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  • 8/3/2019 Consept Artist Influences


    Ross Dearsley

    Ross Dearsley is a professional freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Berkshire, United

    Kingdom. Ross works in a variety of entertainment media areas including video games, print, film &television.

    I really like his brushwork and how it ties the whole image together. For example, this piece for

    Order of Phoenix (below) has the common theme of this striped brush stroke. Dearsley, rather than

    try to create something that looked realistic/photographic he has the whole scene in this blocky

    theme. A giant fire snake would seem too unbelievable in a realistic setting so his style means that

    the whole scene and world become integrated with the fantasy and then acceptably believable.

    This is another piece for the same film. This time the themed brush is square. This gives the

    dementors ragged cloak an even more abnormal feel as it doesnt follow the theme.
  • 8/3/2019 Consept Artist Influences


    Angela Sung

    Angela Sung is a concept artist from Los Angeles, California currently working as a background layout

    artist at Titmouse. Angela has created concept art and illustrations for companies such as SonyComputer Entertainment Europe, Fantasy Flight Games, Nicalis, Inc. and many more

    Sung uses really soft brushes that create these velvety environments. It really adds this sense of

    wonder and yet believable fantasy. The sense of perspective through multiple layers and colour is

    really nice too. Theres a lot of information shes gives that tells the viewer how theyre seeing the

    scene. In the second image particularly there is a feeling that were perched on a branch like the

    fairy below.
  • 8/3/2019 Consept Artist Influences


    Lianna Tai

    Lianna Tai is a concept artist and illustrator from Los Angeles, California currently working at

    SuperBot Entertainment, Inc. Lianna attended Art Center College of Design and has worked increating visual development, concept designs and illustrations.

    Tais works with these pastel colours even though her work is almost Disney-like in its splendor.

    These more tranquil colours make the world depicted in the scene more realistic. Similar to Sung,

    she uses very soft brush strokes. In the second image, and something that appears in a few of her

    works, shes added the glowing orbs. In this they suggest fireflies but they add to the atmosphere

    quite a lot. Although it could be a little cheesy, without the piece wouldnt have the same impact.
  • 8/3/2019 Consept Artist Influences



    I want to be able to create this feeling wonder that these 3 artists create, in my scenes. Although my

    settings are natural and possible places I want the audience to feel the amazement that Aronnax

    feels as he explores places seen by only a handful of people if any. Ill use the common brush strokes

    to tie the piece together, the soft brushes to create that fantasy texture and the little specks in the

    atmosphere to add to the wonder. These 3 things will also help to create the feeling of being

    underwater and under pressure. For example, the volcano ash floating around the Atlantis scene.

  • 8/3/2019 Consept Artist Influences



    Victorian art follows similar themes in its pastel tone and blocky colours however the image that

    culturally springs to mind is of a bland sepia colour photo style. This saturated orange/brown colour

    could be a useful tool to bringing the awareness of the era into the landscapes.