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"Cooking Tips From Around the World, A Culinary Travel Adventure," is an enhanced e-cookbook filled with recipes, tips, photos, video links and travel tales from a solo trip around the world filming culinary professionals. Learn from some of the best chefs in the world how to prepare their indigenous recipes using ingredients available everywhere.

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  • 1.Cooking TipsFrom Around The World A Culinary Travel Adventure ! Linda Naughton

2. Copyrights and Document Distribution This document is protected by United States Copyright Laws andInternational treaties. This document may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted inany form or by any means without the written consent of the authorISBN 978-0-615-34082-1Copyright by Linda Naughton all rights reserved Contact Cooking Tips From Around the World! Page2 3. About this E-book Welcome to Cooking Tips #om Around the World, a Culinary Travel AdventureJoin me in experiencing international cuisine, culture, the products and people who are passionate about their indigenous recipes, history and food.This e-book is lled with great recipes, links to cooking videos with tips and photos taken while I was on an international adventure.When you see the video symbol, and youre online, be sure to click on the link and view the video showing regional tips and recipes. This is an easy way to watch how a dish is prepared; you can then print the recipe from the e-book.Thank you for purchasing this e-book. I hope you learn and enjoy the wonderful food that makes each place special and delicious! Easy Navigation Through the e-book with Bookmarks You if use Adobe Acrobat Reader, on the left side of the screen there is a Bookmarks Panel. Youll notice each country is bookmarked and if you expand the bookmark by hitting the plus sign next to the bookmark on a PC or the triangle on MAC, chefs names will appear. When you expand the chef s name, the recipes will be listed. Cooking Tips From Around the World!Page3 4. Introduction My grandmother came to the USA from Ireland, alone, when she was 16 to nd a better life. I grew up admiring her and realized I have the same sense of adventure.Im also a Foodie. Im the person who talks about food anytime, any day.So when I made some money in the computer industry, I decided to take a hiatus. I lived in Cabo San Lucas for a while and worked with crews from television stations where they were lming various sports and lifestyle programs. I learned how to do on-location shoots and found it fascinating. At the same time, I was watching cooking shows and noticed that very few had actual international chefs teaching their cuisine. It was American chefs saying that they just returned from a trip to Italy or Asia or wherever and found an interesting recipe. I was just getting divorced, didnt have kids and was ready to travel. I love to cook and wanted to do something with a cooking adventure.And then it hit me! What if a woman traveled solo around the world and videoed cooking schools and chefs teaching their indigenous cuisine! It became my dream and mission. I ew to Atlanta and stayed with friends and started researching English speaking International Cooking Schools. I noticed that Julia Child was appearing at Macys Linda Naughton with Julia Child and signing books and I thought: why not ask herand Assistant Lenada Merrick what she thinks. After all, Im spending a life savings to travel solo around the world lming cooking schools and chefs; I wanted some feedback.Her cooking demo was preparing: Chicken Breast en Piperade, Braised in Peppers, Onions,Cooking Tips From Around the World!Page5 5. Tomatoes and Herbs. The sizzle and aroma wasamazing and her sense of humor enchanted theaudience.I was on a mission and nervously waited till shesat at the signing platform and started signingbooks. It seemed like forever but nally it was myturn in line. When an assistant, Lenada Merrick,asked what I want signed in the book, Irequested: To Fellow Leo. When Julia heard thisshe smirked and I realized it was my time to askher about my project.As we know, Julia was 62 and bigger than life.When I started telling her about my idea, shelistened. When I nished, she stood up andthrew her arms up and said: This is the best ideaIve heard in a long time! Standing on that 2 fthigh platform with her arms extended, I had areligious experience. She liked my idea!I contacted cooking schools, made a plan, soldeverything, bought a Canon still and a Sony videocamera and an around the world airline ticket.I started in New Zealand. Why? Well, this is an Linda in Thailand, and with Lorenza de adventure, and I wanted to do something Medici in Siena, Italy at the Badia a Coltibuono dierent. After all, some of the worlds best Cooking Schoolingredients come from remote places like NewZealand and there were cooking schools!Julia went on and created her Master Chefs seriesand I eventually fullled my dream and traveledthe world solo lming talented teachers andchefs. I still feel lucky to have had herarmation.This e-book is going to take you on this journey!I hope you enjoy and learn about the uniquepeople, products and cuisine from around theworld. Cooking Tips From Around the World! Page5 6. Singapore Because of its strategic position as a port in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a spice trading capital and foodie heaven. With the inuence of Chinese, Indian and Malay ingredients, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Its also a very safe place for women traveling alone. Strict government rules prevent most crimes dont even think about chewing gum - and the city is very clean.I started my Singapore adventure at The Imperial Herbal Restaurant where Chinese medicinal herbs are used to create healthy menu items. Youll learn the Yin-Yang of balancing ingredients and what to eat when your body is feeling chipper or sick. Scorpions and ants, anyone? How about washing it down with some Deer Penis Wine with Ginseng? There are fun videos to watch where I put the camera on auto-focus and Mrs.Cooking Tips From Around the World! Page52 7. Wang explains the science of keeping the body healthy through the heat and coolness of ingredients and the method of cooking. Next stop was with renowned Singapore restaurant and cooking school owner, Mrs. Devagi Shanmugam. Devagi prepared traditional Indian recipes. In the extreme heat and humidity my cameras once again fogged up, but eventually we captured great tips and recipes from her vast knowledge of this culture.Women in Traditional and Modern Outts Violet Oon, Singapores Food Ambassador prepared a Malay spice mixture, where in times past, girls were judged to be good wife candidates by their spice pounding techniques. She uses this mixture with Prawns and oers tips on preparing and knowing when spices are cooked. She also prepared traditional Cantonese Chicken in a Clay Pot thats healthy and easy since its one pot cooking. The extreme dierence between the modern architecture and the old town streets situated in close proximity housing curry shops where barrels of spices are ready for you to choose a blend of your own spice mixture, plus the prominence of cultures using spices and herbs to create their unique cuisines, makes Singapore a hub for foodies to explore and enjoy. Ants and Scorpion meal Curry ShopCooking Tips From Around the World! Page53 8. The Imperial Herbal Restaurant in SingaporeThe Imperial Herbal Restaurant, in Singapore, combines ancient Chinese herbs with usual ingredients and creates a tasty healthy menu.The Chinese believe that health comes from a balance of life forces within the body and in harmony with the environment. This is achieved by eating foods of various avors, energies and organic actions. The ve energies of food are described as: cold, hot, warm, cool and neutral.These do not pertain to the temperature, but to the capacity of each food in generating sensations in the body .hot or cold, yang or yin. Hot foods are usually red meats and fried ingredients. Spicy foods also tend to be yang. Eggplant is yin and a cool food but when fried it becomes balanced and yang.balancing-yin-yang-foods-for-better-health.Here are some examples of Hot foods: Beef, hot peppers, chocolate, ginseng, mango, onion, pepper, butter, curry, mustard, pork, sesame seeds and oil and cinnamon. Warm foods: celery, chicken soup, ginger, cheese, coee, ham, potato, pomegranate, walnuts, rice, garlic, chicken liver, pumpkin, green onions, honey and wine. Neutral foods are: Dried bean curd, chicken, papaya, peas, tea, rice, asparagus, carrots, raisins, red beans, pears, soy sauce and wheat our. Cooling foods: almonds, banana, beer, grapes, mushrooms, pineapple, tomato, apples, broccoli, corn, oranges, spinach, melon, sh, oysters, squid and yams. Cold foods: radish, mussels, peppermint leaves, soy milk, bitter medicinal teas, bean sprouts, clams, crab, mung beans, cucumber, salt and green tea.Here are videos with interesting ingredients! Deer Penis Wine the natural Aphrodisiac!Scorpions and Ants! deer-penis-wine-the-natural-aphrodisiac.scorpions-and-ants-yum!. Cooking Tips From Around the World! Page54 9. Stir-Fried Diced Chicken with Bean Paste andGinkgo Nuts Imperial Herbal Restaurant, Mrs. Wang-Lee Tee Eng,Singapore Ingredients: 250g (1cup) chicken 25g (1 oz) ginkgo nuts Marinade: 1 tsp Chinese rice wine 1/2egg white 1/3 tsp salt 1 tsp cornstarch Stir Fry:# # ## ## 3 tsp sweet bean paste 1 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp soy sauce 1/2 tsp sesame oil 2 tsp water 1 slice old ginger, choppedWith Chef Wang-Lee Tee eating Scorpions 1 oz spring onion, chopped Method: Dice chicken into 1 cube and marinade for 1/2 hour. Boil ginkgo nuts in water for 10 minutes. Shell ginkgo nuts and remove membrane by rubbing o the brown skin. Push a ne toothpick through one end of the nut to remove the bitter central core. Put enough oil to cover pan until just warm (not hot). Put marinated chicken in the oil for 3 minutes to seal juices (80% cooked). Remove the chicken from oil and drain. Heat 2 teaspoon oil, fry the chopped ginger and spring onion till fragrant. Add Stirfry ingredients over low heat for 10 seconds, until sauce thickens.Add Chicken and ginkgo nuts, stir fry over high heat. Mix well. Dish out and serve immediately.TIP: Ginkgo nuts are believed to be good for