CONUL - Use of KnowAll Enquire in NUI Maynooth June 2014

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Gathering Meaningful Statistics Using KnowAll Enquire at John Paul II Library NUI Maynooth
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Transcript of CONUL - Use of KnowAll Enquire in NUI Maynooth June 2014

  1. 1. Gathering Meaningful Statistics Using KnowAll Enquire at John Paul II Library NUI Maynooth
  2. 2. Knowall Enquire in NUI Maynooth Discuss the shift in JPII Library from paper based enquiries to online based enquiries What KnowAll Enquire is and how it was adapted for practical use in JPII Library How KnowAll Enquire can improve the user experience through the process of tracking the enquiry from origin through each stage of the enquiry handling process Challenges and opportunities presented by an online enquiry management package Advice for others considering a similar model
  3. 3. Why? Opportunity to streamline all our enquiries into one central point Ability to measure customer enquiries, for example, amount of enquiries, time taken, busy/quiet times etc. Opportunity to improve the customer experience by having a bank of knowledge/FAQs Provide clarity for library staff ability to see if enquiries are answered/resolved, what the answer is for future reference With our new library, we expected library usage to increase and were being proactive in terms of gathering metrics Metrics are becoming more and more important in terms of demonstrating library work and value NUI Maynooth Library new building, new facilities, new resources we want to be able to demonstrate our value and commitment to teaching, learning and research at NUI Maynooth First academic library in Ireland to purchase KnowAll Enquire KnowAll Enquire helps us monitor enquiries and generate meaningful statistics which means we can monitor and improve our service and prove our value
  4. 4. Where do our Library Enquiries come from? Chat Email Walk Ins Appointment Online form Phone Enquiries by Type February 2014
  5. 5. NEW OPPORTUNITIES! New Library New Services at NUI Maynooth
  6. 6. Knowall Enquire
  7. 7. Timeline Autumn 2012 - Enquire purchased Autumn/Winter 2012 - New library move Spring 2013 Visit to University of Warwick, UK Beginning initial design of NUIM Library prototype Working closely with Bailey Solutions in setting up the technical spec of Enquire Summer 2013 Dedicated staff member - Edel Cosgrove, Library Assistant Software design & testing Autumn/Winter 2013 Staff training and launch Spring 2014 Online form on Continuing roll-out to all library staff Summer 2014 Import of student data, collaboration with NUIM Computer Centre Continuing software changes Continuing adaptation for library departments
  8. 8. Library Departments 1. Information Desk (11 staff) 2. Admission Desk (11 staff) 3. General Collections & Finance (12 staff) 4. Special Collections & Russell Library (7 staff) 5. Digital & Electronic Collections (3 staff) 6. Information Literacy (3 staff) 7. Subject Librarians (7 staff) 8. Library IT Development (3 staff)
  9. 9. Interface Information Desk
  10. 10. Interface Admission Desk
  11. 11. Interface Subject Librarian
  12. 12. Sample form for an English Enquiry
  13. 13. Custom Reports
  14. 14. Information Desk (By Hour) Shows Enquiries by Hour of the day and gives percentage
  16. 16. Students and library users will be able to search FAQs for self-service answering of queries with instant answers Students can be assured that enquires will not be lost in the process of referrals from desk to department Online Form students dont need to know exactly who should get their query, less time consuming One dedicated system for receiving, tracking and answering enquiries Do away with paper-based enquiries, all in a central location Potential to enhance our customer service through consistent answering and knowledge bank Each library team can monitor their own enquiries Reporting of metrics and statistics an excellent feature The level of detail in the reports has the ability to dig down to both quantitative and qualitative information Ability to improve customer service, e.g., what is the most asked question re. databases, do we need to do more training/advertising? Gives an overview of busy/quiet time data to inform of changes to opening hours etc. Students Staff Management
  17. 17. How we share information with our library users We let people know what we do and how busy we are year round Libraries need to proactively show our value and KnowAll is key to us demonstrating this in a variety of ways Library Infograph
  18. 18. Advice Having a dedicated person to work on the software set-up side is a huge advantage You need the time to learn the product and how you want to use it. The capability is huge, you need to be able to harness it Emerging body of literature about development of statistical packages we made our decision informed by practice and met Bailey Solutions at LILAC 2012 Visited site before purchase (A&L Goodbody) and after purchase (University of Warwick) Remember its not an overnight product. We still have lots of work to do on it including student import, diversion of emails into Enquire, more training and rollout. Be patient!
  19. 19. Laura Connaughton John Paul II Library, NUIM [email protected] 01 708 3429