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  • 8/3/2019 Consumer Banking Service


    Chapter-9 Research Ques


    Consumer Bank

    Bank which is incorporated in order to facilitate the individuals and consumers in their daily life.

    9.1 Consumer banking in Askari Bank Limited

    Consumer Banking Services Divisions products and services mostly comprise

    auto finance, personal finance, mortgage finance, Askari Credit Cards under the

    MasterCard brand, Askari Corporate Credit Cards and Zarai Credit Cards.

    The consumer finance segment adversely affected by the recent phenomena of

    inflation and changes in interest rates. The recent data suggests further decline to

    the already contracting market of this segment. In this situation, our consumerbanking repositioned itself with focus on containing the growth of problem loans

    and improving recovery efforts and internal controls. Also, a very cautious and

    selective approach was adopted for fresh lending during the year. Such efforts

    have started yielding results and the key performance indicators for this business

    have started to register notable improvement.

    Going forward, with the improvement in economy, our consumer finance shall be

    focusing on expanding target market and enhancing our portfolio through new

    and improved initiatives and products. Special attention is being given to

    business opportunities involving strategic alliances that will earn sustainablereturns. Also, greater emphasis will be placed on secured form of consumer

    lending. We believe that with these measures, CBSD is positioned to increase

    product offerings while improving and maintaining a quality of its risk asset


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  • 8/3/2019 Consumer Banking Service


    Chapter-9 Research Ques

    9.2 CBSDs current product offerings include:

    Credit Cards

    Platinum, Gold, Silver Zarai & Corporate)

    Ask Card

    Askari Debit Card)

    Askari Banks Personal Finance.

    Askari Banks Mortgage Finance

    (Home loans)

    Askar (Auto loans)

    Rupee Traveler Cheques

    Smart Cash

    Running Facility for customers)

    Askari Banks Business Finance

    Business loans)

    Flexible Credit Plan.

    I - Net Banking

    Internet Banking Services)

    Askari Touch N Pay

    Electronic Bill Payment Services)

    Cash Management Services.

    Askari Value plus (Deposits)

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  • 8/3/2019 Consumer Banking Service


    Chapter-9 Research Ques

    9.2.1 Credit card

    eatures Details

    igibility: Pakistani Resident.


    Basic Supplementar

    Salaried: 21-61 years.Min 18 Yrs.- NoAge limit.

    SEB/SEP: 21- 65 years.Min 18 Yrs.- NoAge limit.

    alary/ Incomeer Month:

    Approved Cat.Silver Gold

    Perm. Cont. Perm. Con

    A 30,000/- 35,000/- 50,000/- 60,0

    B 30,000/- 35,000/- 50,000/- 60,0

    C 35,000/- 38,000/- 55,000/- 70,0

    NAC 40,000/- 45,000/- 60,000/- 80,5


    Avg. Bal. Rs. 30,000/-

    119,999/- (For last 6 mth.statement).

    Avg. Bal. Rs.

    120,000/- 400,0(For last 6 monbank statement

    Platinum Card

    Salaried Businessman.

    150,000/- 200,000/-


    atus:Salaried: 1 year & SEB: 1 year.

    eferences: 1 relative + 1 associate not working in the same organization.

    ebt Burden: Maximum 50% of the net disposable income. (Including all facilities appea

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  • 8/3/2019 Consumer Banking Service


    Chapter-9 Research Ques

    in ECIB).

    harges: As per schedule of charges.

    ark-up Rates:

    Salaried SEB/SEP

    Basic/Supply. 3.2% per month. 3.45% per


    Balance Transfer. 2.15% per month.2.15% permonth.


    1. Complete filled & signed application form.

    2. Clear copy of Valid CNIC.

    3. Latest (not older than 2 months) salary slip. Original or Attested.

    4. Copy of any utility bill (received at business & residential premises.

    5. IT-2 form or income estimation, in case of SEB/SEP (Sole Proprietorship

    6. Copy of the NTN or sole proprietorship letter from the bank in case ofSEB/SEP (Sole Proprietorship).

    7. Last 6 months personal bank statement or company bank statement inpartnerships.

    8. Copy of the registered partnership deed or Bank Letter confirming thepartnership status.

    9. Undertaking of Credit Facilities already availed from all banks & Undertfor not utilizing the facility for IPO Subscription.


    eatures Details

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  • 8/3/2019 Consumer Banking Service


    Chapter-9 Research Ques


    Askari Master Card gives you extravalue for the money you spend. Theaccumulated points appear on yourmonthly billing statement. Toredeem your points for existingvouchers, you can choose from

    Askari Master Card RewardCatalogue or call Askari MasterCard at 111-000-787.


    You can withdraw cash against yoursanctioned credit limit as cashadvance in Pakistan and around theWorld through ATMs displaying aMaster Card, 1-Link, Cirrus &Maestro logo or designated AskariBank Limited branches, during

    banking hours.


    Transfer your outstanding balanceof other cards on to your AskariMaster Card. Now you can avail thisoffer of balance transfer atincredible rates.



    With Askari Master card., you are just a phone call away from the assistanyou need. Our Askari Master card. customer service is available 24 Hours day, 7days a week. To register complaints and to get response to your qu

    please call UAN: 111-000-787.For Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamaba


    Save yourself the inconvenience of applying for a separate Askari Master for your loved ones. You can request up to 5 supplementary cards when yapply for your own card. You will receive a consolidated monthly accountstatement which covers all cards. This offer is available to your loved ones18 years of age.



    Please report loss or theft of your Askari Master card. Immediately at ourcustomer Services UAN: 111-000-787 for Karachi, Lahore andRawalpindi/Islamabad. Once you have registered the loss of your credit ca

    your liability against its fraudulent use will be limited and we will send areplacement card within 48 hours of reporting.


    When you purchase your international ticket on Askari MasterCard, you arautomatically covered under our Travel Insurance plan* (in case of personaccident resulting in death or permanent disability, up to Rs.8,000,000 forGold Card customers and Rs.4,000,000 for our Classic Card customers).

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  • 8/3/2019 Consumer Banking Service


    Chapter-9 Research Ques



    Next time you travel internationally, be our privileged guest at CIP LoungeQuaid-e-Azam International Airport Karachi, and Rawal Lounge, IslamabadAirport. Your Askari MasterCard entitles you to a host of complementaryservices including:

    Snacks and beverages

    Internet, telephone and fax. Newspaper & magazine Flight information

    Cellular charger connections.


    When you purchase your airline ticket for international travel on AskariMasterCard, you get:

    Up to * Rs.10, 000 insurance cover for baggage delays exceeding 6hours.

    Up to * Rs.20,000 as baggage loss claim

    *Certain conditions apply


    Your Askari MasterCard also brings you a host of special discount andpromotions across Pakistan. Remember to check your Credit Card statemeinserts and our web-site for more information about ongoing promotions

    9.2.2 Debit card

    Activation/ De-activation


    s Details

    t Type: Debit Card.

    tive Features:

    ClassicCash withdrawal Limit is 50,000, Shopping Limit 200,000 & FundsTransfer Limit 250,000.

    GoldCash withdrawal Limit is 100,000, Shopping Limit 250,000 & FundsTransfer Limit 300,000.

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  • 8/3/2019 Consumer Banking Service


    Chapter-9 Research Ques


    1. Literate individual customer.2. Having Pak Rupee checking account under the category of Current,Saving, ASDA, Value Plus Accounts (Current & Saving) Basic BankingAccount and Smart Cash etc., with credit balance and 'normal' status,may apply.3. No minimum balance requirements for issuance or retention of the

    VISA debit card. An eligible customer may apply for any of the debitcards i.e. Classic or Gold.4. Joint account holders, with the authority to operate the accountsingly, may be issued supplementary card(s). The supplementaryCard(s) may be issued to only those joint account holders who canoperate the account singly with either or survivor option.5. A customer/staff is allowed to retain as many cards as number ofaccounts and is allowed to link multiple accounts with single debitcard.6. Multiple accounts of same customer, maintained at differentbranches of Askari Bank, may also be linked with single VISA Debit

    Card. If the customer has an account with other branch (es), theapplication receiving branch must verify & confirm the followingeither through online system or from the concerned branch (es).

    Five (05) Years. (New card will only be issued on customers writtenrequest ).

    on/ De-on

    Through ABL Call Centre by calling at toll free number 0800-00078.