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Transcript of Connect Tech Introduction January 2013 January 2013.

  • Connect Tech Introduction January 2013

  • About Connect TechGeneral IntroductionConnect Tech is a privately held hardware design company. Since 1985, Connect Tech has provided computer hardware to industrial and embedded customers around the globe.

  • Connect Tech Products

  • COTS Products = IP PoolSystem Bus Architectures & Form Factors

  • COTS Products = IP PoolCore TechnologiesPower Supplies & DC-DC Converters

  • About Connect TechOffering Expertise in:Hardware and Software Development Project Consulting and ManagementOperating Systems FPGA Design Technical Support

  • Design & Verification ProcessSolid Process for Custom DesignProduct Request Form (PRF)Development of Statement of Work (SOW)Compliance TestingVerification ReportSee example excerpt:

  • Connect Tech Introduction

    COM Express and Qseven off the shelf products

  • COM Express Carrier Boards

  • COM Express XMC Type 6 Carrier BoardFeatures: PMC/XMC & Mini-PCIe ExpansionCOM ExpressType 6 CompatibleSupports most current processors including 3rd Generation Intel Core i7Extended Temperature RangeFits 1U Rack Mount Chassis

  • COM Express Ultra Lite Type 6 Carrier BoardFeatures: Type 6 CompatibleMini-PCIe ExpansionSupports most current processors including 3rd Generation Intel Core i7USB 3.0Extended Temperature Range

  • COM Express Type 2 Carrier BoardFeatures:PCI-104 and PCIe/104 expansion capabilitiesCompatible with COM Express Type 2 Basic and Compact modulesCOM Express Carrier supports modules from major manufacturersSmall size 175mm x 115mm

  • COM Express Type 6 and Type 2 Carrier Board Comparison

  • Qseven Carrier Board for PCI-104 and PCIe/104

  • PCIe/104 Qseven Carrier Board

  • Ultra Lite and Lite Carrier Boards

  • Ultra Lite and Lite Qseven Carrier Boards Comparison

  • Qseven to COM Express AdapterFeatures:Install a Qseven module into any COM Express Carrier BoardCompatible with all COM Express Types including Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, Type 10Basic and Compact COM Express Form Factors

  • Connect Tech Introduction

    Recently Completed Custom Projects

  • QUANTUM3D TopazApplication:Man Wearable and AUV Applications

  • QUANTUM3D TopazFeatures:Qseven carrier, with conga-QA6Power Management mSATA SSDPCIe expansion, via PCIe104Integrated Graphics & Video OutputsLVDS and SDVO to VGAAudio Line In, Line Out

  • EPIQ MaveriqApplication:Cellular monitoring, data, capture and analysisTypical uses: scan various frequencies in areas where phones are not allowed,i.e. prison

  • EPIQ MaveriqFeatures:COM Express Type 2 carrierPCIe FPGA for SDR (software define radio)FPGA peripherals2 TB Drive connected to FPGA for storageDDR3 memory, EthernetCustom configuration from COM Express USBCOM Express Peripherals: USB, Ethernet, SSD, eSATA

  • EPIQ Maveriq

  • Smiths DetectionARC Control Board

  • Smiths DetectionARC Control BoardApplication:Chemical detection & analysisTypical uses: detection of explosives, from particles on clothing, luggage, documents, etc.Features:Qseven carrier based on conga-QA6FPGA via PCIe to control corona dischargeMicro-controller via USB to control and monitor analog instruments:heaters, pumps, & valves

  • Custom Embedded FPGA Card for Advanced Wind Turbine Communication

  • Custom PCI Express FPGA Card for Advanced GPS Control Acquisition

  • Custom High-density Isolated Multi-Serial Board for Ultra-Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

  • Connect Tech Introduction

    The CTI Advantage

  • Design & Verification ProcessSolid Process for Custom DesignISO 9001 certifiedPrototypes and Compliance TestingVerification ReportCan quickly ramp up to large scale manufacturing, with support processes

  • CTI Assembly EquipmentFacilitating quick turn assembly:Stencil PrinterAccurately applies solder pastePick and PlaceProgrammable rapid part placementReflow OvenControlled soldering with profilesBGA Rework StationReplacing large FPGAs, bridges

  • CTI Verification EquipmentPerforming rapid validation:Verifying signal integrity9 GHz oscilloscope, with PCI-SIG compliance software and test equipmentStressing power supplies and batteriesHigh power multi-output power sourceHigh capacity multi-node digital loadFunctional testing over full operating temperature rangeTemperature Chamber

  • Faster Time to Market =Generate Revenue Quicker

    Immediate Proof of Concept using off the shelf modulesQuick turn custom design/build, fully validatedOn-going manufacturing capabilities, take advantage of relationships with CMs and PCB houses both local and off-shoreNo quantity too small

    David is the remaining CTI original founders that is still actively involved in CTI operations. A graduate of University of Waterloo, Systems Design Engineering program, once heavily involved in the engineering process, is now actively involved in day to day operations.*Our products includeOur off the shelf products create an IP Pool that we pull from for Custom design. Our experience with Switch to PDF examples of these processes, for quick look at documentation/processCOM Express carrier boards allow the customer to future proof their unique design. The cost to replace a COM Express module is reduced as the carrier board remains the same.*Extended temperature feature rich board, ideal for Mil-Aero markets, VMWare support for running Linux and Windows on virtual machines. XMC expansion makes this the kitchen sink carrier board perfect for prototyping while less expensive than COM Express module starter kits. Includes USB 3.0, HDMI, Display Port, DVI, LVDS and VGA as well as HD audio. Allows for two x Gigabit Ethernet.*Targeted at small embedded applications that still need high performance and latest generation peripherals. Same size as a basic COM Express module at 125mm x 95mm.

    *Enhanced temperature range of -30 to +80C.*A comparison chart of the COM Express Carrier boards. Customization or new design requests are welcome!*In 2010 Connect Tech selected the qseven standard as our method of creating a single board computer in the PC104 form factor. Up until this point all of our peripherals were being installed on top of SBCs by other manufactures making this a good place to start our carrier board line of products. By incorporating q7 our customers are better able to plan for next gen processors, extend the life of their pc104 stack while allowing them immediate access to the most current gen processors. *The first two COTS solutions that we created support PCIe/104 and PCI-104. They are very full featured offering almost all of the features q7 has to offer to various connectors around the board. Pictured here is our PCIe/104 board, the PCI-104 is almost identical with exception of the pcie vs pci connector.*As not all of our users are interested in PC/104 and determining the need for a low cost carrier board solution we spun 2 new COTS solutions, one in the PicoITX form factor and another small footprint (custom size) board. *A comparison chart of the COM Express Carrier boards. Customization or new design requests are welcome!*Quantum3D ***Switch to PDF examples of these processes, for quick look at documentation/process