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Transcript of Consumer Electronics Solutions for Automotive Cockpit User Experience

PowerPoint Presentation

Emmanuel RoncoroniGraphics Rendering Technologies20-21June 2016Consumer Electronics Solutions for Automotive Cockpit User Experience

Strictly Private and Confidential


Page 2AgendaConfidentialConsumer Electronics solutions for Automotive Cockpit User Experience

IntroductionGraphical Architectures TrendsAdvanced Graphical UXQuality vs Time to Market


Visteon at a GlancePage 3MANUFACTURING LOCATIONS2211,000EMPLOYEES18COUNTRIESTECHNICAL CENTERS17$3.25B2015 ANNUAL SALESAs of April 2016Leading Portfolio and Expertise, Global Footprint, Strong Balance Sheet COMPANY HEADQUARTERSVan Buren Township,Michigan, United States

Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Macedonia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, UK, U.S.


Page 4A Strong and Growing Customer Base


Our Brands :Audio and InfotainmentLeading global audio technologySolutions for all standards in silver box, HUs or integratedInfotainment to meet the needs of the futureMulti-OS; repartitioned, Cloud content and services; domain architectureConnectivity between smartphone and carBluetooth, wireless charging, screen replication, WiFiGlobal telematics platforms to connect to emerging servicesTCU , eCall, GLONASS, 4G Page 5

OpenAir Premium Audio and InfotainmentBlueConnectPremium Connectivity

Information and Controls#2 rank in global instrument cluster sales key partner to 7 of the worlds top car makersSolutions for all market segmentsfrom volume 2-wheeler to value segments through to premium brandsWorlds largest secondary/center display provider Superior touch, graphics performance and vehicle integrationWindscreen and combiner head-up display optionsLeading optics and wide viewing angles to meet emerging needs for ARPage 6

LightScapePremium InstrumentationOur Brands :

Page 7

Graphics RenderingTechnologies


Page 8The Graphics Rendering Eco-system

HardwareGraphic ToolchainGraphic DriverProprietaryArtistic CreationElectronic Products

Visteon is a member of:GENIVIW3CKhronos group

References and expertises in automotive graphics rendering:

Page 9Visteon Graphics Rendering

Technology SurveyStandards SurveyTechnology InnovationTechnology AssessementProduct DevelopmentSupplier ManagementProduct DeploymentTechnical Support

Page 10

Architecture Trends


A Brief History of Computer Graphics in AutomotivePage 11

Adaptation to digital life Market differentiationDesign to costLifetime updatesDriver assistance

Full digital systemBigger display resolution2D and 3D realtime renderingLayer ManagementGraphics virtualization / distributionCatching up Consumer Electronic

Page 12Coming Car Production Trends

High Resolution Display

Multi Layer DisplayMulti Domain ControllerWeb-Based Technology

Real 3D


Page 13Graphical Rendering ResolutionHigh Display ResolutionMulti LayerDisplaysReal 3DMulti Domain Controller


Page 14HW Architecture TrendsHardware

MPx/secMemory High Speed Memory Multiple Memory Buses

GFLOPSHigher GPU ClockGPU Multi Cores Shader UnitHardware Virtualization

DMIPSCPU Multi Cores SIMD Co-ProcessorsSoftware

Graphical APIsOpenGLES 2.0 > 3.0 > 3.1 > 3.2 > VulkanShader Languages GLSL > SPIR-V

RendererOptimized 2D / 3D Composition Optimized cache memory access avoiding switchesOptimized shaders usage avoiding switchesOptimized texture usage avoiding switches

Apps integrationNative integration with virtualized OSWeb-Apps based solution in optimized web browserMirrored Apps from CE devicesSpecific Apps framework (Android Auto, Car Play)

Softwares have to use efficiently modern hardwares


Page 15Web based technology

+RationalesWeb apps on/off-board deploymentWeb browser already integrated in IVIWide developer community


Page 16Virtualization

Graphic resources sharing


Page 17Virtualization Graphic resource sharing

GPUGPU architecture is composed of multi coresTo manage GPU sharing by software using time scheduling algorithms was the solutionNew SoCs offer hardware virtualization

MemoryVirtualization imposes the management of multiple frame buffersMemory bandwidth is one of the bottlenecksTo increase memory bandwidth and to manage the priority access at process levelNew Graphic APIs allow application to manage GPU memory


Page 18


Page 19

Consumer Electronic Market StatusDigital Life Everywhere

Stereoscopic 3DRealTime 3DGamingMovie

Virtual Reality

Multi Layer DisplayGamblingSmart TVSmart PhoneHolographyRealTime 3D


Page 20



Page 21Advanced Driver Assistance Services

Adaptive cruise control, intelligent speed adaptationAdaptive high beamGlare-free high beam and pixel lightAdaptive light control: swivelling curve lightsAutomatic parkingAutomotive navigation system with traffic information.Automotive night visionBlind spot monitorCollision avoidance system (precrash system)Crosswind stabilizationDriver drowsiness detectionDriver monitoring systemEmergency driver assistantForward collision warningIntersection assistantHill descent controlLane departure warning systemLane change assistancePedestrian protection systemTraffic sign recognitionTurning assistantVehicular communication systemsWrong-way driving warning

and more to come for Autonomous Driving


Page 22Advanced VFX


Page 23


Page 24FactsVolume of requirements are growingFunctionally Graphically

Complexity of systems increasesCompositing in display / distribution over displays / virtualizationAdvanced VFX like custom shaders, multi layer display, auto-stereoscopic 3D

Delivery time decreasesAutomotive < 3 yearsBut multi iterations of HMI GraphicsAs a reference, CE project life time: 6 months

OEMs want to develop the HMI but not to integrate on Tier1 platform


Page 25How to keep excellent quality?Same graphic tool from graphic studio to platform integration Avoid graphic model re-write and the associated mistakes

Co-development Model OEM / Tier1 to collaborate hand in hand for project success

Rely on expert capabilities Use quality of people, a technical artist is not an HMI logic engineer

Automatic testing Use test scripts all along the development for new features and non-regression


Page 26Nothing without skilled peopleSame Graphic Tool

Technical Artist

Software EngineerArtist2D/3D content creation2D/3D Visual FXKANZI UIGUI DevelopmentKANZI UI2D/3D Visual FX OptimizationsKANZI UIKANZI UI

/ OEM / 3rd party


/ OEMArtist no notion of platform constraintsCreate graphic assets(2D / 3D)Technical artist notion of platform constraintsCreate layouting, import graphic assets, define animations/visual FXSoftware engineer expert on platform constraintsOptimize graphic package for the platformDevelop software stimuling graphic package


Page 27


Page 28The graphical complexity is not going to reduceSelecting the graphical eco-system (hw/sw) helps to support this growthSmart cars keep driving attention while VFX drive brand differentiation

While development time is shrinkingThe collaboration model is becoming a standardCo-development process to define roles, responsibilities and interfacesSame graphical tool from artistic work to platform integrationUse people for their skillsThe world continue to change quickly


Page 29Confidential

Advanced Graphics Rendering Technology Deployment with

Particle effectsAdvanced ShadersWeb Graphics Rendering

Stereoscopic 3DLayer Management & GPU Virtualization

Multi-Layers Display


Page 30