Content Marketing World 2014 Recap: What Libraries Need to Know!

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I attended Content Marketing World 2014 #CMWorld in Cleveland, Sept. 8-11. This is a recap of the presentations I attended, most of which related to my work as a Content Team Leader in the marketing department of a major metropolitan library. Includes main points from key speakers, photos and video! Talk to me about your experience on Twitter @Webmastergirl or email me at

Transcript of Content Marketing World 2014 Recap: What Libraries Need to Know!

  • 1. Content Marketing World 2014Angela Hursh, Content Team LeaderPublic Library of Cincinnati andHamilton County@webmastergirl

2. Before registration, I stopped at the ClevelandPublic Library. 3. At #CMWorld, a graphic artist created a real-time infographicof the biggest talks, which were displayed in the exhibit hall. 4. And all the food was orange! 5. Some companies lured attendees to their booths withfree coffee and fruit infused water bottles. Totally smart! 6. Opening KeynoteJoe Pulizzi, Founder, CMW @JoePulizziMain points: Have a clearstrategy and stick to it. Go overit at least once a week.64% of effective contentmarketers closely follow theirstrategy.Create evangelists of yourconsumers. 7. Andrew Davis, Author and Speaker, onInspired Content @TPLDrewMain points: Put content closer to yourcustomers universe.Think about how people really search for stuff.Spend more time in your loyalty loop, creatingmoments of inspiration and customer journeys.People dont want to buy a quarter-inch drill, theywant to buy a quarter-inch hole!Inspire people by creating in them the irresistibleurge to act. 8. Andrew Davis, cont.Check every day.4 secrets to create inspiration1. Build suspense, anxiety, drama in stories.2. Foster feelings that convince customer to aspireto something greater.3. Drive empathy.4. Harness emotions 9. Julie Fleischer, Kraft @jflyKraft uses their content to gain insight into theircustomers-what do they like, how do they cook,etc. This is the fuel for more engagement andloyalty.Relentlessly pursue worthiness. If you wouldntspend money on it, why pursue it? Your contentmust be worthy of creating a customer reaction.Dont be slaves to a perceived posting cadence inyour calendar-be flexible.Getting it done is better than being perfect!There is little value in perfection when your targetis constantly changing. 10. Katrina Craigwell, GE, on how GE determines whichsocial media channels have the most impact@KCraigwellYou only have EIGHT SECONDS to make animpact-be interesting!Define your voice. Decide what stories you needto do a better job of telling-what is it that peopledont know about you?#GEInstawalk lets Instagram influencers take abehind-the-scenes tour of GE plants and postphotos to their followers!Think of You Tube as a channel you program, nota repository. 11. Paolo Mottola, REI, on DistruptiveContent Marketing @paulojrInspire people with utility. Is your content useful?You want to be part of the dinner conversation.Inspire people by showing them the communitythey are part of-READERS for us!!Be a merchant of joy-inspire people with beautyand humor.Education is a good marketing tool. They uselong form articles that give their customers expertadvice and position themselves as outdoorinformation specialists. 12. Lee Odden,, on Influencer Marketing@leeoddenDont talk about yourself: Talk about what yourcustomers care about.Romance your influencers: RT status updates,comment on blog posts, liveblog events, interviewthem, co-create content, interact during an event.Make it easy to work with your company! 13. Stephan Spencer, author, on how Google views yourcontent and 10 common SEO mistakes @sspencerGoing for likes, not links-your end game shouldbe to links to your main site.Get help from a power user to seed yourremarkable content into social media. Powerusers have greater reach than you.Dont use industry speak, your customers dontuse it.Use Google Trends and Google KeywordPlanner. 14. Shane Snow, founder of Contently,on Storytelling @shanesnowGood stories make us care and buildrelationships, trust. JK Rowling is more trusted bythe public than the Queen of England.Research says storytelling can break downbarriers and foster compassion, tolerance,respect for difference.Follow journalisms #1 tenant: dont deceive.Idea: Show stories of real library users on ourhomepage, inspire others through theirempowerment.Use radical truth as propaganda. 15. Mark Schaefer, Author, on making Twitter yourBFF @markwschaeferSocial media is an opportunity to go where yourcustomers are and give them meaningful content,make targeted connections, and be authenticallyhelpful.Your metrics should include the number ofcomments you leave on other peoples blogs.Twitter offers the fastest way to build an audienceof relevant followers for your content..Advertising on Twitter is cheap and ignitescontent. Its cost effective to experiment rightnow. 16. David Pembroke, Founder of contentgroup, on why CM is thefuture of Government Communication @davidpembrokeThe news media is not the place for sustaineddebate and discussion about topics. Dont rely onthe news media to tell your story.We need to engage and inform rather than attractand acquire audiencesLive stream your events. Anyone can dial in andwatch from anywhere.Publish at various times to engage your customerat the time of THEIR choosing. Be convenient.Use technology to build trust and save money. 17. Robert Rose, CMWorld, on the 7thEra of Marketing @Robert_Rose 18. We can feel like refugees or we can berevolutionaries!High performing brands are doing two thingsright. They get deep insight about their customersAND develop a total experience for theircustomers.We are entering the 7th era of marketing:experiences. The One-to-One future.50% of customers switch to a different productbecause of bad experiences. They want abusiness thats easy to do business with!Content can be the byproduct of what we do, orthe strategic asset it should become! 19. Scott Stratten, Author, blogger of Unmarketing andCreater of the NO button, on Why everything youknow about content marketing may be wrong!@unmarketing 20. Sometimes, content is giving a damn about thecustomers. He tweeted Delta about badcustomer experience in security line and got animmediate response that cooled him down. 21. Dont just reply to people who talk to you. Go outand join conversations.The time of day and date in which you releasecontent doesnt matter-the content matters more,as does meeting your customer where AND whenthey are.Going viral doesnt matter. Getting spread withsomething that identifies your company is better.When the ***t hits the fan, dont hide the fan. FedEx made themselves look better through theirresponse to package-throwing scandal. 22. Kevin SpaceyAward-winningActor andProducer,PresidentUnderwood onHouse of Cards 23. The audience doesnt care about the platform.They just want great content.Too many marketers focus too much on metricsand not enough on the audience connection.Memorable marketing has a foundation inhonesty. Be authentic. The audience will seethrough falsehood.Stories are richer when they go against the grain. 24. Hunt, or be hunted.