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Transcript of Consumers, trends, families, children, the future shop · PDF fileConsumers, trends, families,...

  • Consumers, trends, families,

    children, the future shop and

    strategic challenges for Norstar

    Futurist Marianne Levinsen,

    M.Sc. Political Science

    Centre for Future Studies

  • Kilde: Statistisk


    Private consumption

    Norway 3,15%.p.a. 2,6 % i DK og SE



    (faste priser)

  • Kilde: Danmarks Statistik

    We get richer and richer in the long


    Denmark and Finland


  • Situational consumption:

    We buy by

    inspiration and temptation

    Private consumption will rise from 25 to 40 % in the

    nordic region the next ten years

    Our wealth and prosperity have several impacts on the ways we buy things.

    We do not buy out of basic need but increasingly by inspiration, temptation or simply by coincidence

    Shopping for fun or shopping as entertainment

    Since 2008 we focus on price, security, and savings both as private and business costumers

  • Situational consumption

  • Nordic Population Growth

    The Silver Tsunami

    Increase in population the next 25 years.

    Norway 28 %, Dk 9 %, Finland 10 % and

    Sweden 16 %

  • Health

    a global trend in a wealthy

    World Becoming richer and richer

    Our body in a runaway world the new


    Health as an important issue at many agendas

    Family: Food diet, exercise, lifestyle optimizing

    your health especially family issue.

    Focus on health in schools, coorporations, retail,


    Health and health easy is business

    Many gurus and prophets to come!

  • The new luxury

    Things we feel we do not

    have! Time: Decoupling, disconnection, having time for

    yourself, free time.

    Attention A luxury to be free of mass media, internet and cell phones

    Full attention from a person a good friend or family

    Space and room Goodbye to monkey-class, traffic jam on freeways, simplifying

    your life, back to nature

    Peace and quietness

    Nature and a sense of cleaness: clean air, clean water, clean food.

    Safety in our house, for a long and healthy life

  • Sustainability!

    Consumers have since the 1990s a global

    focus on whats going on out-there

    They expect coorporations to work with

    ensuring the best and most secure methods for

    productions and transportation with respect to

    the people(kids) and the environment involved

    in Europa, Asia or South America.

    Sustainability is steady work for you in the

    future. Its a company responsibility!

    Consumers will not pay for it, they just expect !

  • Time and Energy, Space

    and Attention

    Shortage of time and


    Retailing will be in

    fierce competition

    with e-tail

    Increased shopping

    while traveling,

    staying abroad or

    other times

  • A B

    The new consumers

    dual worlds


    quality at

    low price

    Unique or very



  • Abercrombie & Fitch,


  • The new paradigm

    Discount goes mainstream

    Ikea, H&M and Lidl will expand futher

    New high quality discount

    Up-market set back luxury will have to create a new

    platform in the future

    (greed is not so good anymore)

    Middle-market platforms eroding

    Brands in trouble new branding strategies needed

    The old world will never come back again changes as

    profound as going from the 1970s to the 1980s.

  • Families in the future

  • The New Phases of Life

    0 20 40 60 80

    0 20 40 60









    Freedom 1 Senior

    Freedom 2

  • Types of Families!

  • The modern male


    in the family - Men wants to be part of their childrens life

    - They spend much moore time with them

    - Marriage and being a family is very important to


    - Knausgaard My struggle 6 volumes,

  • Parents today

    and in the future

    As long as the children are satisfied, we are

    happy !

    The health and well-being of the children is a

    matter of great importance to them

    Food, leisure, activities,

    No talent must be wasted!

    A Garantee for that the kind of toy, game or

    device I invest in will develop my childs talents

    and skills !

  • Six generations: from digital

    immigrants to digital natives

    Baby Boomers

    The large postwar generation, 68-generation

    The pill, television and radio, the phone

    Solidarity and collectivenes

    Born 1940-54

    Generation Jones

    A huge generation but invisible generation

    The stereo

    Old time values but

    Career and money

    Born 1955-64

    Generation X

    A small generation after the pill, the first individualists

    The VCR

    Harmony, society and respect .

    Born 1965-77

    Generation Y

    Small generation(women and the workforce)

    The Personal computer and the cell phone

    Born 1978-89

    Generation Z

    Born between the end of the Cold War and 9-11

    Digital natives

    Whats in it for me?

    Born 1990-2001

    New Millenium

    Efter 9-11 generationen

    global citizens

    WiFi (Wireless internet) born 2002

  • Generation Y & Z

    Digital Natives

    Social shoppers shopping for fun

    Inhabitant of the internet and internet shopping malls: The digital natives Cant remember a life without a pc and a cell-phone

    Lets find the best price of a product world wide

    Without the cell-phone I feel Naked

    Social networking is a must in life

    Personal recognition for what I say or do Whats in it for me !

    Personal style over Brands Loves to create their own products, music, way of doing things

  • Mobil Digital Now or

    invisible in 2020

  • The Digital World

    Not only a sales channel- Retail.

    But an interesting place to visit

    Interactive and drags you or your children into

    exiting and new universes or worlds

    Guide you to the relevant informations

    Its can be sustainalibity, rewards for toy of the

    year, a special device to develop your childs

    fantasy, musical skills .

    Direct personalised service 24/7

  • Technology:


    Web 2.0 to 3.0

    Situational Shopping impulses via the web, cell phones etc

    Social meeting places a significant media factor

    Facebook, YouTube, special tv channels and even to some extend brand channels

    Pop-up Retail will be online

    Consumers will receive offers while they are walking around

    Like Lonely Planet on iPhone

    E-mail and other forms of communication takes place in social venues

    Apps that help to compare prices, product and places

    Involvement, open source and transparency

  • If you want loyalty - go

    buy a dog (A student , London College of Fashion)

  • Brn og Unge

    The new millinium

    Generation born after 2001

  • Born digital

    They play on the i-pad or i-phone from a very

    early age without being able to read or write

    It must be interactive when I touch it

    Trained in finding interesting games or

    challenges and making hard and fast choices

    of what is interesting or not

    Build or create something that is my project

    Let me try and play before I buy ! Trysumers!

  • Children as Costumers

    Talk to me and my desires as we know it from

    Build A Bear and American girl

    Individual attitude to me not my parents

    A shop that have me and my favorite toys as

    the most importantin the world

    A place I feel at home

    Restaurant, cafe and playground

    Girls or Boys World

  • Tendenser om tid

    og tidspres

    Danske mnd og kvinder bruger begge