CONTENTS introduces himself and his book THE PLANET MARS ... · PDF fileTHE PLANET MARS AND...

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Transcript of CONTENTS introduces himself and his book THE PLANET MARS ... · PDF fileTHE PLANET MARS AND...




To the millions of God's children onthis earth enthralled in darkness, for whomthe solicitude of the Father is now inevidence, this book is dedicated.

May it be a beacon to light the way ofweary searchers after TRUTH.

One hemisphere of Mars showing the North Polar Cap and the mainCanal System covering the planet. The many thousands of smalllateral canals, radiating from the larger waterways, and whichform an important part of the general plan, have been purposelyomitted from the above to avoid confusion. The circular spotsand dots are the principal reservoirs used for impounding waterfor use during the long Martian summer. The dark areas shown inthe drawing are Mars ancient sea bottoms now covered withvegetation. It will be observed that most of the canals aredouble, paralleling each other at a distance of aboutseventy-five miles. Centers of population are not shown for thereason that space is not available on so small a drawing. TheCity of Urid is situated adjacent to the reservoir in the centerof drawing, just north of the equator.


ChapterI.-EROS URIDES, of the City of Urid, planet Mars, the Author,introduces himself and his book THE PLANET MARS AND ITSINHABITANTS.

ChapterII.-He describes the Population Centers, Temperatures andClimate. The whole Planet is gridironed with Canals. (SeeDiagram.)

ChapterIII.-He gives a full description of the marvelous Martian CanalSystem.

ChapterIV.-Planetary Economy. No Worries, and the Wants of all aresupplied by the Commonwealth.

ChapterV.-Property and Property Rights. God, the Creator of it, isconsidered the Owner of all Property. Material things to theMartians are but Expedients. The Millions of Martians live asone great family, though divided into families. And it is thissolidarity and filial consideration towards each other that madethe stupendous Canal and other Works possible.

ChapterVI.-Trade and Barter are unknown. Transportation is by FlyingShips, and Gravitational Pull has been overcome. Also, they useCosmic or Universal Energy. All Distribution is from immenseWarehouses.

ChapterVII.-A great many Clairvoyant Visions were seen by the ShorthandRecorder, which make most interesting reading.

ChapterVIII.-Knowledge of God comes from within. Selfishness has beeneliminated; and the Martians require no Policemen, Watchmen orother Guardians of the Peace. Christ is known to the Martians asone of the great Powers in the Universe.

ChapterIX.-Mars has no Political System; yet it is controlled by thevery Acme of System. Each Individual of their vast population isguided by "The Light Within" and by "LOVE."

ChapterX.-Mars is ruled by LOVE, their only law. There is no Evil, for

all are Good; all are Equal. Truth is simple. The people ofMars are ready to stimulate the living of the Christ-Life onother Planets. (This is a wonderful and most Inspiring chapter.)

ChapterXI.-Education and Training of the Individual. They have a Spokenand a Written Language; but Telepathy is often used. Set Rulesof Discipline are not required. There are References to Jupiter,Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and the two Moons of Mars.

ChapterXII.-Education and Training of the Individual (contd).Vocational Determination. School Age. Marriage. Science andDomestic Science. Relativity of Time, Space, Motion and Matter.All in the whole Universe is ETERNAL MOTION.

ChapterXIII.-Music is an Expression of the Father. "All around us is abeautiful RAINBOW UNIVERSE". About Music of the Spheres, andthat Singing is highly developed.

ChapterXIV.-Aeronautics. Inhabited Planets. Sectarianism. No Sound,no Discordant Vibrations disturb the Atmosphere of Mars.

ChapterXV.-Life is an Attribute of the entire Universe. The PlanetJupiter is enveloped in deep gloom and Darkness. Gives muchinformation. Vesta, an Asteroid, is about 500 miles in diameter.Says that communications between Planets of our Solar System andour Earth will soon be realized, and that the initial Messagewill be from Mars. It will herald a New Era for the people ofEarth, and will break down our narrow-minded Theology.

ChapterXVI.-The Risen Christ. All the Mars people have lived on otherPlanets before, except your Earth. On Mars they live theChrist-Life every day. 10,000 years ago the Mars people acceptedChrist as their Savior WITHOUT MURDER.

ChapterXVII.-Physical Environment is the result of Spiritual Causes, andis the Result of our Mental Attitude.


XVIII.-Material Life is a Lesson, and is necessary for theunfolding of Character. The Martians have mastered their NaturalPassions.

ChapterXIX.-Eros gives a graphic Description of a Martian Home andSurroundings, then shows how the Food is manipulated. It isbrought from a Central Depot in a Mechanical Contrivance which isrun underground, thence up into the Dining room. The SoiledDishes are run down and off the same way. No Drudgery for theHousewife!

ChapterXX.-"ART." The Martians have beautiful productions in Painting,Sculpture and Tapestries, some of which depict the Scenes andEpisodes incident on Christ's Visit to Mars ten thousand yearsago.

ChapterXI.-Eros Urides has a good deal to write on the subject of"Scientific Sophistry," which has mostly to do with our Earth.


It was Eros Urides, the real Martian behind the scenes, whodictated the contents of this book through the medium to Mr.Kennon. It was further stated that "The medium was held intrance for short periods only, as the medium must necessarilyexperience the atmosphere of Mars which is more rarified thanthat of your Earth." Writes also that the medium seemed to havesome difficulty, and at first pain in breathing while in thetrance condition.

Mr. Kennon also wrote in his foreword of the original book thatit was not until January 4, 1920, it was decided to write thebook in which the Planet Mars, its people, its form ofgovernment, its Art, Industries, Philosophy of life, etc. wouldfor the first time in the history of this world be given.

It appears that Jesus the Christed One of God visited the planetsof our Solar system, the planet Mars being one of those visitedand investigated. And, as a proof of this it was Jesus Christwho functioned as chairman or presidentat the great PeaceConference held in the vast coliseum on the first sphere of the

Heavens of our Earth. That was in the year 1912, as fullyreported in "World of Tomorrow," page 98. It was at thatconference He stated that Universal Peace must be speeded up, asthere were other planets to be investigated: and that the Earthstood in the way and was becoming a menace to neighboringplanets.



Years ago, as you measure time, I was an inhabitant of Mars, yoursister planet. My name is Eros Urides (the latter signifying "ofUrid"). But a physical name is only an incidental in one's life.

In the Spirit world we are given a name in accordance with ourspiritual qualities and gifts and the kind of work we do.

I came into material being as the fruit of the sacred union of myparents. It is not necessary to say aught concerning theirsocial status, for on Mars all who unfold into a materialexpression of the Father are equal. Equal in rank, station, andin possession of the material fruits of earth.

After my education had been completed I was, in accordance withthe Martian system of scientifically determining one's rightfulvocation, assigned as overseer to a section of one of the maincanals supplying water from the North Polar cap to an impoundingreservoir near the city of Urid, the place of my birth.

I was in the 36th year (Martian reckoning) of my physical life onthe planet when my transition occurred, which event was theresult of my inability to observe, one night, warning signalssent out from a central station advising the eve of a tremendousdrop in temperature. This occurred in the Martian autumn, and Isuccumbed to the intense cold. I was not married, so I left noimmediate family except my parents, brothers and sisters.

I have come to your Earth to give your inhabitants some idea ofthe idealistic life lived by your more advanced brothers. I usethe term idealistic in a relative way only, for in God's universethe degrees of material progress of His children are infinite innumber.

In giving this information to the inhabitants of your world Ihave been assisted by the spirits of many former wise children ofyour Earth.

The purpose of the information which I am about to impart to yourpeople is mainly to stimulate and hasten into material expressionthe reign of God's kingdom on your Earth.

Many will reject this information, but it is God's truthnevertheless. But on the other hand, many of God's children nowfunctioning on your planet will accept the statements as true,and they will be helped and encouraged in their hard struggle formaterial existence. This struggle, unequal as it is, is theresult of darkness engendered by the loss of faith in God.

Man's faith in his Creator, in the ages preceding your presentera of darkness, was sublime. Man's attitude towards, and hisconfidence in the promises of God was as the faith of a child toits parents, whom it has always trusted. But selfishness hasgained the upper hand, and is now man's master on your Earth.To break the chains now binding man to self is the purpose ofGod's holy emissaries, who have descended from high spiritualspheres to your Earth to teach and show men the way out ofbondage. They will succeed, for Omniscience has commanded it.It is under their direction that I am now contributing my littlepart in this