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20 February 201520 February 201520 February 2015
PO Box 3 COONABARABRAN NSW 2357 Phone: 02 6842 1099 Fax: 02 6842 2267
G Enks, Relieving Principal M Fosdick, P&C President
Next P&C Meeting Monday, 23 February @ 5.30 pm
School Library ALL WELCOME
Week 5 Event Mon, 23 Feb P&C Meeting Wed, 25 Feb Canteen Red Day Thu, 26 Feb Year 7 Welcome BBQ & Social Fri, 27 Feb School Photos Basketball trials Week 6 Event Mon, 2 Mar NW Swimming—Armidale Tue, 3 Mar CHS Tennis Week 7 Event Mon, 9 Mar Year 12 Half-Yearly Examinations commence Tue, 10 Mar 15s & Opens Touch Thu, 12 Mar Year 7 Vaccinations Fri, 13 Mar Rugby Trials Coona Show Week 8 Event Mon, 16 Mar Year 12 Half-Yearly Examinations conclude Tue, 17 Mar Zone Winter Trials Fri, 20 Mar Next Newsletter Events are subject to change, so please check the school’s website for updates. The website has a new format, which allows for bigger and better photos.
Canterbury Bulldogs visit Coona High
Tibuc Rule the Pool See back page for results.
Mr Enks presents the cup to Tibuc house captains Josh Masman and Ashley Michael.
On Monday, 10 February, two Canterbury Bulldog players entertained and inspired our junior school students. They emphasised the importance of healthy eating habits, organisational skills and exercise in order to reach one’s potential.
The Keeping Place 5
Peer Support 6
Calculators 9
Writing Success 10
60 Seconds 10
Canteen Menu 11
Swimming Carnival 12
Softball Gala Day 12
Principal’s Report Welcome to 2015 and a new school year and one
which followed a very successful 2014. A warm welcome to those new students and families who are joining us for the first time. We also welcome our new members of staff who are joining us on this journey.
The staff at Coonabarabran High pride themselves on providing a breadth of opportunity, encouraging participation and acknowledging achievement at all levels. Achievements across a diverse range of academic, cultural and sporting activities were showcased at our annual awards night. The 2014 HSC outcomes reflected the effort of our teachers and the commitment of our students. Excellent individual results were evident across all key learning areas, with this achievement being acknowledged within the education editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald in December 2014. It highlighted our 'value adding' and how we were 'punching above our weight'. Clayton McKinnon was dux of the year with an ATAR of 97.95 and in addition, achieved the outstanding result of 97% in Legal Studies, placing Clayton 20th in the state. Additionally, our 2014 state-wide Year 8 Science ESSA results have recently been released. Mr Nott, Science Head Teacher has provided an overview of these pleasing examination outcomes within this newsletter.
Year 7 students have made a successful transition to High School and have settled in well. The formal transition program led by Year 7 Advisor Mr Danual Stewart, with support from Assistant Year Advisor Mr Robert Holden and Learning Support Team co-ordinator, Mrs Debbie Redden, facilitated this success. This program continued this year with our senior students providing activities and support at lunch time and via the Year 7 Study Camp which was recently held at the racecourse. The school welcomes Year 7 and Parents to a BBQ on Thursday 26 February at 6.00pm. This will be followed by a school social which will conclude at 9.30pm.
387 students have commenced their studies with a full complement of highly trained teachers and support staff. Student welfare is a prominent priority within our school. I welcome Ms Mary Doolan as relieving Deputy Principal this year, who will work alongside all stakeholders to support the safety and care of students. Ms Doolan will provide an overview of strategies and support programs regarding student welfare at the forthcoming P&C meeting on 23 February. Within this context, I also acknowledge the commitment and effort of the respective Year Advisors and Assistants. Their work is ongoing and the contribution to their cohort's wellbeing is significant. I have been very impressed with the positive start to our school year, however, I encourage any parent or caregiver with concerns to contact the school to enable early intervention and resolution.
Our 2015 School Plan provides a holistic approach to your child's education. Coonabarabran High School strives for excellence in a safe and respectful environment. Our three strategic directions are focussed upon student achievement, providing a culture of learning and recognising the importance of professional development for staff to support quality teaching. Achieving these objectives is a dynamic process; parent input is valued and the P&C is certainly an integral forum in this regard.
The study centre program, under the guidance of Ms Sherelle Moore, will continue each Tuesday and Thursday from 3.45 to 5.00 pm in the school Library. Teachers from a range of faculties are available to support students completing homework, assessment tasks and in preparing for examinations. Our senior students with study periods will continue to occupy the Tom Williams' Wing in the Library. Mr Phil Draper, a retired Highly Accomplished Teacher has returned to provide valuable support, in the senior study, helping students to prepare for their HSC.
On our morning assemblies, the student body has looked most impressive, proudly wearing their school uniform; a positive image reinforced by our new members of staff. We have quality pre-loved uniforms available and where needed, a welfare fund for isolated purchases to assist students in meeting uniform requirements.
Finally, I encourage parents and carers to attend our monthly P&C meetings and to become involved in our school community. I am confident that you will find your association with our wonderful school community a rewarding experience. G Enks, Relieving Principal
We’re on the Web! View online at
P&C President’s Report The first Coonabarabran High School P&C meeting for 2015 is scheduled for Monday 23rd February. We are a small, dedicated bunch and would love to see a few new faces join the committee this year. We meet on the last Monday of each month, in the school library at 5.30pm. The P&C provides the ideal forum to find out what is happening at your school and to provide input into school operations and policies. Our next fund raising activity is to run the gate at the Coonabarabran Show on the 13th and 14th March 2015. It is quite a profitable activity, with most of the organisational work being done by the Show Committee. We will develop a roster of volunteers to cover the 2 days and nights over the next week or so and place it on the school website so that you can nominate the block of time (s) that suit you best. It is quite a social activity as you meet and greet everyone as they enter the show. We look forward to meeting new staff, students, parents and carers over the next 12 months. Mandy Sulter Vice President
Treasurer's Report
as at the 24 November 2014
2014 $5,995.00
Add Receipts
Receipt No
61 Raffle ticket sales 14 Nov (incl rebanked float $200.00)
November 2014 $11,885.32
61 Raffle ticket sales 14 Nov (incl rebanked float $200.00)
649 Cash - raffle float for International night
. note: receipt no.58 cancelled as double up of receipt 57
Canteen News We are still hoping for more volunteers in the Canteen as
we have not had a great response to date. If any Parents/ Carers/Grandparents have even just a few hours of a
morning to help get us under control, we would really appreciate it. The roster is on the school website to see
available days and I can be contacted on the canteen
phone 68 421904 (8am-2pm). I look forward to meeting some new faces.
Please also consider joining the Canteen Committee which
meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3.45pm in the Canteen.
Next Wednesday, 25th February is RED DAY at the Canteen.
Julie McGlashan Canteen Supervisor
Uniforms Needed The school’s supply of second hand uniforms
is low, particularly in the smaller sizes. If you
have good quality uniforms at home that
your child no longer needs, please consider
donating them to the school. If you know of
parents who no longer have students at the
school, you might kindly pass on this
Coonabarabran High School
Tracee McHugh, Mel Johnston, Graham Enks, Geoff Gasior,
Col Mercer, Ansie Van Schalkwyk, Anita Tighe, Mandy Sulter
Apologies: Tammy Samuels, Mark Fosdick, Angela
Karagiannis, Phillip Van Schalkwyk, Leesa Kelly
Moved: Tracee Mc Hugh Seconded: Nick
moved and accepted.
Moved: Skye Lambert
Seconded: Nick Karagiannis
2014 Year 12 Guernseys arrived spoken, Mrs Crossingham has
investigated a local provider for 2015 and scheduled for
distribution to students in beginning Term 3,, 2015. Discussion
around getting these earlier and nicknames Mr Enks to take
concerns to Executive staff. P&C requested 2015 guernseys
should be available to students by Term 2, veto on nicknames,
not to be worn when representing CHS and source local
Working bee well attended - 3 bags of sugar cane mulch to be
paid be P&C.
Correspondence In:
President 2014.
the International Feast Night Raffle (Your Discount
Chemist, Coonabarabran Pharmacy, Woolworths,
Email to Coona Times requesting advertisement for
2014 School Blue Nominations.
Treasurer’s Report: Tabled by Nick Karagiannis.
As at 24/11/14, Balance of $11885, payments still to come out
– invoices and stall holder reimbursement. Takings from
International Feast Night $4980 food tickets, $500
Warrumbungle Shire Council, $1100 raffle (profit $800),
overall approximate profit$4500.
Environment & Grounds Committee Report:
Working bee Friday 7th November, thank you to all those who
Mr Johnston gave an overiew of the announcement by the
State Government regarding the funding resource allocation
model identified in the Gonski report. The State Government
will review each school’s Social Economic disadvantage. CHS
currently receive funds on for Indigenous and Socio Economic
disadvantaged, in addition CHS will receive isolation funding.
Presently CHS sits at 116 additional funds utilised for teaching
and learning strategies e.g Feast of Words etc. Website for
more info
Strategy funding.
Currently in process of making strategic plan for 2015-17 as
well as planning for next year.
Information available regarding issues of Sexting see link on
CHS website, Love Bites program recently run at CHS for
Year 10, younger students have access to police liaison officer.
Mr Johnson advises he is taking a sabbatical year in 2015, Mr
Enks will be relieving Principal. Mr Johnston is looking to
study – shadowing of Principals in Pacific Islands and possibly
Master’s degree.
Deputy Principal’s Report:
School blue nominations close Wed 26th P&C Rep required for
Friday if Mark not available Mandy could attend.
Chatswood School visit was very positive for students
especially Year 10 & 11 due to sharing stories. Group of 20
students to go down to Chatswood next year, mix of academic
and cultural experience. Thank you to all involved.
CPS Year 6 experienced the flight simulator during recent
orientation day.
General Business:
well. Take away not an issue, smaller take away
containers – signage re takeaway for next year we won’t
‘take away takeaway’, Possibly dancing from students
from each country, more deserts and coffee machine,
Thank you to WSC for the use of the tables and chairs.
Thank you to all those that helped on the night. 2015 -
Friday nights week 6 or 7 Term 4. Media unit did a
great clip.
Queried if P& C email address is it still being used, is it
still necessary – check for next year – website could be
Thank you letter to Coona Times re: reduced rate
Next Meeting Monday, 23rd February, 2015, 5.30pm,
School Library.
We’re on the Web! View online at
BURRA BEE DEE PROJECT Twenty five students from Years 7 to 10 attended a
luncheon on Wednesday 10th December at the Shire Hall to celebrate the conclusion of the Burra Bee Dee Project. The project involved students participating in a ten week exercise program attending the Action Specific Health and Fitness Gym two mornings a week. The aim of the program was to improve students‘ attendance at school.
On Wednesday students had the opportunity to give back to the local Aboriginal Community through a luncheon that the students and the local police cooked, prepared and served to the Aboriginal Elders.
A great luncheon was enjoyed by all.
THE KEEPING PLACE On Friday 13th February 2015 the Year 9/10
Aboriginal Studies class visited the “Keeping Place” for a guided tour with Mr Patty Chatfield. “The Keeping Place” is located in the Tourist Information Centre and houses significant ancient artefacts from the region including the Tommy of Bungebah Chest Plate which was repatriated last year.
HSC Success The Coonabarabran High School community was
once again very proud of their 2014 Year 12 students’ HSC success.
From a cohort of 49 students 23 Band 6 (above 90) marks were achieved across a range of subjects. Outstanding results were achieved in Engineering Studies, PDHPE, Legal Studies and Information Process and Technology. Particularly pleasing was the achievement of most subjects of marks which ranked above state average.
Such achievement is a strong testament to the dedication of staff and the hard work of the students across their final years of secondary study.
Whilst, many students have already obtained early entry into their chosen field of tertiary studies, these outstanding results will ensure that students have the best opportunity to gain access to their desired university course or will successfully support them as they transition to employment or training.
It is incredibly satisfying to see hard work rewarded and our best wishes go with these students for their future success.
L to R: Mr Patty Chatfield, Tyrelle Griffith, Darcy Cain, Jada Kuras, Abbey Edmonstone, Ebony Whalan and Mrs Alison Stanton
Important Notice for Year 12 2015:
While I, Jenny Sullivan (aka Jenwren; Jen;
Wren; Jen-Dawg), no longer work at
Coonabarabran High School I would like to
wish you all the best for the next three terms
and then your HSC!!
Go get it (the world) guys, as it is all yours to
go get!
P.S I miss you all lots and lots! (but I am loving
teaching Drama)
Heywire is a place for young Australians to share stories, ideas and opinions. Winning entries get featured on the ABC and winners get
an all-expenses-paid-trip to the prestigious Heywire Regional Youth Summit. Late last year Coonabarabran High School student, Richard Knight, was a Heywire winner. Go to the link below to read Richard’s story. Congratulations Richard.
We’re on the Web! View online at
YOUR TIME STARTS NOW………….Mrs Conn My earliest memory is…. My mum sending me to Kindergarten on a PD Day. The teacher had to call her to have me picked up. I was so upset because I wanted to show my friends my new purple handbag.
My school report usually said…. Well mannered student, but she needs to talk more and participate in class.
My most treasured possession is…anything my children give me.
My mother and father always told me…. I was from planet Zorbon and that I was left on their doorstep.
In the movie of my life, I’d be played by…. Amy Adams.
I wish I had….. a beach house.
I wish I hadn’t…. been so shy in school.
My guiltiest pleasure is… peanut M&M’s.
My most humiliating moment was… crashing down a bowling alley lane because I wasn’t wearing ‘bowling’ shoes.
At home I cook….any recipe that has a picture
My last meal would be…steak, caesar salad, king prawns, lobster, and cheesecake.
My favourite gadget is…my phone.
I’m very bad at……answering questions about myself :o(
When I was a child I wanted to…. Be a spy.
The book that changed my life is……The Power of One.
If I could live anywhere I’d choose… a place where I could downhill ski and go to the beach in the same day.
It’s not fashionable but I love….flannel.
My worst trait is….not being able to tell a joke.
My best trait is….my Canadian accent.
Friends say I am…happy.
If I wasn’t me I’d like to be….an explorer.
It scares me, but I’d love to….skydive.
If I could change one thing in the world it would
If only I could….stop procrastinating.
The hardest thing I’ve ever done was….leaving my family to move to Australia.
The last big belly laugh I had was….when I was watching GoggleBox.
I relax by…..putting the kids to bed.
What I don’t find amusing is…. Practical jokes.
I’m always being asked…. “Is it true that Canadian’s put maple syrup on everything?”
My worst job was…..working in a call centre.
My favourite place in the world…my home.
Dana Conn is currently teaching in the English Faculty.
School Photos School photos are on Friday 27th February. Photo
envelopes with the ordering details will be given out during roll call on Thursday 12th. If students are absent on this day they can collect an envelope from the front office or from Mrs Adam.
Families are now encouraged to order and pay for their photos online. The website and online code are located on the envelopes and specific ordering details are outlined below. However, ordering and payment must still be completed by photo day. If you are unable to order and pay online sealed envelopes containing the exact money can be handed to the photographers on the day.
School Photos Are Now Available For Secure Online Purchase
4 Easy Steps to Online School Photo Ordering
Step 1: Go to before photo day and enter your school code RE6 Z71 32X Step 2: Enter your student’s details. Step 3: Choose the package that best suits your needs (all orders will be returned to the school for collection). Step 4: Pay for the photos via the shopping cart (upper right corner of the page).
Please note: LATE FEES will apply once orders are closed. Family/Sibling photo orders online close 48 hours before the
first school photo day however they can be purchased using an envelope up until photo day
Attendance & Absences If your child has to be absent from school for any reason,
including arriving late or leaving early, please explain the
reason by phone or written note. Failure to explain an
absence within seven days will be recorded as an
unjustified absence on a student's record. Please help us
to maintain accurate records.
Please also note that family holidays are no longer an
acceptable reason for a Certificate of Exemption.
Peer Support Over the next eight weeks students will be involved
in the Peer Support Program. Each week groups of 6 – 8 students will meet with 3 Peer Leaders and work through a range of activities that focus on values. It is hoped that through these sessions, each student will clarify their personal values, respect themselves and others, recognise the importance of integrity and discuss ways of serving their school community.
Values are our personal beliefs guiding our decisions and behaviour. They influence our interactions and relationships with others. Our values define who we are and are reflected in our thoughts, words and actions.
This week students learnt that respect involves showing care and consideration for yourself and others. They discussed the many ways they can show respect. Students were encouraged to realise others feel valued and accepted when they are being respected.
We’re on the Web! View online at
YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM On Monday 9th February 201,5 the Year 10 Peer…