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  • Why a Cookie Program? The Cookie Program is an incredible foundation to the five skills of our entrepreneurial program. Skills such as Money Management, Business Ethics, People Skills, Marketing and Goal Setting are life skills we can use throughout our lives. We begin teaching these skills with our Fall program and work on them in more depth during the Cookie Program. In addition, troops earn the programming money needed to run their troop throughout the year. The Cookie Program helps your troop earn the funds needed to budget and make goals obtainable. We can teach our girls about work ethic and earning their way by participating in the Cookie Program. Did you know that your daughters earn Cookie Dough when they sell above 200 or more boxes of cookies? This is in addition to their other rewards. Did you know that Cookie Dough can be used for deposits for camp, Council sponsored Day Camps and events, and High School needs such as ASB packages or graduation items like cap-n-gowns and announcements? Older girls can also use Cookie Dough for travel. And, of course, Cookie Dough can be used in our shops for uniforms, books, and fun Girl Scout accessories! Did you know that participating in a Cookie Program helps build self-esteem? Learning that you can set a goal, budget for your needs, create a marketing plan and then go and make it happen, teaches our girls to believe in themselves far better than any self-help training. When we learn that we can find skills within ourselves, and achieve goals that others find difficult, we establish a foundation of belief that I Can, I Will and I Did. This is an incredible thing to have in your skills tool box! Did you know that our San Gorgonio Facebook has updated information about our sale throughout the entire sale? Information is accessible at all times, if you are merely connected to our council. We place information in many places;, e.g., GSSGC website, this guide, our Facebook. As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for locating the information that you need. While we supply our leaders with the information you need, it is not solely their responsibility to be knowledgeable about the sale. You share that responsibility.

    My Troop Cookie Coordinator Name: __________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________________

    Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    E-mail: _______________________________________________________

    Family Calendar for Success Date Whats Happening

    January 25 Super Saturday Mega Drop ~ Leaders pick up Troop Cookies January 26 Sale Starts ~ Walkabout Sale Begins January 29 Outbound Cookie Cupboards Open

    February 1 & 2 Super Bowl Booth Sale Weekend February 6 Walkabout Sale Ends~ 200+ Boxes SOLD AND PAID FOR to qualify for paid registration and patch February 7 Booth Sales Start

    February 15 Report Unsold Cookie Inventory to Troop Leader February 17 Glow Party Deadline~ 400+ Boxes SOLD AND PAID FOR to qualify February 20 Full case/ same flavor trades begin at Cupboards February 27 Glow Party February 27 Last day for Families to return cookies to troop

    March 4 Mixed case trades begin at Cupboards March 12 Last Day Office Cupboards are Open March 16 Final Day of the Sale

  • Theme Patch12+ Packages

    Plush Panda85+ Packages

    Rocker Patch100+ Packages

    Scooter OR MP3 Player500+ Packages

    Google chrome1,250+ Packages

    Two $500 scholarships for college or secondary education, per age level, will be awarded. How??

    For every 500 boxes you sell your name is entered into an oppourtunity drawing.

    Top council sellers will be awarded:3rd place $1,5002nd place $2,0001st place $2,500

    Packages Sold Cookie Dough Earned

    300 349 $40.00

    350 399 $50.00

    400 449 $60.00

    450 499 $70.00

    500 549 $80.00

    550 599 $90.00

    600 699 $100.00

    700 749 $125.00

    750 799 $150.00

    800 899 $200.00

    900 999 $300.00

    1,000 1,249 $400.00

    1,250 1,999 $450.00

    2,000 + $500.00

    Cookie Dough makes more things possible

    Santa Barbara Caverns3,000+ Packages

    Girl & Adult

    Glow Party400+ Packages

    January 26 - February 16thEarns you a ticket to the Glow

    party on February 20th

    Two Movie Tickets300+ Packages

    Universal Studios750+ Packages

    Girl & Adult

    New York4,000+ Packages

    Girl & Adult

    Disney VIP2,000+ Packages

    Girl Only

    Brunch with the Board & CEO600+ Packages


    Troop Backpack

    350+ PackagesTROOP PGA

    January 26 February 6 Walkabout Patch

    AND2013-2014 GSUSA

    membership200+ Packages

  • Cookie Basics There are two bakers in the United States authorized by Girl Scouts of the USA to bake Girl Scout Cookies. Each council chooses which baker it would like to use. We are proud to have our cookies baked by ABC Bakers (Americas Best Cookies, a division of Interbake Foods). San Gorgonio and Orange County councils are the only Southern California Councils using ABC Bakers. Although they have different names for them, both bakers bake the classic five varieties (Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Shortbread), but have the option of three additional varieties. The recipes of the two bakers for the classic five cookies are similar, but not exact.

    New Cookies for 2013 are.

    Cranberry Citrus Crisps Crispy cookie, made with whole grain, full of tangy cranberry bits and zesty citrus flavor. A sweet addition for the new cookie season: this crispy cookie is filled with 9 grams of whole grain! Made with real fruit, this new cookie has no high-fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

    Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread Chocolate Chips nestled in a bite-size, gluten free shortbread cookie.

    Millions of Americans have problems eating food with gluten so ABC Bakers has created a delicious cookie just for them! Made with real chocolate chips and real butter, the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread is premiering in a number of test markets this year.

    The Gluten free cookie is a pilot program. This means when the cookies are gone they are gone, and we will not be reordering these cookies once we are sold out. We are very excited to offer a gluten free cookie.

    This years lineup includes 9 cookies:

    Meet the Cookies!!! Cookie Info!!! Thanks-A-Lots STILL $4.00 per box Citrus Crisps a NEW Whole wheat cookie $48.00 per case

    Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread limited supply Nutritional Labeling on Every Box Lemonades NO TRANS FATS Shortbreads Contains no artificial preservatives Thin Mints Open Code Dating Peanut Butter Patties Freezes Well Caramel deLites Baked especially for Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Sandwiches

  • How the Cookie Crumbles For each $4.00 box of cookies:

    Cost of cookies $0.99 Girl Rewards (patches, trips, cookie dough cards) $0.22 Troop Proceeds $0.70 Girl Scout Properties $0.47 Programming/ Membership/ Camp/ Adult Education/ Support Services $1.61

    Knowing that the baker only receives $0.99 per box and that the remaining $3.01 goes directly to fund local Girl Scouts troops, properties and programs is an important component of the sale. Be sure that the girls are aware of this.

    Council Top Sellers


    THE 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD PLACE TOP COUNCIL AGE LEVEL SELLERS WILL BE RECOGNIZED: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador, Pathways/Juliettes, Sisters

    NOTE: Overall Top Sellers ARE the top selling girls in our Council and therefore will not be honored in

    the Top Age Level categories.

    District or Region Top Sellers Each Region or District (depending on how that area is organizing the sale) will conduct a Cookie Rewards Event to honor the tremendous efforts of the girls. Rewards could include the top seller in each Troop, first through fifth place top sellers in each age level, and every girl who reaches a minimum of 750+ boxes. District/ Region top sellers and individual girl numbers will NOT be announced during the events. These numbers will be announced at Councils Rewards event.

    Troop Proceeds Troops earn $0.70 for every box sold. Troops also earn additional proceeds through the Progressive Proceeds Plan (P.P.P.). Ask your leader for details. The cookie sale earnings belong to the entire troop, not the individual Girl Scout. Individual Girl Scouts earn rewards; troops earn proceeds.

    Partitioning Funds Partitioning funds refers to fundraising proceeds (Fall Product Sale, Cookie Program and miscellaneous fundraisers) that are set aside for the girl who earned the funds. Only older girls (bridging Juniors and above) are allowed to partition funds and those funds may only be used for travel. Unless proper paperwork is submitted and approved by Council, troops may NOT partition funds for use by individual girls. Regardless of the amount of cookies that a girl sells, the proceeds earned for the Troop belong to the Troop, and are to be used for the entire troop. Troops are NOT allowed to do percentage splits (70% to girl, 30% to Troop), or per box calculations ($0.45 to girl, $0.25 to Troop) unless qualified to partition funds. If a girl leaves the troop, partitioned funds will follow the girl to her new troop or to her Girl Scouts My Way Pathway fund (only if she is continuing on the agreed upon activity). Partitioned funds do not go directly to the girl and are considered troop funds.

  • Sale S