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Contemporary Art Museum By: Jessica Pettyjohn. FACTS Design Lesson Plan Dr. J. Butler, UTB 6341: Student - Centered Learning July 2010. Contemporary Art Museum. Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. VS. Contemporary Art Museum. Banksy “Grannies”. Contemporary Art Museum. PIETA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contemporary Art MuseumBy: Jessica PettyjohnFACTS Design Lesson PlanDr. J. Butler, UTB6341: Student-Centered LearningJuly 2010Contemporary Art Museum

VSEdvard MunchsThe Scream

Contemporary Art Museum


Contemporary Art Museum


Contemporary Art Museum

Jean Shin Sound Wave

Overview of Lesson UnitLesson plan is for any students taking a graphic design/desktop publishing class

Overview of Lesson UnitAdvertising, marketing and digital works of artContemporary art and artistsList of artists: - a tagging graffiti artist Relate and Connect - Authentic

Overview of Lesson UnitDifferent types of artists

Research Presentation

Create and host Contemporary Art Museum

Contemporary Art Museum:Technology RequirementsComputers with Internet AccessMicrosoft Power Point SoftwareMicrosoft Word SoftwareGraphics Software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (free)Photo Story 3 Software (free)Wiki or PBworks Website for Virtual Museum (free)Digital CameraSocial Bookmarking Site such as Diigo (free)Blog Site such as Blogger (free)Headset with Microphone Projector Set Up for PresentationsXbox Game Controller (if possible not required)Scanner (if possible not required)

GIMPContemporary Art Museum:ResponsibilitiesEach class period will be creating a contemporary art museum. Students must research several ideas such as the following:What is contemporary art?What is the difference between fine art and contemporary art?Who are contemporary artists?

Each student will be responsible for the following: Museum LogoBlog EntriesParticipation in GroupParticipation in ClassResearch Over Contemporary Art and Contemporary ArtistsPower Point Presentation Over Selected ArtistThree Contemporary Works of Art that Mimic Work of Selected Artist

Contemporary Art Museum:ResponsibilitiesEach class period will be responsible for the following: A contemporary art museumThe name for the museumA logo for the museumA commercial for the museum

Each team, divided by artist type, will be responsible for the following: Page of Museum WebsiteBlog About ProjectMuseum CommercialAdvertisement for MuseumGroup Presentation of Art

Overview of FACTS: FoundationsLiteracyProblem SolvingKnowledgeInformationCommunity

Overview of FACTS: ActivitiesAuthentic ActivitiesBackground Building ActivitiesConstructing ActivitiesSharing Activities

Overview of FACTS: Contents123.64. Communication Graphics, TEATechnology Education, students gain knowledge and skills in:the application, design, production, and assessment of products, services, and systems the proper application of technology, the design of technology, the efficient production of technology, and the assessment of the effects of technology the study of technology allows students to reinforce, apply, and transfer their academic knowledge and skills to a variety of interesting and relevant activities, problems, and settingsstudents gain an understanding of career opportunities available in technology and what employers require to gain and maintain employment

Overview of FACTS: ToolsPrint/BooksVideoHypermedia

Overview of FACTS: Systems of AssessmentPerformancePortfolioProject Rubric

Overview of FACTS: Learning EnvironmentFurniture ArrangementInformation ToolsIntellectual Environment

ReferencesEdvard Munch's "The Scream: Michelangelos Pieta: Grannies: List of Contemporary Artists: Amazing Contemporary Sculptures, Shins Sound Waves: GIMP Picture: GIMP Program: TEA, Communication Graphics TEKS: