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Transcript of CONTRIBUTORS - Smith's Hill High · PDF fileCONTRIBUTORS ・Editor in Chief ... 9 Goo Goo...


    Editor in Chief

    Alice Yang

    Arts Director

    Stephanie Lam


    Mrs Bradley

    Cover Art

    Angela Xia


    Sam Fenwick /Naleesha Habib /

    Stephanie Lam / Charlotte Mackenzie /

    Alice Yang


    Hugo Black / Naleesha Habib /

    Stephanie Lam / Rachel Prohm

    EDITORS NOTE Hello everybody,

    Another term, another Smag. In the past, Smag has

    been extremely dedicated towards the literary tal-

    ents of the genius writers, but as the cold Winds of

    Winter (GoT reference for everyone) besiege upon

    us, this article celebrates the artistic genius of our


    With the conclusion of the Vivid festival in Sydney, we

    have articles which teaches everyone to utilise the

    lighting of our natural world (and not the generated

    light of our world) to produce the most illuminous

    images possible. We have articles which teaches

    you of the wonders of the world surrounding us. We

    have astounding images for you guys drawn by our

    exceptional artists at Smiths Hill, and we have an

    amazing comic strip unlike anything Smag has ever

    published before.

    With the passing of the first semester of school al-

    ready (oh my god, where did the time go?), it is

    amazing to think that our sevvies and new students

    of Year 11 are already completely immersed into

    the life and culture of our school, our Year 11s have

    one more term of preliminary studies before the

    year that actually matters, and our Year 12s only

    have one more term to go before the dreaded HSC

    which apparently does not dictate the rest of our


    So before we all submerge into the harrowing

    depths of studies and general busy-ness, let us all

    rewind, calm down, and indulge in the latest issue of



    Alice (Editor-in-Chief)

    Want to contribute to


    Send any works, at any time, to be featured

    in the next issue of SMAG!


  • Courtesy: Rachel Prohm

    1// editors note

    2// contents

    3// music throwback

    5//cm rapper: donald trump

    7// travel the world

    10// the great barrier reef

    11// a guide to photography

    14// art corner

    15// the better artist

    21// pun time

    23// puzzles



    1 Too Close


    2 Youre Still The One

    Shania Twain

    3 Lets Ride

    Montell Jordan (ft. Mas-ter P)

    4 All My Life


    5 Frozen


    6 Body Bumpin Yippie-Yi-Yo

    Public Announcement

    7 Truly Madly Deeply

    Savage Garden

    8 Everybody [Backstreets Back]

    Backstreet Boys

    9 Romeo and Juliet

    Sylk-E Fyne (ft. Chill)

    10 Its All About Me


    1 No Scrubs


    2 Kiss Me

    Sixpence None The Richer

    3 Believe


    4 Every Morning

    Sugar Ray

    5 Whats It Gonna Be?!

    Busta Rhymes (ft. Ja-net)

    6 Heartbreak Hotel

    Whitney Houston (ft. Faith Evans)

    7 Angel of Mine


    8 Livin La Vida Loca

    Ricky Martin

    9 Slide

    Goo Goo Dolls

    10 Please Remember Me

    Tim McGraw

    1 Maria Maria

    Santana (ft. The Prod-uct G)

    2 He Wasn't Man Enough

    Toni Braxton

    3 Breathe

    Faith Hill

    4 Thong Song


    5 Say My Name

    Destinys Child

    6 Bye Bye Bye

    N Sync

    7 I Try

    Macy Gray

    8 Everything You Want

    Vertical Horizon

    9 Amazed


    10 It Feels So Good


    1 Yeah!

    Usher (ft. Lil Jophn & Ludacris)

    2 I Dont Wanna Know

    Mario Winans (ft. Enya & P. Diddy)

    3 Burn


    4 Tipsy

    J-Kwan 3

  • 1998-2004

    1 All For You


    2 Survivor

    Destinys Child

    3 Thank You


    4 Hanging By a Moment


    5 Ride Wit Me

    Nelly (ft. City Spud)

    6 Missing You


    7 Angel

    Shaggy (ft. Ravyon)

    8 Stutter

    Joe (ft. Mystikal)

    9 Follow Me

    Uncle Kracker

    10 Lady Marmalade

    Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya & Pink

    1 Foolish


    2 Whats Luv?

    Fat Joe (ft. Ashanti)

    3 U Dont Have TO Call


    4 I Need A Girl (Part One)

    P Diddy (ft. Usher & Loon)

    5 Aint It Funny

    Jennifer Lopez (ft. Ja Rule)

    6 Blurry

    Puddle of Mudd

    7 Oops (Oh My)


    8 Girlfriend

    N Sync (ft. Nelly)

    9 Please Let Me Get Me


    10 A Thousand Miles

    Vanessa Carlton

    1 In Da Club

    50 Cent

    2 Get Busy

    Sean Paul

    3 Ignition

    R. Kelly

    4 God Bless The U.S.A

    Amierican Idol Finalists

    5 21 Questions

    50 Cent (ft. Nate Dogg)

    6 When Im Gone

    3 Doors Down

    7 I Know What You Want

    Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey (ft. The Flipmode Squad)

    8 Cant Let You Go

    Fabulous (ft. Mike Shorey & Lil Mo)

    9 Picture

    Kid Rock (ft. Sheryl Grown /Allision Moorerer

    10 Rock Your Body

    Justin Timberlake

    5 Naughty Girl


    6 This Love

    Maroon 5

    7 If I Aint Got You

    Alicia Keys

    8 My Band


    9 All Falls Down

    Kanye West (ft. Syleena Johnson)

    10 Dirt Off Your Shoulder

    Jay-Z 4

  • What up, Smith Hillians? I'm back, free styling on the Donald. Here's my new rap: "Vote 1 The Trump"

    Donald Trump for president That's no mistake So vote for me And make America great!

    I'm a mega millionaire Cash is my game Got my spot on the Red Carpet And The Hall Of Fame

    I live up high At the top of Trump Tower Get out of my way I'm on the quest for power!

    DONALD TRUMP! I'm the real deal No celebrity apprentice I got mass appeal

    Guns for everyone! That's for sure Let's start another massacre And another war!

    Taxes are the worst They're my pet peeve If you're anti Trump Then you better leave!

    Teen girls, Planned Parenthood Isn't the way to go I'm pro life As for Pro choice, I say no!

    DONALD TRUMP! I'm the real deal No celebrity apprentice I got mass appeal

    Global warming's a fraud The Ice Caps aren't melting away The Ozone layer is fine And Winter isn't in May! Get out of here, Mexicans! You're no good thugs! All that you bring Are crime and drugs!


  • We're gonna build a wall To keep you in your place There's nothing for you here Except taser guns and mace!

    DONALD TRUMP! I'm the real deal No celebrity apprentice I got mass appeal

    Look at my hair! Look at my face! Can't you see me Winning this race?

    I squashed those Republicans Rubio and Cruz I slandered their wives I hurled all sorts of abuse!

    Clinton and Sanders Can't stand the heat Because Donald J Trump Can't be beat!

    DONALD TRUMP! I'm the real deal

    No celebrity apprentice I got mass appeal I've got the people even If shoot up 5th Avenue The rednecks, the racists, the bigots Their votes are sure and true!

    If my daughter weren't mine, She'd be my date I'd marry dear Ivanka Maybe she can be my running mate!

    I want to abolish The crazy Obamacare But don't worry, I'll still pay For you to regrow your hair!

    DONALD TRUMP! I'm the real deal No celebrity apprentice I got mass appeal

    I'm gonna win this race I'm universally admired If you disagree I'm the Donald and you're FIRED!

    Lyrics by Charlotte Mackenzie 6

  • Set up against the dramatic Southern Alps, Queenstown is a famed resort town on the South Island of New Zealand. It is a stunning area with a plethora of attractions and activities to do. For those with the stomach, adrenaline and extreme tours are very popular in the area. There is the Shotover Canyon Swing and Fox which involves jumping off or swinging across the famous 109m high Canyon Swing and Canyon Fox. In the area, there is also the AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand which is always ready to get your heart thumping and adrenaline pumping. Other activities for the daring include canyoning, skydiving and hang gliding. For those nature-lovers though, hiking trails surrounding the resort town offer fantastic views and scenery on Queenstown Hill and Ben Lomond Walkway. Take advantage of the snow at Coronet Peak and go skiing and snowboarding. The snow is stunning and the landscape will take your breath away! The Queenstown Gardens are also on show, otherwise, one must remember to visit the Kiwi Birdlife Park, which houses the na-tional animal of New Zealand. If you have no idea where to start, simply join any air, boat or nature and wildlife tour!

    Sun, beach, sand. A perfect tropical paradise complete with swimming, snorkelling, and chilling. Tioman Island is possibly home to the most beautiful coral reef in the world, with all colours of the rainbow found on its reefs, fish, and environs. There are currently 8 local villag-es that live on the islands of Tioman with beau-tiful flora and fauna surrounding the cabins for visitors. When you step upon the pristine white sands of the beaches of Tioman, you are im-mediately transported into a different universe. With 5-star customer service, visitors can enjoy the delicious local cuisine of the villagers of Ti-oman, go for hikes through the lush forestation on the island, go for bike rides through the vil-