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Transcript of CONTENTS - EAA Vintage Members Only — Member · PDF fileBlackbeard and his crew, among...


    Tom Poberezny

    October 1994 Vol. 22, No. 10


    Marketing and Communications

    Dick Matt


    Jack Cox


    Henry G. Frautschy

    Managing Editor

    Golda Cox

    Art Director

    Mike Drucks

    Computer Graphic Specialists

    Sara Hansen

    Olivia L. Phillip Jennifer Larsen


    Mary Jones

    Associate Editor

    Norm Petersen

    Feature Writers

    George Hardie, Jr. Dennis Parks

    Staff Photographers

    Jim Koepnick Mike Steineke

    Carl Schuppel Donna Bushman

    Editorial Assistant

    Isabelle Wiske



    President Vice-President Espie 'Butch' Joyce Arthur Mor\lan

    604 Highway St. W211 Nl1863 Hilltop Dr. Madison. NC 27025 Gemnantown. WI 53022

    919/427-0216 414/628-2724

    Secretary Treasurer Steve Nesse E.E. 'Buck' Hilbert

    2009 Highland Ave. P.O. Box 424 Albert Lea. MN 5tl:XJ7 Union.IL 60180

    507/373-1674 815/923-4591

    DIRECTORS John Berendt Robert C. 'Bob' Brauer

    7645 Echo Point Rd. 9345 S. Hoyne

    Cannon Falls. MN 55009 Chica~o. IL 60620

    507/263-2414 312/ 79-2105

    Gene Chose John S. Copeland

    2159 Carlton Rd. 28-3 Williamsbur8 Ct. Oshkosh. WI 54904 Shrewsbury. MA 1545

    414/231-5002 508/842-7867 Phil Coulson George Doubner

    28415 Springbrook Dr. 2448 Lough Lane Lawton. MI 49065 Hartford. WI 53027

    616/624-6490 414/673-5885 Charles Hanris Stan Gomoll

    7215 East 46th St. 1042 90th Lane. NE Tulsa. OK 74145 Minneapolis. MN 55434

    918/622-8400 612/784-1172 Dale A. Gustatson Jeannie Hill

    7724 Shady Hill Dr. P.O. Box 328

    Indianapolis. IN 46278 Harvard. IL 60033

    317/293-4430 815/943-7205

    Robert liCkteig Robert D. 'Bob' Lumley 1708 Bay Oaks r. 1265 South 1241h St.

    Albert Lea. MN 5tl:XJ7 Brookfield. WI 53005 507/373-2922 414/7822633 Gene Morris George York

    115C Steve Court. R.R. 2 181 Sloboda Av.

    Roanoke. TX 76262 Mansfield. OH 44906

    817/491 -911 0 419/529-4378

    S.H. ' Wes' Schmid 2359 Lefeber Avenue Wauwatosa. WI 53213



    7200 S.E. 85th Lane

    Ocala. FL 32672


    ADVISORS Joe Dickey Jimmy Rollison

    55 Oakey Av. 640 Alamo Dr. Lawrenceburg. IN 47025 Vacaville. CA 95688

    812/537-9354 707/451-0411

    Dean Richardson Geoff Robison 6701 Colony Dr. 1521 E. MacGregor Dr.

    Madison. WI 53717 New Haven. IN 46774 608/833-1291 219/493-4724

    CONTENTS 1 Straight & Level/

    Espie "Butch" Joyce

    2 AlC News/

    Compiled by H .G. Frautschy

    3 Aeromail

    4 A.D. Notes and You/ Bill Claxon Page 6

    6 Aircraft Antennas for the Pilot Part WBill Butters

    9 Something Old, Something New EAA OSHKOSH '94/ H. G. Frautschy

    20 Like Father . . . / H.G. Frautschy Page 9

    25 Mystery Airplane/ George H ardie

    25 Pass it to Buckl E.E. "Buck" Hilbert

    28 Welcome New Members

    29 AlC Calendar

    30 Vintage Trader Page 20

    FRONT COVER . . The winner of the Grand Champion Antique Lindbergh trophy at EAA OSHKOSH '94. this is Tom D. Baker. Jr. and his 1941 BL-65 Taylorcraft. EAA photo by Jim Koepnick. Shot with a Canon EOS-1 equipped with an 80-200mm I f2 .8 lens. 1/ 250 at f81 on Kodak Ektachrome Lumiere 100 film. Cessna 210 photo plane piloted by Bruce Moore.

    BACK COVER ... The only Curtiss Robin on Edo M-2665 floats of the same vintage wa s awarded the first-ever G rand Champion Seaplane Lindy. The Robin was flown to Oshkosh by its owner. R. W. "Buzz" Kaplan (EAA 70086. A/C 8609) of Owatonna. Minnesota . EAA photo by Norm Petersen . Shot with a Canon Elan camera equipped with an 8021Omm / f4-5 .6 lens. 1/ 250 at f5 .6 on Kodak Ektachrome Lumiere 100 film. Piper Cub photo plane flown by Mike Weinfurter.

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    The words EAA, ULTRALIGHT, FLY WITH THE FIRST TEAM. SPORT AVIATION and the logos of EAA, EAA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION, EAA ANTIQUE/CLASSIC DIVISION, INTERNATIONAL AEROBATIC CLUB, WARBIRDS OF AMERICA are registered trademarks. THE EM SKY SHOPPE and logos of the EAA AVIATION FOUNDATION and EM ULTRALIGHT CONVENTION are trademarks of the above associations and their use by any person other than the above association is strictly prohibited.



    by Espie "Butch" Joyce

    Each year during the last weekend of September, the North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Aviation, in cooperation with the FAA, hosts a North Carolina coastal air tour. In the past, I'd never flown on this tour. With the Fall weather here in the Carolinas having been so nice , I decided we would do it this year.

    We loaded up the Baron and departed the afternoon of September 23 for Manteo, NC. After landing at Dare County Airport we registered with the group and drove over to our hotel at Nags Head, located on the outer banks of North Carolina. Nags Head at one time was a pirates hangout. Blackbeard and his crew, among others , harbored there on the inlet side. The town was called Nags Head because they would hang a lantern around the head of an old nag and walk it up and down the sand dunes along the beach. Ships would see this light bobbing up and down and, thinking it was another ship, they would come over to follow in trail, only to run aground. The local pirates would carry off the ship's goods once it broke up. For a while it was a lucrative way for the pirates to make a living.

    Just north of Nags Head is the town of Kill Devil Hills of Wright brothers fame. The imposing memorial there is well worth the visit. There is a hard runway within walking distance, operated by the National Park Service.

    On Friday night we went over to Fort Island, where Sir Walter Raleigh landed on the shores of America with the first colonial settlers. Sir Walter

    went back to England and when he returned, everyone was gone. For many years a play, "The Lost Colony," has been staged during the summer months to dramatize what might have happened to the colony. Years earlier, my dad told me that he knew what had happened to them - the mosquitoes carried them off!

    We departed Saturday morning flying in trail down the beach side of the outer banks.

    The State and FAA had cleared the restricted areas and MOAs in the area for us. Nearly 100 airplanes flew in trail down the coast. We all landed at Beaufort , North Carolina where we were on our own to track down lunch. Beaufort, is an old whaling village dating back to the 1740s. Lunch on the water there was great and a walking tour of the historical area was fun.

    We then departed Beaufort for Wilmington, North Carolina for a stay overnight. We all had dinner on the fantail of the battleship USS North Carolina with a speaker program after the meal.

    We returned home to Shilo airport on Sunday satisfied with a great weekend. If you're in the local area next year, you may want to check with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to find out when the coastal air tour will take place.

    On the business side, your Board of Directors will be meeting in Oshkosh the first weekend of November. Should you have any items that you feel we need to address, please let me know so we can add it to the agenda. We will be discussing this

    past Convention to help us determine what things can be done to make EAA Oshkosh '95 even more enjoyable for our membership. Any items that need correcting, from a grounds or physical plant (buildings, etc.) standpoint need to be taken care of early, because of the long winter season in Oshkosh.

    Another item of interest to the membership up for discussion at the Board meeting will be our dues structure. Your dues at this time are $20.00 per year. In 1993 it cost the Antique/Classic Division almost $25.00 to service each member. We have been able to offset this extra expense because of the advertising income from VINTAGE AIRPLANE and the merchandise sales during the year, most of which occurs at Oshkosh at each year's Convention. We are now starting to lose ground, because of printing expense, postage and other items. We've been advised that we shou