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  • 1. Make Sharing Easy - Content Curation Session Materials - Guhlin - @mguhlin

2. Make Sharing Easy - Content CurationIdentifyOrganizeShare Session Materials - 3. The Short Version1. Lots of content coming at you from everywhere! Session Materials - You need to get organized the digital way. Paper,folders, forget those! Tech is ubiquitous...use it!3. Now that youre organized, you want to share it. 4. Session Materials are Online!Session Materials - video content for YOU! 5. Extra video content for YOU! Session Materials - 6. Session Materials - an iPad? Make Your Own Magazine with Flipboard! 7. Source: Materials - 8. Session Materials - not share what youre learning, while youre learning it, with others? 9. Make Sharing Easy - Content CurationIdentifyOrganizeShare Session Materials - 10. Make Sharing Easy - Content CurationIdentifyOrganizeShare Session Materials - 11. Organizing On my Mobile DeviceIdentifyOrganizeShareSession Materials - ReadItLater (a.ka. Pocket) 12. the read/writeweb is a massive Session Materials - ofinformation bitsthat are shared,remixed openly into a fluid and participatory tapestry.Source: --Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams,Wikinomics 13. Session Materials - - Get a Social Media DashboardTake advantage of tools like 14. Session Materials - - Figure Out HashtagsHashtags are everywhere 15. Tip - Make ConnectionsStart with anothers experience, book quotes, blogentry, series of tweets, and make a connection.http://diigo.comhttp://evernote.comSession Materials - .com http://www.diigoSource: 16. Tip - Build Your Virtual SpaceBuild your virtual spaces using free web services. Session Materials - Source: Source: 17. Session Materials - - Divert the FlowTake advantage of social networking/media tools tohelp others see what you are learning from/about. 18. See you online! mguhlin.netSession Materials - mglearns.wikispaces.comConnect with mguhlin on any or all ofelearning platforms and/or media tools: