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Connections & Elsewhere. Dr. East. Political Map of Europe 1478 AD. Connections Occurred Through Major Trade Patterns, Major Routes 1000 – 1500 AD. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connections & Elsewhere

Connections & ElsewhereDr. EastPolitical Map of Europe 1478 AD

Connections Occurred Through Major Trade Patterns, Major Routes 1000 1500 AD

During the 1000s-1500s, major trade routes expanded greatly People from Europe to the South East Asian trade islands and the southern most tip of Africa were regularly exchanging goodsThe plague in Europe and Asia created labor scarcity, thus allowing common folk to ask more money for their labor and productsIncreased trading exchanges inevitably began secularizing life and caused the cultural diffusion of ideas

The RoutesSilk Routes across Asia to the Mediterranean basinMaritime routes across the Indian OceanTrans-Saharan routes across North AfricaNorthern European links with the Black SeaWestern European sea and river tradeSouth China Sea and lands of Southeast Asia

The GoodsGold from West AfricaSpices from lands around the Indian OceanTextiles from India, China, the Middle East, and later EuropePorcelain from China and PersiaAmber from the Baltic region

Technology Spread Around the WorldPaper from China went through the Muslim world to Byzantium and Western EuropePrinting and paper money from ChinaSugar cane from IndiaWaterwheels and windmills from the Middle EastNavigation: Compass from China, lateen sail from Indian Ocean region

Trading Map of Europe 1478 AD

Trading Map: Showing Overland & River Routes (Late Middle Ages)

Ideas Were SpreadingSpread of religions across the hemisphereBuddhism from China to Korea and JapanHinduism and Buddhism from India to Southeast AsiaIslam into West Africa, Central and Southeast Asia

What happened Elsewhere . While Europe, Southwest, and Central Asia changed as a result of trade?Today we study AfricaThurs. we study Japan and prepare to become a Museum Tour Guide for Central and South American Civilizations

Elsewhere: JapanMountainous archipelago of four main islandsSituated East of Sea of Japan or East Sea across from Asian mainlandClose to both China and Korea (proximity) China influenced its cultural development

Buddhism spread from the Chinese mainlandChina influenced writingChina influenced architecture

Shintoism Is Unique to JapanShintoism is an Animist Religion Emphasizes importance of natural features, forces of nature, and ancestorsState religion; worship of the emperorCoexistence with Buddhism and Daoism

Elsewhere in AfricaAfrican civilizations developed in sub-Saharan west and east Africa.Trade brought important economic, cultural, and religious influences to African civilizations from other parts of the Eastern Hemisphere.States and empires flourished in Africa during the medieval period, including:Ghana, Mali, Songhai in west Africa, Axum in east Africa, and Zimbabwe in southeastern Africa.