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Transcript of Coral reefs by Isaac Benhaimoud

  • 1. by Isaac David Benhaimoud CORAL REEFS

2. THE CORAL REEFS A living coral reef is an underwater ridge or mound built of fragments of coral sands and limestone.The Great Barrier-Australia This is the largest coral reef.It it is visible from the space. 3.

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  • Corals grow in clean water with temperatures between 20 and 30 C.
  • They also need light.
  • A special type ofalgae live in association with corals: the zooxanthellae, which produce thedifferent colours.

4. RICH UNDERWATER LIFE A lot of species living in the coralreefs; 400 species of corals, 1800 different species of fish,125 of sharks and5000of molluscs. 5. THE MESO-AMERICAN REEF It is the second largest coral reef in the world. 6. CORAL BLEACHING

  • Coral bleaching is the whitening of corals due to the increase of temperature over prolonged periods of time and pollution.
  • Corals expel algae living with and lose all their colour and their ability of building more reefs.