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    25 October 201325 October 201325 October 2013

    PO Box 3 COONABARABRAN NSW 2357 Phone: 02 6842 1099 Fax: 02 6842 2267

    M Johnston, Principal M Fosdick, P&C President

    Next P&C Meeting Monday, 28 October @ 5.30 pm

    School Library ALL WELCOME

    Week 4 Event Mon, 28 Oct P & C Meeting Weds, 30 Oct Canteen Red Day Fri, 1 Nov Yr 10 Civics Test

    Week 5 Event Tue, 5 Nov Year 6 Primary Visit Year 9 Civics Forum Wed, 6 Nov Xsel Residential

    Week 6 Event Mon, 11 Nov NW Girls Cricket Trials Junior Exams 9/10 Tue, 12 Nov NW Boys Cricket Trials Wed, 13 Nov NW Girls Softball Trials Fri, 15 Nov P & C International Food Stall

    Upcoming Events

    HSC EXAMINATIONS COMMENCE On Monday, 14 October, the 65 HSC students at Coonaba-

    rabran High School joined with their 70,000 peers around the state to sit their first HSC Examination; Paper One of the com- pulsory English examination.

    These examinations mark the culmination of 13 years of sec- ondary schooling for students and for many, their launch pad into tertiary, TAFE and career orientated futures.

    The students at Coonabarabran High School will sit examina- tions in 24 different subjects; a broad mix of academic courses and vocational based training.

    Throughout the past holidays, the school's car park was filled on most days with P-plated vehicles as students attended vari- ous revision workshops. The comprehensive support provided by staff is without doubt a key ingredient in the students' abil- ity to successfully meet the demands of their HSC examina- tions.

    The examination period concludes on 6 November and there- after the students can relax and wait for their results which will become available on 18 December. Throughout the examina- tions, Mrs Jo Wilkin is charged with the momentous task of supervising the examinations.

    As important as these examinations undoubtedly are for many students, they certainly do not define their futures. They simply represent one step in life's journey. Having said that, each student will no doubt breathe a blessed sigh of relief when they hear the phrase "pens down" for the last time in their secondary schooling.

    Week 7 Event Mon, 18 Nov Junior Exams 7/8 Year 10 Work Experience Tue, 19 Nov Year 6 Parent Information Evening Thu, 21 Nov The Samba Experience

    MOCK TRIAL MAGNIFICENCE On Thursday, 10 October, our magnificent Mock Trial team

    braved the dawn start and journeyed to Muswellbrook to compete in the Round 7 elimination round of this state-wide competition.

    The team, comprising barristers Jim Nash and Clayton McKinnon, instructing solicitors Nathan and Blake Cox, court officer Jaimi-Lee Bennett and witnesses Sharleen Jones and Makayla Munns defended a criminal charge of fraud.

    As always, this highly skilled team were fine advocates and convinced the presiding magistrate of their client's innocence. Unfortunately, they narrowly lost the Mock Trial and hence do not progress into the final eight teams in the State. However, the magistrate commented on the skill of both teams and was clearly impressed with how well the Mock Trial was prepared for and conducted on the day.

    The winning team, San Clemente High School, from Newcas- tle, now compete for the honour of making it into the top four teams. Our best wishes go with them for their future success as they were worthy winners.

    Thanks are extended to the Legal Studies class for their sup- port throughout the year and to Mrs Nash, Mr Nash and Mrs McKinnon who also travelled to Muswellbrook to support the team.

    Finally, a huge congratulations to the team. Each case re- quired significant preparation and it was clearly evident with each trial just how much the team had grown in skill and confi- dence. To make it into the top 16 teams in the State from a starting field of 200 is a wonderful achievement and one of which the team can be justly proud!

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    Upcoming events 1

    Mock Trial/ HSC Examinations Commence 1

    Principals Report 2

    President’s Report 2

    P & C Minutes 3/4

    Treasurer’s Report 4

    60 Seconds 4

    Your time starts now 5

    Baradine Horse Sports 5

    HSIE News 6

    Canteen Summer Menu 7

    Indonesian 8

    Sport 8

    Term 4 Canteen Roster 9

    Maths Extravaganza 10

    The Higher School Certificate examinations have begun well for our students. The feedback from students and teachers is that the exams have been balanced and accessible. Our students have expressed their confidence in the preparation that they have undertaken. I commend the students for their commitment in the lead up to the exams. Our holiday tutorials were very well-attended and students followed their teachers' recommendations regarding revision and practice.

    I strongly encourage all Year 11 students to step up and begin attending the Study Centre on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. All students are welcome to attend. Teachers are available to support students with specific subjects and assessment tasks as well as general study practice.

    Our talented musicians have been in the lime-light in recent weeks. The Moorambilla Festival was a highlight for a group of committed students - Daisy Andrews, Kadesha Ayoub, Byron Coe, Domanic Lugli, Hayley Martin and Annabelle Park. They were successful through audition and attended several workshops to prepare for the Moorambilla Festival performances in Coonamble and Baradine. I had the pleasure of watching our students perform - they were outstanding and demonstrated a commendable focus and skill.

    The success of two of our senior students, Jack Ayoub and Nathan Cox is an inspiration for younger students. Jack has been sponsored by Sony Australia to pursue his dreams of performing as an opera singer. Jack has also been invited to a prestigious master class called Opera in the Alps. Jack is one of ten singers from across the nation that will benefit from mentoring from Yvonne Kenny AM.

    Nathan Cox has been selected to perform and learn in a series of workshops in Sydney with the Sydney Symphonietta.

    The HSC exams are well advanced with the last exam, visual arts, scheduled for 6th November 2013. On behalf of all parents and carers I would like to pass on our best wishes to students and thank staff for their efforts and support over the last 6 years.

    Planning is well underway in preparation of the International Feast scheduled for Friday 15th November 2013. The sub-committee have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we all have a great night tasting a host of different cuisines. The SRC will be selling drinks from the canteen and school staff and students will be contributing to preparing and serving meals. If you would like to help out, come to the next P&C meeting or phone Nick Karagiannis, Tammy Samuel or Mel Johnston. Otherwise, we will see you 6.00pm Friday 15th Nov 2013.

    Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Crooked Mountain Concert, featuring Adam Brand, in the Warrumbungle National Park on Sat 9th November 2013. Tickets can be purchased on line at or at the Coonabarabran office of National Parks and Wildlife Service, 30 Timor St Coonabarabran. The next P&C meeting is scheduled for Monday 28th October 2013.

    Nathan's ability to compose and conduct music has him marked as a tremendous musical talent.

    Our school's ongoing success in writing has witnessed a new talent emerge. Stephen Sanders has been selected to publish his writing in the ABC Heywire Competition. His work, "Fused By Fire" is a personal desription of the Wambelong Fires and displays a keen understanding of the impact of the fire on our community.

    Congratulations to Harley Wood and Mitchell Fosdick for their success in High Jump at the State Championships held in Homebush. Harley won a silver medal while Mitchell placed ninth. Both boys have demonstrated a strong commitment to the sport and deserve the success they achieved. Harley went on to the All Schools Championships and secured a second silver medal.

    Coonabarabran High strives to provide diverse opportunities for learning. We individualise student learning and support students to exsel in multiple educational settings. Several students have earned accolades from TAFE and Distance Education through the work they have completed. Luke Edwards and Holly Verrender have achieved impressive results in the study of German. Hayley Yarnold, Kelly Wrench and Brittany Kelly were presented with commendations from TAFE for their commitment in Hairdressing.

    The International Feast is fast approaching. Our students and P&C will be creating a feast from around the world. We hope to see a large turnout for this important fundraiser. $10 buys you three sample meals fresh cooked and complete with recipes and cultural information. I look forward to seeing you on Friday 15th November starting at 6:00pm.

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