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An overview of how coaching supported by appropriate tools can accelerate leadership development and build resilience

Transcript of Considerations to help shape future leaders

  • 1. Considerations toHelp Shape Your Future Leaders Martin Crisp Fit4Business Coaching
  • 2. Covering... 1:1 coaching in leadership development Tools to support Online coaching
  • 3. Why use 1:1 coaching in leadership development? Leadership Coaching Effective coaching as part of a leadership development programme supports the cycle of success leading to increased productivity Operating profit/ colleague head
  • 4. Why use 1:1 coaching in leadership development? 75% of workers waste almost 2 hours of Leadership their working week due to inefficient Coaching managers.. top factors were: - unclear communication - lack of support - micro-management - lack of direction Chartered Management Institute, 2011 50% of motivation comes from an individuals environment, especially from the leadership encountered Operating John Adair profit / colleague engaged employees are 87% less likely to head leave the company David MacLeod
  • 5. 1:1 coaching: a clear structured approach The importance of Contracting (agreeing exactly what the coaching arrangement looks like) with the commissioner is paramount when setting up a potential coaching programme Supporting psychometric tools can be useful to support the coaching process where appropriate. Examples are: - MBTI profile - ie individual effectiveness - 360 degree feedback
  • 6. 1:1 coaching: a clear structured approach Clear objectives should be initially agreed and regularly reviewed to provide clarity around ROI Defined packages offer a clear transparent pricing structure that could include: on boarding session along with line manager agreed no. of half day coaching sessions all psychometric testing , reports & de-briefs post session summaries and e mail support
  • 7. Tools to support - Building Individual Effectiveness (ie) Why? Analysis of service sector leaders & senior managers identified significant opportunities to develop the following behaviours*: - Regard for others - Awareness of others - Trust & conflict handling When star performers are compared with average ones in senior leadership positions, nearly 90% of the difference in their profiles was attributable to EI * taken from A decade of Emotional rather than cognitive abilities** Intelligence by Jo Maddocks, JCA Ltd ** Center for Creative Leadership
  • 8. Tools to support - Building Individual Effectiveness (ie) ie is a tool that measures 16 areas of personal & interpersonal effectiveness, highlighting the opportunity for leaders to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EI) The ie tool supports behavioural change through effective management of thinking and feelings to improve relationships and business outputs EI of leaders has been shown to be more TM ie and the ie logo are trademarks of important than IQ JCA (Occupational Psychologists) Limited. JCA reserves all rights and is the exclusive worldwide publisher
  • 9. Tools to support Developing Personal Resilience Why? Absence through sickness costs the economy 13.4 billion per annum. CBI Cost of work related mental illness in 2011was 28bn, 25% of the UKs total sick bill. NICE Engaged employees take an average of 2.69 days of absence per year v. 6.19 days for those who felt disengaged. MacLeod
  • 10. Tools to support Developing Personal Resilience Resilience is the ability to overcome setbacks and bounce back quickly at minimum cost. T The S-A-W system provides a framework to develop personal resilience on leaders & senior managers Structure to build real purpose, rituals and goals that provide clear direction and focus Attitude to better understand self and others to help get the job done Well being to ensure there is enough fuel in the tank
  • 11. Online coaching Features Offered either as a stand alone programme or to compliment face to face activity Downloadable modular programmes with actions that can be completed and sent back via a secure online platform to coach for response Group sessions can be set up via a webinar, whilst online forums are also available to share experiences and ideas
  • 12. Online coaching Benefits Flexible for coachees as the programme can be accessed anywhere, at any time Identifies common challenges via group forums and discussions Environmentally friendly & cost effective alternative to face to face coaching and workshops
  • 13. In summary a provider should... Identify the key