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  • Letter from the President of the Board of Directors

    Good Evening and Welcome to Coronation XXXII From the Barnyard to the Jungle A Journey through the Animal Kingdom.

    To all our Visiting Monarchs, Dignitaries, Courtiers and Special Guests, On behalf of our Regent Monarchs, Emperor Christian Dior Essence and Emperor Jason Parkos, I would to thank you all for attending Coronation XXXII (32) this evening.

    It has been a very exciting year of Community Service and Fundraising. We had the opportunity this year for Corporate Sponsorship from T.G.I.Fridays and Best Buy Stores thank you to both of these Companies for going the extra mile for the LGBTQ Community. Its been a challenge for me as President to separate business from pleasure in making all the right decisions. I had to make Business choices before friendships and for that I am not sorry. I am very proud to be involved in the court system for more then 25 years now. I have always been a positive and giving person to my Community, but we all have those few who think otherwise well your welcome to your thoughts and comments. But, in the end its the choices you make for your Community and those less fortunate that matter first and foremost. We started the year off with our Charter being re-instated in December. I want to personally thank two individuals for being on the front line when it came to believing in this Organization and Me, My Husband and Emperor 28 John and Empress 5,10,15 of Reno and Heir Apparent to Queen Mother Nicole the Great Jack-E thank you for all that you have done for this Empire and for my Faith in The International Court System. We then needed to go through the line of secession to place Regents. We came up with two very wonderful men who have worked very hard these last 8 months and have had challenge after challenge but managed to find their way to the finish line. Jason and Christian I am very proud to call you both Absolute Emperor 31 tonight, you both have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty as a Monarch for this Empire and its Community, Congratulations to you both. I am also very proud of the job that my Board of Directors has done this term thank you John, Margaret, cSeneca, Tomas, Athena, and Christopher as well as our Monarchs. In bettering the Community and making the Imperial Court a better place to be in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. So now sit back and enjoy an evening of fun and laughs and most of all memories, as we take A journey through the Animal Kingdom. President of the Board of Directors for the 31st Reign The Lavender Dragonfly The Hope of the Stars The Absolute Dowager Sapphire & Diamond Empress XXVIII Jessica Avalon Cartier of the House of Short Leggs

  • A Thank You From The Black Ebony Diamond Panther Emperor

    Greetings and Welcome to Coronation 2010 From the Barnyard to Jungle A Journey through the Animal Kingdom.

    This is the first coronation we had since 2007. The last two years were really rough but with hard work from the board and support from our community and visiting courts, we

    stand here once again as proud member of the International Court System. I know I said I would never do this again, but I had to think about the organization needs over my own to

    help get Alameda Imperial back on track. Ive enjoyed every minute of this reign and dont regret any of it. Ive come to realize there are huge bumps in the road but we

    somehow overcame them and succeeded this year.

    ICC To our Queen Mother, Nicole the Great and the International Court Council. I would like to thank you for given us the opportunity to be back with our charter. We worked really hard for a reinstatement and we our thankful for that. Jack-E and Sharon thank for showing your support as well The Imperial Star Empire of Alameda & Contra Counties Well we did it!! After two long years we finally bounced back. Thank you to hardest working board ever for your time, energy, and commitment to get us back on track. Jason, Jessica, John, Christopher, Tomas, Cseneca, Marge, and Athena. Thank you!!! Alameda Ducal Ken & Vivian, you guys did a wonderful job during your reign and I was glad to be part of your step down. Im also glad you both are part of the new leadership this year with the ducal council. Ill be there to support in any way. Ms. Lady Cranberry, my friend, sister and now Reigning Grand Duchess!! Im so happy for you; I had a blast at your investitures. I know you and Jim will do a fantastic job and Ill be there to support you. Frank Sereno, what can I say you have been a true friend since Ive been involved. You have not changed one bit and truly you are a nice and respectful person and that is hard to come by these days. Thank you!

  • Chico Jim & Deseree our King Father & Queen Mother. Thank you guys for your support over the years and this year as well. Deseree thank you so much for the animals for our coronation set. Great job!!! Eileen & Sharon you two all have been a big support over the years. Thank you!! Modesto Ryan & April you both have done a wonderful job this year and Ill see you both in November. Mama Cantrell you have become my second mother, so guess that makes me and Matthew brothers!! Debbie your fun and crazy and I love it when we get the chance to hang out with you. Jacqueline, youve been a big help, thank you so much for the back drops. Sondra Van Doren, thank you also for your support over the years. You always seem to make me laugh every time I see you. Thank you!! Sacramento Tony & Chelsea, I had blast your coronation, can you tell where I can find those cute boys you guys had walking around half naked. Thanks! Terry & Michael, I see you two have taken after me and Jason. I think we may have started something with the two Emperors thing! San Francisco Imperial Stephen & Renita, Im glad to see you both as the new monarchs of S.F. Please know youll have my support this year. China silk, your crazy and thats all I going say. John Webber, my Emperor Brother. What can I say; you have accomplished so much in San Francisco. I remember when you told me you wanted to run for Emperor of S.F. and I told you go for it, and you did and what wonderful job you did. San Francisco Ducal Pollo, I still dont recognize you out of drag and every time you come to speak to me out of face Im like whos that cute man. LOL!! Ill see you and Patrick in a couple of weeks. Collette and Carlos I enjoy our talks. See you guys soon. San Jose (Sister City) Brenda, Robert & Big Red, you guys are keeping things going out in San Jose. So far, so good!! Robert I want that Superman Crown!!! Stockton (Sister City) First I must start by saying thanks to Ro-Flak and Kiki, you both have been there for Alameda over the years no matter what. You both have shown so much support thank you. I just have to make sure we have a box chicken at each of our events for Ro! Big Dogg Brenda thanks for just being a good friend. David and Anthony you guys are fun & crazy!! Justin & Lady Lace, thanks for all of your support this year! DJ Daddy Doug thank for your support and being our DJ when needed. Last but not least, I must say a very BIG THANK YOU to my Sista, Uneke Chenel. Uneke I remember the first time I meet you and we seemed too click. You truly are a good friend and support to Alameda Imperial. Thank you so much for being a true DIVA!!! Las Vegas Bill and Civil, You guys are wrong for that crazy ass photo album. LOL!! Michelle Holiday and Tago it was good seeing you guys Stockton this year.

  • Reno Pandora & Hailey, thank you both for coming from far away to Alameda this year. I had blast you both!! To My Late Sister and Fellow Empress Lamonz Dupree, You are missed so much here in Alameda. Thank you for your love and support you gave to Alameda Imperial over the years. Your memories live on through your Imperial Family, Community Work, your fabulous gowns, and friends. I miss you dearly! A Diamond in the Sky! Jason Parkos (a.k.a. Summer Clearance) - Regent Emperor XXXI, Jason thank you for coming back and helping us in big way. When the idea was presented to me about you and me as Regents I jump at the idea. It was something new and exciting I knew it would work out well. I knew this was going to be a fun year once you told me you would be the California Happy Cow Emperor!! Thanks for bringing the fun back and for traveling when I could not. Please know you have done so much to help get Alameda Imperial back on the map. THANK YOU!!!!! ALL THE SINGLE LADIES!!!! In Service to the Community and Court; His Most Imperial Majesty Regent Emperor XXXI Alameda & Contra Costa Counties The Strength & Pride To The Of The Stars The Black Ebony Diamond Panther Mr. Christ ian Dior Essence

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