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Cordillera's Musical Instruments1.Gangsa is a single hand-held smooth-surfaced gong with a narrow rim. A set of gangsa, which is played one gong per musician, consists of gangsa tuned to different notes, depending on regional or local cultural preferences.

2.Kalaleng orTongali(nose flute)Because the kalaleng is long and has a narrow internal diameter, it is possible to play different harmonics through overblowingeven with the rather weak airflow from one nostril

3.Tongatongis a bamboo percussion instrument used by the people of Kalinga tocommunicate with spirits during house blessings. It is made of bamboo cut in various lengths.When you hit it against soft earth a certain drone reverberates though the instrument's open mouth4. Diwdiw-asis 5 or more different size of slender bamboo thatis tied together. 5. Saggeypoit is a bamboo pipe that is closed on one end by a node with the open end held against thelower lip of the player as he blows directly across the top. The pipe can be played individually byone person or in ensembles of three or more. 6. Solibao is hallow wooden Igorot drug topped with pig skin or lizard skin this is played by striking the drum head using the palm of the hand.