIShare O/S 62,662,850Fully Diluted 70,791,850Recent Price $0.0552 week low-high $.02 - .07Market Cap $3.1 million

    Contact Information

    Arthur L. Smith, President and CEO3201 Cherry Ridge, Suite C-300San Antonio, Texas 78230Tel: 210-614-7240, ext. 1003Fax: [email protected]

    Investor Relations

    RJ Faulkner and AssociatesTel: 830-693-4400Fax: 830-693-6600Email: [email protected]

    Jack EversullTel: 972-571-1624Fax: 214-469-2361 Email: [email protected]

    Corporate Overview

    Digerati is an established cloud communications service provider meeting the global needs of businesses that are seek-ing simple, flexible, and cost effective solutions. Unlike legacy phone systems, our telephony services are delivered Only in the Cloud, or over the Internet, making service available to customers from anywhere Internet access is available. Our cloud-based telephony technology makes traditional phone systems a thing of the past by eliminating the need for costly and complex premise-based phone systems and delivering big business features at significant savings. Over the last 15 years, Digerati has built a carrier grade network with a global footprint that allows us to deliver our Only in the Cloud telephony services to virtually every region of the world from our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

    Our global network started in 1995 along the U.S - Mexico corri-dor to capitalize on the opportunities created by the deregula-tion of the telecommunications industry within Latin America. Over the course of the following decade, Digerati expanded its next-generation voice over Internet ("VoIP") network into more than 50 countries and established over 200 global partnerships with foreign carriers and emerging operators. In 2010 we expanded beyond our VoIP transport services by introducing our Only in the Cloud telephony product line that includes fully hosted IP/PBX services, SIP trunking, and customized VoIP solutions for specialized applications. Digerati was formerly ATSI Communications, Inc., a global telecommunications carrier founded in 1994 and three-time recipient of Deloitte and Touche's Fast 500 Award for recognition as one of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in North America.

  • Leadership Team

    Arthur L. SmithCEO and President

    Antonio EstradaSr. Vice President of Financeand Corporate Controller

    Ruben CaraveoSr. Vice President of Technologyand Operations

    Board of Directors

    John Fleming

    Murray Nye

    Arthur L. Smith

    Digerati's Only in the Cloud Solution

    Digeratis Only in the Cloud communications platform replaces traditional phone systems with an easy to use system which is com-pletely off-premise in the Internet cloud.

    Digerati's Only in the Cloud communications platform provides advanced call routing services without the need for end users to handle any technical aspects of managing their telephone system.

    Digerati's Only in the Cloud telephony solution provides users with a wide variety of features, such as customized greetings with sophisticated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) messages, music on hold, voice-mail to email, call forwarding, simultaneously ring multiple phones at once, conference calling, call recording, click to call, and many other features.

    Digerati's Only in the Cloud telephony solution makes advanced technology and Fortune 500 features available to small businesses for a fraction of the cost.

    This investor fact sheet is intended to provide background information on Digerati Technlogies, Inc. It should be read in conjunction with the company's SEC filings, includ-ing the risk factors and forward looking safe harbor statements included in those filings. Copies of those documents are accessible at the company's website.

    3201 Cherry Ridge, Suite C300, San Antonio, Texas 78230 * 210-614-7240 *