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  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Autumn Carpenter

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    RecipesThe Bwrery SlIgor COOkie's, Chor%ft' Coosics for CUI-OlliS and Gingerbread recipes are a/I ideal forroJ/ing OUI or molding ccoiees. Tiley Of: delicious, easy to mix and will noia 1l1eJrstJape wtlen

    baked, which is a "must" when moIcfjng cookies:

    Basic ShortbreadI c up b utte r, s ofte ne Q1/2 cup sugarLeggyolks2 1/2 cups RourCream butter and sugar together until Itghi and fluffy, Stir In eg g yOlk;]:W ork in the ~our, Knead dough on a_ pleasfng 'ilillFla1ionf ur deco r. at iy e P rq jeC6 .such as Cltroarrieri~.ginger-or .eaClno ases, et c I t c an a lia I : l e ' cdacoo- tJe lbre t l ( r l -l ng , u s ing f ood col br ing .

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    ledure1 [0JUtslen~ateand

    s e s ,the

    V (0~,e50" .) 10m e -

    Successful Cut-outsThe followin.g method 01"rolling dough is sure [0 give a perfectly baked cur-our cookie every lime.Thf' perfection strtps will give an eX

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Molding with Hardc,andy/Cookie MoldsQuickly buke a bwdl of beoutiful1u derailed cookies wirh }-Iard CQnduf(. 'ookie Molds. simply press cooxterlouQh tnro molds Ql1d[ioke. Por 1]EcookieS. Wipe mold clean witha p ap er towel and repeal

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Molding with Candy MoldsOJ.1Kl~Jmolds ore QUQiJable in hundreds %es/Uns tlll(t Sh'lPCS and Gin (',eal

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Thinned Cookie DoughTJwse cookie.s haue CInostalgJC fed. The simplicity of IllC designs make rhem an eleganr [real.

    Supplies NeededBut te lY SUg2 li COOkl e r ec ipe . Chocola te Cookies fo r cur-O urs, o rG inge rb re ad r ec ip e, p age [ ,ro ll ing p inperfect ion str ipsSjlicQnemat 01 parChment paperf oo d p ro ce ss orP a s t r y bag~3rp

    7 . S et a sid e (do n or ba ke ). (over with p la s!ic w rap to keep cut-o urs fro m o .rying o uL

    cup . . . cup . a2food processor .. Blend unt~ thoroughly mixed and thedough rums [0Q [hic!( Idr.g wnslSt en cy. Pu tmixture in to apasuy bag witt! a number 3 tip Remove plaEticwrap ando v tl in e and' d et ai l t he cut -o ut cook ie s. Bake a cc or di ng to r ea pe'IIrec~ons.


  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Royal Icing RecipeI pound powdered )ugar3 la rg e e gg W hites . roo m tem pe rature!fB teaspoon r ream o f t ar l: arKeep everything g re a se -fr ee . G re a se a nc o !ls w ill o re ak down the i c ing, S i ft tt1powder-ed sugar toge!her with the cream of tartar. P ut (h e e gg w hites into itmixer bowl ..Gently ble nd the eg g Whites with t he powde red sugar an d creamof tartar. W henal! the sugar is blended. turn m ixer to high and beat unril tlljr.~an d very W hite. T he king should form a stiff peak. Beat a t l ea st 8 m in ut es . K ~pic ing cov ered with a IN '!di5h ,O WE Nw hen not U Sing as ir dries quickly:Yields 2 1/2 cupsS to ra ge : C a nn ot be ~wh i pped for f a r e r use . U se the c omme rc ia l r oy a li c i n gm i x. i f n a "'d in g to u se la te r.

    Run Sugar GlaZeRun sugar ISone oj [he most 1mdi/lonal alld commonJU used cookie icings Hun suqar is made by lfsitlQroyal icIng and rhlnninQ Iiwirh wmer 10a consistency Ihol will jlo!l.). l-oilow Ihe recipe below. or use acommercial royal king mix. This iUng r " l . ) i l l nOI odd rlll.lCfl .'iweemess. but flovoring may be adde(1 10

    enllQl1Ce fk u lOr: The icing will dry very hard wiI!1in 34 !lOWS.Supplies Neededr oya l i ci ngFood colorP < l S t T y ba gs v vrth tip # 3 orp;archment bag c ut v v it ll a hole

    " ..' . or '.1oyal' d irectioh~. If several colors a r e desired. separateic ing in to ih div .idu .'ll c onta ine rs an d C Olorw ith ro oc c olo ,. A ddenoughwatf:r to the rOja l icing so IMt the icitig will smooth itselfwithin seven o r !;:J ghH ec O.r)d s. B [en d th e w ate r in to the r oya l i ci ngby hand. A mixer wil l whip too q uickly. adding tiny ,o ir bV bbles.No te T he I Cin g o n th e fe lt is royal ic in g (n o w ate r a dd ed ). T he i an gon the right isrun sugar iC ing i royal icing W i th W a te r a d de d) .

    1 2

    TIP'Ql.ItJif)ing in tlle .lB me ro lor a fter th e firs tJ aje f is rorc J..ened

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Painted Run SugarCreme bem lfijU/, edible work., oJ orr by uSing (1wl1i1e run Sugar-glazed Cookie for Q okm k canvas. This

    Icinu w i J J not acid much 5Weefrless (fnd will dr!,l I)ery harel u IjlJlin 24 howS,M ix royal iC ing fo llow ing rec ipe on page 12 or according toIomme rc ia l r oy al iCing directions. K . e e p ic ing covered ar alJames. Add enough w ater to the royal icing so tha t the Icingwill now ro ge l1 1e r w ith in s ev en o r e ig ht seconds. Blend the

    w at er in rQ me royalldng by [land. A m iX er w ill v .th ip to o q uic ld y,a dd in g rin y a ir b ub bJ es .

    SuppHes Neededroyal icingfooo c olo r a nd /o r fo od color penstip 11 3p as tr y t Ja gsbrushes

    ' T e f l ?T i D Y ai~ tj~eg fVay Qf{;(.lr Wfl lle - ;O

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    re, r

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating



  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Fondant Molded CookiesRolled londOn! is an icing wilh Q sweer flaVor and C I clau-Iik:consislen cy. 11s a fun and untoue mentum10 lVOrk wilh. Thejondanr wJlJ form Q crust. bur will be sOfrtchen blUf'll Into. Fondam is available COHl-merdally. or fO/lOll' 'he recipe below. chocon-;rI1T Is mloti1er roUed icing ihar is m'aiJo.ble commercially

    and is a delicious all 'em(Uive 10 lolled JondamSuppUes Neededrolle11fondantcOOk ing sp ra ymOld sfood colorbuttercream ICingor piping ge lspatuladust in g pO 'Nder s ( op ti ona l) : Th e ouaerflies. 5 0' and "25: snowflake.roses and Santa h a V f : ! been bruSNXI \ lVith dusting powders aftermold ing .

    Select from the following methods ofcreating a molded piece.

    Fondant RecipeI tablespoon gt'larin1 /4 c up w ate r3 tablespoons glucose3 tea,spoo/1S gly

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating



  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    To Createa Textured Background:Fo llow one of the in structions be low before c uttin g o ut the fondant piece an dplacing it o n the coo~ie,a. CakeDecorating TipsT ips a re IdeE I to g IVe texture to fO ndan r IlJg ra ss , h a ir o r fU r Imm ed ia te lY a ft er ro llin g o utfo ndanl e mbo ss texrtJre us ing the tip, Santa-" ~~~~~0~Sheep. 30. Yo u may also us e tlp ill Of #2 ~tro ya l ic in g fo r d ain ty p ip in g_ Oress- 3 t; Cross-S as em ll M itl- 31; O i, !! pe r P in s- 3 0 : Bib- 3Q H a y -O on key- 3 0; Dress- In sid e C o ve rb. Creative CUller Impression MatsThese mats will quickly prDouce a lovee m bo ss ed d es ig n (0m e c oo kie s,lightly grease the 5 1Y tO O th Side of the impressionm a r w it h s ho rt en in g, E v en ly ro Ji fo nd an t b er v. re enl ar ge s t t h ic~ness p elf ec do n s tr ip s. Rep la ce penec -tier"! strips w ith the m edium th ICknesS , layimpreSSion mat smooth, greased-5.ide dwmt he f on d an t a nd r oll f ir m ly o v er t he t op i in lp re s si n~ IL .. :. .: .. .. .. j, ~: __the m at into the fondant A t th is point, d_ustCNefr-.,....._,...,..-'__the mat with dusting powder. Gently peel matfrom fondant and cut ou t fondant pece, S I M ' J :He8rt,30c. Impression MatsIm press ion m jt5 com e in _severa l sc y fes 'r iF l e /( c obb le s t o ne , 50! boa rd ana m ore ..s pray im press io n m at and pres s onto rolleddane Castle- 3!d. Qutlted DesignUs i'7g a coo lin g ra c k and a qUIJGhg to o l m akes au niq u e im p re ss io n. Roll rondant bef\Neen perfec-t io n s tr ip s, Gently p re ss c oo lin g ra c~ into rolledtonoant Go ove r th e c oo lin g ra c~ im pre ss io nswith the quiltjng tool. H e arr - 3 0; The quilting rooc an also be used as stitc hing. Stodang- 31; Mitt-3 1; B ab y b !a n ke t- I ns id e C o ve re. Texlured Rolling PinsThe r e i ! l1"f: a number o f ro ilin g p in s a va ila ble thalJa re tex tured , in clu din g d es gn s s ue t: a s fa bric . bas-k etw ea ve , ffo ra l a nd m ore R oJ lf on dam b et we enlargest thiCkness perfection S t r i p 5 . Replacelion s t r i p s wirh the m edium thickness E venlyacros s th e F onda nf u sing the texture rollingEaster Baske lc 31: Ma rem lr y O re s s- 3 0

    Fondant Cut-out CookiesThepc:dbiliI!J oJfan dam allows lor a uoriery Of rexrurcs and unique finishes while prot'idinQ Q sweer flavor

    10 Q baSiC SUgOf Cookje. Decorated ,samples on pages 3V and 31.Supplies Neededr ol le d fo ndaorr ol li ng p inp er fe c t io n s rm sSI li cone ma tfood colorcetterrream icing o r p ip in g g el.spatula

    I. .method on page 7. Set c ls id e. C o lo r f ol l'd an r with foodcoloring i Fdesi red . P lace Fd l' lda f) { on a sUicone mat o r s ur-face dusted with pOWdered s ug ar ( ma ke s ur e s ur fa ce is v e ryclean). Ro ll f on d am b e! vV e e n p er fe cl "l on s tr ip s , T e xl ur iz e ulingone of the m ethods show n, if d es ire d. C U[ O U t fondant piecewith tile s am e c oo kie C UI Te ru se d in b ak in g



    veining MatsV ein in g m ats a re id ea l to q uic kly ve in a ie a fc ~ , ,, ,, - ,, ,?" ,_ , __ ,, ,, ,ie. Roll fondant b e tw e en p er fe ct io n ~tlips.m

  • 8/3/2019 Cookie Decorating


    Accenting Cookies with FondantO"t'TIr~ lexlure~ ami dimensions Wil11 gum pasle tools Of Hemsfrom the k i r r . .hen. 1\ good ser of jOTldanrmold-IlIg tools is cssenttot tor hand mOJdin9and will come In handy for many more oj file. ,echnlqlles. Artachpieces 10 the cookie with piping gel.

    J ? : . andh. Hand~IoldingandCUllingH and m old in g g ives