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Transcript of Conor maynard

Genre, music and visuals, lyrics and visuals, voyeurism, intertextuality, star iconography

GenreThe genre of this song is pop and the genre of the music video is a mix of performance and narrative. I think that it is interesting that the performance parts of this music video are filmed within a bedroom, rather than the typical studio or stadium setting. This may link back to the fact that Conor became known for his music through filming himself singing at home and then posting it on YouTube. Fans might recognise this link and get the impression that he hasnt let fame change him and so they will feel connected to him as he is shown as a typical teenager. The narrative of this music video also reflects this as Conor is shown meeting up with friends and then going out clubbing and partying.

Star IconographyThe main focus through out the music video is on Conor. He is shown through a range of shots including extreme close ups and close ups whilst in his room, with more mid shots and longshots whilst on his way to the party and at the party. This includes him being placed in the background of shots that he is not the main focus of, so that he is still present. The audience may recognise the artist and if not they will instantly know that it is his song as he is the one lip syncing it. Another way that this is shown is through the use of colour, as most of the people in the music video are in neutral colours such as white or black where as Conor is in red and so he stands out and is easy to see.

Music and visualsBoth the song and music video have a fast pace. There are approximately 64 shots per minute, and 47 beats per minute. This means that there is around 1 shot every second throughout the music video. By doing this it makes the music and visuals match as they are in time with each other. It also fits the genre as pop music videos tend to have quite quick editing. This also allows an easy switch between the performance and narrative as it connects them and helps them to flow through alternating editing.

Lyrics and visualsThe lyrics and visuals support each other through out the song. Some examples (from left to right) include:Conor moving his hand in circular motions on shes got my engines turningThe lyrics Im at the party and a party scene is shownAs Conor sings you send my rocket to the sky a cartoon rocket is shown taking off on the wall behind him

VoyeurismOne example of framing used within the video is Conor being shown as a reflection in a mirror.

The audience also gets to see inside Conors bedroom such as the panning shot at the very start of the video.

Another way the audience get to see the artist as they havent before is through seeing him at a party and how he interacts with other people.

IntertextualityThis music video shows a lot of logos including Apple, Dr Dre and Adidas which a lot of Conors target audience, teenagers, will recognise and may want to buy as they are typical teenage items. This may be product placement as he may have been sponsored to show these in his video.It also leads viewers to the artists website by showing it written as graffiti on the side of a wall. This may encourage people to visit it once they have watched the music video and so is promoting the artists website as well as his song. The lyrics of the song Houston, I think we got a problem which links to a quote used when there was a problem on the Apollo 13 moon flight and was later used in movies such as Apollo 13.